Minnesota Weekend!

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Short recap. Friday – Mall of America, rides, shopping and lots of walking.

Saturday – hung out with family all day! Awesome!

Sunday – took girls back to cousin’s house since they were going up north with my aunt and uncle for the week! We went to leave and our van wouldn’t start. We got a jump and were on our way. We had no other van troubles until we got back into town to look at cars on the lot. Then it wouldn’t start, so we got a jump. Hubby took the battery to AutoZone and it tested fine. Well, long story short, it was in the shop and they can’t find the problem. Argg…. it starts slow and the lights on the dash stay on way too long. Such is life.

I’ve been working extra hours this week since a coworker is ill. It works out since the girls aren’t home anyway. I do miss them both, but hubby picks them up on Saturday, so I’ll see them around supper time.

That’s it in a nutshell!


Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Clean & Jerk Practice: 1 hang clean below knee + 1 jerk, 10 sets; slightly heavier than last week but still speed/technique focus, 1:15 clock 60#(1), 65#(1), 70#(2), 75#(2), 80#(4)

B) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (5 Rounds)
15 Bar facing burpees
10 Push jerk, 135/95 or 115/75 – 65# for 3 rounds, dropped to 55# for last 2. I finished each round with about 30 seconds to rest.

Notes: This will be a similar MetCon as Tuesday’s WOD.

The girls and I are heading to the levee for a bike ride for them and a walk for me. Then we’ll shower up and start packing for the weekend. The girls are headed to a sleepover this afternoon and won’t be home until Thursday afternoon. Hubby is working late again, but at least I was able to talk to him a bit this morning.

I’m looking forward to FRIDAY!!!!!


The girls Pivotal Living bands came yesterday. They got them charged up and were excited to use them. They are basically a cheap FitBit that they wear on their wrists. There’s an App for their phones and so far so good.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Back squat, 5@65%, 4@72.5%, 3@80%, 2@87.5%, 1+@95% of training weight; 2:30 clock. 90#, 100, 115, 125, 135 (2)

Notes: Let a coach know before your last set if you would like a spotter.

B) 5 rounds, each on a 3:00 clock (15 min total)
10 TTB or HKR – HKR
15 Russian KB swings, 50/35# – 35#
15M/10F cals AD  1:18, 1:11, 1:09, 1:11, 1:14

Notes: Go hard on this. Whatever time is left in the 3:00 is rest. We may need to stagger the starts depending on attendance.

The girls are off the hike and swim at Devil’s Lake today and I’m going to pick raspberries soon. I work 1-5 and hubby is picking up a side job to earn some extra cash. I don’t know when he or the girls are getting home tonight. He thought after 8pm.

I have laundry going since I’m trying to get caught up before the weekend comes. I want to make sure what we want clean is ready to be packed up since the girls are packing tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


I slept so-so last night. It was good to be back at the gym, it’s what I need mentally and physically.

Monday’s WOD:
A) Snatch Practice.
EMOM x10: 1 hang snatch below knee; slightly heavier than last week but still speed/technique focus. This is week 3 of 4 in this cycle before we go for new benchmarks in our 1RM next week.  55#, 60#, 65#

B) 12 min AMRAP
5 HSPU or 2 wall walks – 2 WW
5 Hang power snatch, 115/75 or 95/65 – 55#
5 OHS, 115/75 or 95/65 –5 5#
5 C2B, regular, or jumping pull-ups – jumping

I got 5 rounds, plus 2 WW, 5 HPS + 4 OHS

I work 8:45-1 today and then L has piano. We’ll round our day out with some shopping!

Gearing up for the week!

Happy Sunday! This morning hubby and I walked the levee while C rode her new bike. It was a nice walk and a good way to get my steps in for today.

I’ve done some house cleaning today, made tuna salad, kale salad, turkey sausages and still have to make beef sausage, but C was going to help with that.

After supper we are probably going to get some refreshing ice cream! :P

This week…

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1, piano for L, shopping
  • Tuesday – gym, walk levee?, work 1-5
  • Wednesday – gym, walk at home, shop in Sun Prairie, work 5-8:30, pack for weekend
  • Thursday – gym, work 8:45-1, lunch out with Tricia, pick up kids, final packing
  • Friday – RUN on treadmill to get some steps in before the 4 hour drive to Mall of America! Walk, shop and play til we drop!
  • Saturday – workout in hotel, go to cousin’s house for the day, try to get in a walk if the weather is nice
  • Sunday – workout in hotel, drop kids with my aunt and uncle, drive home


Angie Parfreys Glen cheese climbing to waterfall Holding up the wall out of the glen selfie with mom they made it waterfall

Friday I took my girls and their two friends to Parfrey’s Glen for a morning hike. It was awesome and beautiful and fun! We then drove to Devil’s Lake for a picnic lunch and the girls went swimming while I read a book and relaxed. I then saw a friend I knew and chatted with her a bit. I’m excited to go back! LOL Although it’ll be a few weeks since we have vacation coming up and the girls will be gone.

I work today until 2pm and then have nothing to do. Enjoy your day!


Last night the girls asked what time they could be dropped off at their friend’s house today. I jokingly said 6:15am when I get home from the gym. Well………..that’s when they wanted to go. I pulled into the driveway this morning and they were waiting on the picnic table! So I’m home alone which is strange for summer.

I slept great last night, but woke up around 3:45am since my bladder was about to explode! I did some light stretching at home since my calves are super sore from jumping yesterday. I then see the workout and it’s running and jumping! Yeah! :P

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Back squat, 5×3 @87.5% of training weight; 2:30 clock 125#

B) For time (18min cut-off):
800m run
10 deadlifts, 165/115 or 155/105
100 double unders or 300 singles

400m run
8 deadlifts, 205/135 or 185/125
75 double unders or 225 singles

250m run
6 deadlifts, 245/165 or 215/145 – I got these done before time was up and it was HARD!
50 double unders or 150 singles

75m run (to cone and back)
4 deadlifts, 275/185 or 245/165
25 double unders or 75 singles

Notes: Choose your DL weights based on your 1RM.
If your 1RM DL is 300-400/200-275 then use 165/115, 205/135, 245/165, 275/185.
If your DL 1RM is <300/200 then use 155/105, 185/125, 215/145, 245/165
You get one bar, must change your own weights.
Post weights & times to FB comments.

I got on the scale this morning, boo to that! :P I’ll get on again tomorrow morning. Now that I am quitting Weight Watchers I decided to still weigh in at home once a week or more. I need to keep myself in line, since Whole 30 ended I’ve been a bit crazy here and there.

I’m going to shop soon and then walk and read before I work at 1pm.

Enjoy your day!