Up 20 more pounds!

  • Friday
  • Warm Up
  • 4 rounds
  • 250 M row
  • 10 Bridges
  • 10 Jump pull ups
  • 10 AbMat
  • Then Hamstring stretch
  • Deadlift 18 min Max Out
  • 4 @ 60-65%
  • 3 @ 70-75%
  • 2 @ 80%
  • 2@85%
  • Max attempts..

I went from 175# to 195#

Up 2.2#!

167 days til 40!

I weighed in yesterday, up 2.2# from two weeks ago! What gives? I’m done trying to figure it out. I’ll just keep on keepin’ on. Eating well, lifting weights, cardio, lots of sleep, etc.

No exercise today. I slept in and am resting up for deadlifts tomorrow morning. I plan to do a 2nd workout on Friday, exercise Saturday morning before we leave for MN and get in a walk on Easter after we eat (weather permitting).

I’m off to work soon, enjoy your Friday Eve!

A gain of 10#!

168 days til 40!

This morning at the gym was push press. I was hoping for an increase from my old MAX of 85# and I was surprised with 95# as my new MAX. I attempted 100# three times, but no go.

Warm Up
4 rounds
250 M row
10 Bridges
10 Jump pull ups
10 AbMat
Shoulder mob

Max out
Push Press 18 min
4 @ 60-65%
3 @ 70-75%
2 @ 80%
Max attempts….

I work WW today, pick up a fundraiser from school and work tonight at the library. That is all. :)

Busy BEE and up 20#!

169 days til 40!

Yesterday afternoon we received an email that L has won the spelling bee at her school! Really? I didn’t know she was even going to compete, that kid! She won out of kids who entered from grades 6-8. She’s a 6th grader who skipped 5th grade, I think that’s great that she won! Her word was delinquent, she said she just guessed at it! LOL

Lydia spelling bee


3 Laps
High Knees
Broad Jumps
Then Bergener Clean N Jerk

Max Out
Clean N Jerk 18 min
rep scheme

Today we MAXed out on Clean and Jerk. My old MAX was 80# in December. Today I did 100#! It was freakin’ awesome! I really was aiming low, like 85# or 90# would have been fine with me. This is a move I struggle with normally, but today I felt I was getting the form down and it made it a lot easier to lift heavy. So glad!

Soon I’m going to head to the basement for some more exercise while I watch Alton Brown on DVD. The shows only last 20 minutes which is the perfect short workout time. The bonus is I learn things about baking & cooking, like the science behind ingredients, etc. I truly find it interesting that someone has figured out all the ins and outs of baking the perfect loaf of bread or muffin or pasta, etc.

I work from 1-5 today and then after supper I’m going to do some grocery shopping. I didn’t realize how much we are out of until I went to make eggs for the girls this morning. I usually shop before WW on Wednesday, but I need a bunch of frozen items and I don’t have a way to keep things frozen for 2 hours while I work.

I’m curious to weigh-in tomorrow. It will be nice to not have the stress anymore, now I just need to focus on staying at 157# or below and not going beyond that! LOL

Enjoy the sunshine! It’s almost blinding shining off the snow on the ground! Yeah, I said snow, it’s still around from yesterday, but it better leave soon!

MAX Week!

170 days til 40!

The workout from Darko….

It’s Max week! So all I’ve programmed is the warm up and Lift. With whatever extra time left over you’re welcome to do some conditioning, I just ask that you make it light and quick. We want big lifts this week. So eat some sweet potatoes or rice today and get geared up for the week! Tues-Clean N Jerk, Wed- Push Press, Thurs- hang Snatch, Friday- Deadlift, is the tentative schedule.

Warm Up
4 rounds
250 M row
10 Bridges
10 Jump pull ups
10 AbMat
Squat Stretch

Max out
Front Squat 18 min
4 @ 60-65%
3 @ 70-75%
2 @ 80%
Max attempts….

The results?…..I went from 110# in December to 115# now. I tried 120#  three times and failed! My MAX from August was 110#, so I’m making slow and steady progress. Since the workout was short I came home and did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I work from 8:45-1pm and I’m sure I’ll do a bit of walking around while I’m there.

Last night for supper the girls made noodle dogs! Interesting and fun for them to make! I did not partake in eating them. :P

Carly's plate of nd

making noodle dogs


Good afternoon! It’s been a busy morning around here. We went down to Madison for some clothes shopping. Yeah, I only got one shirt and it’s for the gym! The girls got a bunch of things.

First was Target, then Shopko and finally Goodwill. While we were at Goodwill a man approached hubby and gave him a store credit for almost $15. He said he wasn’t going to use it and looked for a family with children. It was awesome! Then the girls and I went into JoAnn Fabric for a few things and then off to lunch at Subway in the mall. The final stop was Barnes & Noble for math workbooks to do over the summer.

We are home now and I have to do some laundry and make homemade granola bars yet.

Hubby is off looking at a truck.

C is sorting her bands for her crazy loom.

L is doing her homework.

I took a DOR again today. My arms are sooooo sore it’s insane! I did take an ibuprofen and I think it’s helped a bit. I’ll take more before bed. This week as the gym is MAX week, we’ll see if I’ve improved at all.

This coming week…

  • Monday – FF, quick workout at home, work 8:45-1pm, L has piano
  • Tuesday – FF, workout at home, work 1-5
  • Wednesday – FF, work WW (weigh-in), pick up fundraiser at school, work library 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, quick workout at home, work 8:45-1pm, work WW at night
  • Friday – FF, workout at home, rollerskating for the girls in the afternoon (Early Release from school)
  • Saturday – workout at home, drive to MN for Easter
  • Sunday – DOR, Easter with family!

My elbow pits are sore!

172 days til 40!

Mary at the gym refers to her elbow joint as her elbow pits. I must agree with her that mine are quite sore from yesterday’s workout! This morning I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill and then did some stretching. I have to drop the girls off at school by 8:15am and then I work from 8:45-2pm today. No plans after that except relaxing! Tomorrow is shopping in Madison. :)