Ho hum.

I’ve been pretty low since Sunday. My mood isn’t great. I hope it turns around soon, even C said I just seem sad.

Staying on track with food and exercise, now if my mood would catch up with that. :P

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift, build to a heavy single w/perfect technique in 12 min 105 (5), 125 (5), 145 (2) 155  165  175  185

B) For time: (20min cut-off)
500m run buy-in, then
5 rounds for time:
5 deadlifts, 245/155, 205/135, 185/125 – 125#
15 box jump overs, 24/20″ – short box
50 double unders or 100 single unders – singles, finished in 13:09

– do not compromise back for sake of a deadliest on Part A or B
– don’t go crazy on the run, especially if it’s been 6 months since you have run; just get through it before the 5 rounds. If the weather is bad, we’ll sub an 800M Row for the run.

I’m going to walk and read soon, shower and shop before WW. I’ll weigh-in to see where I stand for the beginning of May. I’m going to work on a loss for the month, or to be less than last month’s weigh-in. Progress….

Enjoy your day!


Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a good day. I got to bed around 8pm which was fantastic. :)

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Snatch Practice, build to a heavy single in 12 min 35#, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65

B) Press, build to a heavy single in 10 min – 35#, 45, 55, 65, 70, 75 (fail)

C) For time: (10min cut-off)
power snatch, 95/65, 75/55, 65/45 – 45#
bar-facing burpees  8:49 finish time

– For those of you who attended Monday’s WOD, spend some time loosening your chest & shoulders. Most of us don’t normally do 100+ push ups so stretch out to stay ahead of any tightness.

I’m going on the treadmill soon and them prepping tacos for tonight’s supper. I work until 5pm and we have nothing going on tonight. Maybe another early bedtime for me.

Enjoy your day!

Monday Monday

I slept like crap last night! Ugg….I felt like I was awake the entire night. I know I wasn’t, but it felt that way.

Monday’s WOD

Back Squat – 15 minutes to build to a heavy single – I went from 55# to 145# which is a new PR for me!

Cindy – 20 min AMRAP

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 squats

I got 14 rounds + 5 pullups + 3 pushups. Not too shabby.

I work until 5pm today and the girls are helping out with supper since L has piano tonight.

That’s what I know, enjoy your day!

Upcoming week…

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. :)

Yesterday we went to a bunch of garage sales. We didn’t find anything spectacular, but it was fun anyway. We ended up getting lunch from Kwik Trip, I got a salad. Later on that day we went to Orange Leaf. C was super excited to build her own frozen yogurt sundae! LOL After all the garage sale shopping C and I went for a walk on the levee. Almost 2 miles.

So far today I went for a morning walk outside before it gets in the 80’s! (Not complaining!) I’ve made jellos, baked bread, done laundry, dishes, swept the floor, work evaluations, and have supper in the crockpot.

Here’s the upcoming week…

  • Monday –  gym, work 8:45-5, L has piano and I’ll walk while she’s there
  • Tuesday- gym, walk at home, work 1-5
  • Wednesday – gym, walk at home, work WW, work 5-8:30
  • Thursday – DOR, work 8:45-1, walk?, pick up kids from Art Club and fundraiser items, work WW.
  • Friday – gym, walk at home, work 1-6, take kids to skating rink (if they still want to go)
  • Saturday – workout at home, garage sale in Waunakee, lunch out for early Mother’s Day, C has a birthday party at 2
  • Sunday – Mother’s Day – no idea! LOL

I don’t have much else on my agenda for today. Reading and another walk so I get my 10,000+ steps in for today.

Friday catch up

Let’s see…I didn’t post for Thursday so here goes for that.

I took a DOR. NO ACTIVITY! Unheard of, yeah, I felt guilty, but it’s okay, back at it today. I worked Thursday until 1pm and then Tricia and I went out for lunch. I went with the gyro and it was Freakin’ Awesome! I was full at suppertime so I just had a smoothie before L’s band concert last night. Her concert was good and entertaining and we were home around 8:30pm. C stayed after school to make Ukrainian eggs and we picked her up on the way to the concert. I got to bed later than usual, but made it to the gym. I’ll make up for my lack of sleep tonight.

Oh, did I mention I lost 1.4# on Wednesday? Yeah, lowest weight since November! On a roll and I’m determined not to blow it this weekend.

On to the gym…

Friday WOD
Start with some core work (ex: tabata hollow hold). Then…

We ended up doing 8 rounds of hollow holds, they suck! Then we did 6 lengths on the seal walk, which sucks equally as bad! LOL

If weather is nice, do this Partner WOD:
Partner AMRAP, 25 Minutes
20 Wall-ball (20/14) – 14#
20 KB Swings (53/35) – 35#
20 Sit-ups
20 Jumping Lunges
20 Pull-ups – green and black band
20 Ring Dips (or parallettes or box dips) – parallettes
20 Squats

@10\15 minute mark both teammates run 250m (we’ll say that 250M is to the stop sign & back (out the garage door to the right).
The athlete that begins the movement must complete the 20 reps and you must switch each exercise. Example, Round 1: Partner 1 does wallball, situps, Pullups, & squats, and Partner 2 does KB Swings, jumping lunges, ring dips. Round 2: would then switch with partner 2 starting with the wallball etc…

The other tidbit that was left off was the run at the 20 minute mark. Mary threw that in when we returned from the 15 min. run. It was a great workout.

I worked until 1pm and then my friend met me at 1:30 to walk the levee for an hour. One stop at Kwik Trip and a change of clothes later and I’m hanging out online.

L is going to a dance tonight and I’m stopping at Pierce’s to get a few sale items. I’m hoping to convince hubby to pick her up at 8pm. :)

Hump Day!

Tuesday was another great day, lots of walking, eating well and a good night’s sleep! Back at the gym today and tomorrow is a DOR.

Wednesday WOD:

A) Clean Practice: 1 segmented clean (pause 3 sec at knee) + 1 clean + 1 jerk, 6 sets, 90 sec clock, small build per set

65#, 70#, 75#, 80#, 85#(2)

B) 5 sets @100% effort, each set on 5 min clock:
5 thrusters, add weight each set (start light) – 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#, 60#
10 burpees AFAP
20 sec AD, high effort
rest/walk between sets – each set took about 1:22

I’m going to walk and read in a bit, clean up and head out to shop before WW. L also called from the bus and she forgot her folder for school. Thankfully she doesn’t need it until after lunch so I can drop it off at 9:30am on my way to shopping.

I work tonight 5-8:30 and plan on sleeping in a bit tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your day!

Suns out, guns out!

No, not a real gun, biceps! This morning our coach Mary said our guns were looking good this morning. We did a bunch of pushups and pullups.

Tuesday WOD:

A1) 8-12 push-ups, (use rings/parallettes if possible) rest 1 min, 3 sets – I did several normal before I hit my knees.
A2) 5-8 Strict pull-ups, (wtd if possible) rest 1 min, 3 sets – I used a green and red band

B) 25 min AMRAP @90% effort pacing:
Row 400m
Farmer walk, 50/35# per hand (4 lengths of gym, from garage door to whiteboard is 1 length) – 35# each hand
3 wall walks – did some 30 second holds towards the end

I’m going to walk & read or watch TV in a bit. I work 1-5 and hope to walk again after supper. Hubby and I walked last night, L had a lot of homework and C wanted to practice badminton.

I stayed on track with food yesterday (thank goodness) and got in over 10,000 steps. Working all day was long, but I managed a 15 minute walk at lunch and that was wonderful!

Enjoy your day!