I thought it was Friday. boo…

I slept like a rock again last night. Love it!

Warm up
30 Burpees
6 min Amrap
Partner up
get on opposite sides of the gym, one person holds a plank the other does 6 ambats, there person holding the plank cant get up until the person doing the abmats is done and runs down and tags, then they switch, continue for 6 minutes


A- BackSquat (use partner, I go U go), try not putting the bar down during sets
30 reps 135/95 I did 65#
20 reps 95/65 I did 55#
B- For time
30 HSPU Buy in
Pull Ups
Box Jump
Push Up
T2B/Knee Ups

I work today 8:45-3pm then home to get some chores done! Enjoy your day!

I took a pass on the gym today

Good evening! Well, it’s been an eventful day for us. I woke up to my alarm clock and could barely move my arms and I felt groggy, so I just turned it off and went back to sleep. TOM is here today too and that always kicks my butt so I thought the rest would do me good.

We then went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. Then off to Goodwill to find outfits for the Mad Scientist Party next week, the girls also found a couple of shirts. Finally it was off to Walmart to get a bunch of things before I needed to be to work at 10:45am. One major item was a new blender since our current one is on it’s last leg, most of the buttons don’t work anymore. More on that later. We got in line with 5 minutes to spare, only to end up behind by 10 minutes. I called Gayle to let her know I’d be late.

Off to work at WW and weigh-in, down 1# from last week, 160.4#. Down is good. The meeting had less members than normal, but having the 3rd receptionist is great! We left there and took C to her art lesson with Roberta. Awesome stuff happening! She’ll be working with her again in August.

Georgia Pine Needle Basket

watercolor tulip

L and I stopped at the Mercantile to get a bday gift for a friend and then came home so I could eat lunch and change into biking clothes. We went back into town and stopped at the library so L could turn in her reading slip and get her free book. She also had 6 books in on Hold and I had 3 items. Unload the bikes and head out for a 5 mile ride. Great day for a ride, cool, slightly breezing, wonderful! Back to the truck, load up the bikes head home. Get the call from Roberta that they are almost finished up, but mere minutes before we need to leave L is in the kitchen making a smoothie with our new Ninja blender only to start screaming, “Mommy!” I go in and see blood! Yikes! I had no idea what actually was the damage since we just put a towel on it and squeezed and elevated her hand. Initially we thought it was 3 fingers, but it turned out it was only 2. Deep cuts on the first knuckle joint of her index and middle finger. We went to the bathroom, got the first aid kit down and got the gauze out to put pressure on the cuts. She has those taped on now and later we’ll put the bandages on. To distract her while we were doing things I told her a story of my finger-chopping incident as a kid. She did start to get woozy so she sat on the toilet lid and I got her some juice. All is well now, I promised we could hang out on the couch together later.

Supper is now done and eaten and I’m looking forward to plopping my butt on the couch. At least tomorrow is ‘less’ busy. :)

Work, work, work…

It’s always work…it’s work to actually work my job, it’s work to work-out, it’s work to eat right, it’s just work, period.  Yesterday was good. I did have some ice cream after work last night and it was delicious! Especially since it was so darn hot out. I slept hard last night and when my alarm went off I felt like I didn’t sleep very long. Today’s workout was work!

Warm up
30 Burpees
Squat Squat Goose,5 min
All rules of duck duck goose apply except everyone waits in an air squat till they get called goose.  - the morning crew did a 400m jog.

Mob – Couch stretch and pike levers

A- Eccentric Weighted Push Ups
use partner, I go U go, 3×10, Men 45#/Women/25#, try to use 5 sec decent – wow, I am feeling it now!

B- Tabata, 8 rounds each
Battle Rope
WallBall 20/14
KB swing

Workout B was tough, my arms were shot and still are. It was hard to wash my hair and drink my cappuccino! :P

I take the girls in to band by 9am and then I’m going to Walgreens and Pierce’s before I have to be to work at 11am. I’m going in early today for a co-worker and she’s coming in early for me on Thursday. Sounds great to me!

Enjoy your day!

Happy Monday!

I did it! I had a weekend without binge eating! Awesome. :)

This week the gym is closed Friday and Saturday, that means I’m going 4 days in a row this week.

Hey folks, the gym will be closed Friday and Saturday so Make sure you get in Mon-Thursday!

Warm up
Jog 400M
10 Junkyard dogs

Mob – handstand box shoulder stretch, handstand holds

A- Plank off, min on min off, 11 min

B- For time
21 Thrusters 85/65
50 DU’s
21 Hang Power Clean
50 DU’s
21 Push Press
50 DU’s
21 Front Squat
50 DU’s

I did 55# and did 150 singles. I was done in over 11 minutes. Next time I need to do 60# and make it that much harder.

Today I work 8:45-1 and then I’m home for a bit and go back to work 5-8:30. This afternoon I may go for a walk and read our book club book with C. That’s my day, enjoy yours!

Family picnic

Let’s see…yesterday I took a day-of-rest. My back was incredibly sore from Friday’s workout or whatever. The girls had their garage sale in the morning and then we packed it all up until next year. I made sloppy joes and cut up the watermelon for the picnic at our house. Around 11am family started to show up and it was a nice day of chatting, eating and the kids playing together. The last family member left around 5pm and we ate a quick supper and watched a movie. Surprisingly I did great with food yesterday. I had a BBQ on a bun, 1 oz. of Sun Chips, watermelon, a blob of cauliflower/broccoli salad, lettuce salad with dressing, 1/2 of Lydia’s cookie and a small piece of jello poke cake. I drank a bunch of water and did NOT snack from 12:30-5. Awesome for me and picnics! LOL


us 071914

This morning I got up at 4:05 am! Darn internal body clock. I walked and read on the treadmill for 30 minutes. In a couple of hours we are going kayaking. The trip we have planned should only take about an hour and it’s a new river for us so I’m excited for the change of scenery. I must remember my camera!

My upcoming week is busier than normal, sorta….

  • Monday – Fitness Foundry, work 8:45-1, come home, work 5-8:30
  • Tuesday – FF, take girls to band lessons, walk with Kathy at 10am, work 1-5, have the girls walk to the library after band lessons
  • Wednesday – FF, work WW 10:45-1, drop C off with Roberta for painting lesson from 1-5, music?
  • Thursday – FF?, work 8:45-5 (extra shift for vacationing co-worker), someone else is taking girls to band lessons and they are walking to the library again
  • Friday – FF, take girls to band from 9:30-11, walk with C or bike ride during that time.
  • Saturday – parade in Baraboo
  • also the County Fair is this week and I like to go and look at the animals an exhibits.

Enjoy your day!

Doing it!

Happy Friday! We are trying our garage sale on last time today. It’s been pretty slow.

I made it to the gym this morning and worked out with Mary.

Warm up
3 laps
Bear walk

Various stretches led by Ben.

(4 min prep)
A- Front Squat. 2 min
3×5 3×3 3×1 75#, 85#, 95#
75 85 95%
B- Handstand hold tabata, 20/10, 10 rounds
C- 3 Rounds
10 Power Clean 135/95 – I did 55#
10 Dips (Ring= Rx, Parellettes if you cant do on rings, No bands)
10 Strict Pull ups
1 Hill Sprint

After I showered and ate I went to Walmart and Pierce’s. I spent a ton of money, but we are well stocked on fruits and veggies and food for tomorrow’s party.

Enjoy your day!

Yesterday was good!

Good Morning!

Yesterday I weighed in at WW. It was awful, 161.4#, my own fault. I owned it and moved on. I had a great day yesterday. After lunch the girls and I went for a bike ride on the levee. I worked in the garden a bit and after supper we played badminton. I ate well and felt good about getting back on track with healthy eating.

Today’s plan….

I work from 8:45-1, the girls (all 4 of them) are coming with me and going to the 10am movie. They’ll eat the free lunch at the library and then hit up the farmer’s market for me. We’ll head to the Dells for mini golfing and ice cream afterwards. I’m going to pick up Papa Murphy’s for supper since they have a family size pizza for $7. I’m thinking 1-2 slices for me with a huge salad made from all the veggies in our garden. We also have to set up the garage again for Friday’s garage sale. If there’s time AND I feel like it, I may go listen to music tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

Enjoy your day!