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04.29.10 (11 of 21) – The smell of Spring!

It’s a great time of year around here. The crab apple tree smells wonderful! When I go for walks at night I can smell my neighbor’s lilac bushes. It’s just the most wonderful smell.

I managed a decent workout this morning. 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by 25 minutes of arms/abs/legs. I have been slacking on strength, which is common for me, I felt like I’ve been going gung-ho on cardio lately so I opted for some strength moves. I’m sure I’ll be feeling some of those muscles tomorrow. All in all, 302 calories burned with a walk planned for after supper. Hopefully the rain holds off and the gale force winds aren’t too bad! LOL

Breakfast was oats, carrots, flax, germ, pudding mix, oil, truvia, cinnamon and cocoa powder. It was good and filling, but my tummy has been rumbling lately. Not from hunger but from upset. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

This morning I’m heading out to Kmart for the elusive blue jean that fits! I’m hoping to have some luck. I decided to return the jeans to Walmart that I bought. While they look nice on me, they have stretch in them and I was hiking them up a lot. So, back they go.

This afternoon is laundry, packing and prepping food for the weekend. So far the weather looks iffy for my Women’s Weekend. I wish it would be 75 and sunny!


Before I left for school I was craving something different to eat. I’m always in a serious food rut. Anyway, I came up with a toasted thin, cream cheese, sf strawberry jam and fresh sliced strawberries. It was yummy!

It turns out DD#1’s teacher didn’t have a lot for me to do so I got to hang out with DD#2 also. 🙂

Lunch today was pastaslim noodles, veggies sauteed in oil and sonoma jack cheese, along with garlic toast.

I will be eating this exact same lunch tomorrow too!

I did okay at Kmart. I found a pair of black jeans that I really liked how they fit. I guess I’m a petite when it comes to jean length. The mediums were just waaaay to long. Too bad my behind wasn’t petite so all the jeans would fit better. When I tried on my size, (read as: the size I usually grab), most of them fit okay, but were a little snug. So then I grabbed the next size up, well, I had some serious gapage going on. By that I mean they fit great in the legs, thighs and butt, but I had 3-4 inches around the waist that was gaping open. Oh well, it’s getting closer to shorts/capri weather anyway.


Dinner was leftover sloppy joes, fries, snap peas and milk.

I’ll end the day around 1550-1700 calories and I burned 512 with exercise.

Tomorrow’s plan is exercise, Zumba and heading to Eau Claire. I don’t know if I’ll post at all tomorrow or not, but I’ll try to catch back up on Sunday sometime. Have a great weekend to all!

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04.28.10 (10 of 21) – It’s getting closer!

The weekend is ever so slightly getting closer. I am truly looking forward to my Women’s Weekend in Eau Claire.

I’m actually surprised by my workout this morning. I’ve just been feeling run-down lately, not that into exercise even though I’m doing it every day. So I was delighted to burn 404 calories this morning between the elliptical and treadmill. I’m trying to get in more running time since I’m going to do the 5k in June. Sadly, Zumba was cancelled for this morning so I knew I wanted to get around a 350 calorie burn in for the morning with another walk later on tonight.

Breakfast was oats, pumpkin, zuke, carrots, cinnamon, truvia, pp spice and cream cheese. It was pretty good but I’m missing the cocoa powder so that’ll be on tap for tomorrow morning. 🙂

This morning I’m going to head out to Walmart in the hopes of finding something new to wear for this weekend. I’ll let you know if I have any luck. I’m also in charge of bringing along the snacks for this weekend so I have a few items I need to purchase for that. Mostly fruits and veggies that I have to prep before we go on Friday.

So the rest of my week looks like this:

Wed: Purchase the food for the trip. Pick-up kids from school and just hang out at home. Dinner. Walk. Hang out with family.

Thurs: Exercise. Breakfast. Volunteer at school. Prep fruit and veggies. Do laundry. Pack. Plant veggies. Dinner. Hopefully walk (they say rain). Hang out with the family.

Fri: Exercise. Breakfast. Drop of DD#2 at friend’s house and meet another friend at Zumba. Eat lunch. Head up to Eau Claire!!!!!

It seems I’m forgetting something, but I’m sure it’ll occur to me. 🙂


Well, I managed to find one pair of jeans. The shirt selection at Walmart stinks! I’m thinking tomorrow before I go to school to volunteer I’m going to check out Kmart. I did get some clothes for DD#1 and DD#2 vetoed the capris I bought her, but likes the shirt. In reality, DD#2 has a TON of clothes and DD#1 is severely lacking. I told the older one I’d take her shopping next weekend and I promised DD#2 a new dress or two for summer, that should be all she needs to get by.

Lunch was the roasted veggies I was going to have last night along with a grilled flatout which contained my homemade hummus, tomato and spinach. I think I’ll be going back to store-bought hummus, it’s just soooo much tastier than mine.

Then while I was at Walmart I got suckered into buying this:

Stride Shift. It changes from berry to mint flavored. So far so good. I like the idea of berry gum, but I can never chew it for very long before I spit it out. Now it has transitioned to the mint and I’m diggin’ it!


Last night’s supper was fiber gourmet rotini, homemade pasta sauce with zucchini added in and a toasted garlic bun.

I opted to not go for a walk last night. I just felt tired, mentally and physically. I ended up playing a game with DD#1 and reading my book for a while. I think I was asleep before 9pm.

Total calories were about 1725 and I burned 404 with exercise.

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04.27.10 (9 of 21) – Me Time

Morning all! I slept fairly well last night which is always a plus in my book. I got up and wasn’t quite sure about my workout this morning. I ended up on the elliptical, doing one segment of a DVD and some ab work on my own. In total I burned exactly 300 calories. I am planning on either a 30 or 60 min. walk tonight too.

Breakfast was oats, the last of my zucchini, pumpkin, pumpkin spice, flax, germ, oil and cinnamon. It was a nice Fall tasting bowl of oats! I’m probably going to do it again tomorrow with carrots in it.

I was going to do some running outside this morning, but instead I’m going to have ‘me’ time at the library. I need to return some books and I love to read their magazines for free. 🙂 So that’s all I have on tap for the morning.


Lunch was a bunch of roasted veggies and my grilled flatout with sonoma jack cheese and spinach. Dessert was butternut squash.


I over did it on snacks today. I had my usual popcorn, but I thought I was still hungry so I had some grapes. That put me over the edge! I was full. Sooo…DH and the kids ate supper while I went for my walk before I ate. Then I modified it a bit to not be so much food. I did have some awesome homemade baked chicken nuggets (photo tomorrow)! Those things rock since they actually taste like chicken! LOL

My walk was good, but my flippin’ HRM was wacking out! One minute I’d be at 81 bpm, then it’d jump to 156! No way, I have to run like 7MPH to get my HR that high! So, I went for 31 minutes and called it 100 calories burned. My total calorie burn was 400 for the day and right now I’m around 1500 calories if I eat my yogurt and fruit during Biggest Loser.

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04.26.10 (8 of 21) – I made it!

I made it successfully through a weekend! I didn’t binge, I ate well and I kept it under control. 🙂

This morning started off well. I decided to run a 5k on the treadmill. It took me 30:58 to run 3.1 miles! I kept using positive affirmations with myself because I did just want to quit! LOL I did some elliptical work too for a total calorie burn of 530! I considered Zumba, but I did errands this morning and decided that Wed. & Fri. would be my days to go.

Breakfast was oats with zukes and carrots. My last zuke is starting to go bad so I need to use it up soon. I hate wasting food (go figure!). 

I drove all 4 girls to school this morning. I’m so glad I don’t have to do it every morning, the traffic drives me batty. Having so many schools so close together just creates one big cluster of cars going in and out. Afterwards I went to Pierce’s for a handful of things they had on sale. I was disappointed in the green beans so I didn’t buy any, I really wanted some roasted ones. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I have them in my garden.  I was happy that their Earthgrains Thins were on sale.

When I got through putting groceries away I started picking up a bit and decided the girls really need a new chore chart. There are so many things they ‘should’ be doing around the house that they don’t do and I guess if it takes a little incentive for them to do it, so be it. The new chart is on the fridge and ready for their star stickers! I hope they are as excited about it as I am. 🙂

There isn’t much else new to report. I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday and here’s a photo from after my workout this morning to prove it! Would I sweat like that if I was ill? (maybe, huh.)

The other bonus was seeing this:

 Now I want to see 156.something by Friday morning!


Lunch was a favorite of mine, pita chips, the last of the hummus and veggies! I also had some sauerkraut afterwards, which happened to give me heartburn. So I had 2 Tums for dessert! 🙂

I’m working on inputting some recipes into Sparkspeople so I can plan out some more meals for the rest of this week.


My afternoon snack was popcorn, no huge surprise. 🙂

Supper was one of my favorites! Sloppy joes on a light bun, homemade onion rings and carrots. I could have easily has 2nds! Thank goodness I didn’t because now, about 15-20 minutes later I AM FULL!

I’m going to head out for a stroll to get things moving along! LOL


I got in a 30 minute walk and it was nice. I didn’t go all out which is good for me sometimes. I need to learn moderation.

My total calories for today was 1774 and I burned 631 with exercise.

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04.25.10 (7 of 21) – Hmmm?

Well, it’s of course early. I’m not feeling great this morning. I think the combination of traveling, not eating great and getting to bed really late (for me) has taken a toll. I woke up with a sore throat. Is it from illness or snoring!? I’m not sure. I took a Cold-Eeze and am drinking some water. I also have a slight headache. I know I didn’t drink enough water yesterday. I did have some diet soda and a vitamin water, but I know it wasn’t enough for my body and now I’m paying for it a bit.

I’ll work hard on rehydrating myself today and if I feel up to it I’ll do some sort of activity later on. If I don’t it’s not the end of the world. There is plenty of house ‘picking-up’ to do today and the girls and I have to bake banana muffins for school tomorrow.

I’m going to read a few blogs that I missed out on yesterday and eat some oats!


Well, I got the house put back in order and that was a workout in itself! However, I did go downstairs and use the elliptical for 30 minutes. I burned 205 calories and since I usually don’t do anything on Sunday I thought that was great! LOL


I’m happy to report that today was a NON-binge day! Woohoo! I did come in at 2163 calories for the day and I burned 205 with exercise.

Lunch was grilled flatout with laughing cow cheese and spinach, with a side of sauerkraut.

Supper was baked fish on a bun, homemade fries and peas. I had snacks throughout the day, yogurt/fruit, popcorn, jellos, but I recorded it all and weighed it too. That is true progress for me. (I’ll get some photos on here Monday.)

Now I’m going to go brush my teeth and get the children settled in for bed. I’m driving them to school tomorrow since they have mini banana nut muffins to take for snack. I did sample 2 of them today and they were pretty good, but not soooo great that I craved more.

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04.24.10 (6 of 21) – WoW!

Well, today was weigh-in day for me. I’m sooo happy to say I am down 2.6# from last week! I’m now at 157.6# and I’m rockin’ a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in a looonnngg time!

I got up early to get in my workout. I did 20 min. on the treadmill, 20 min. on the elliptical and Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. I burned 479 calories and was a sweaty mess.

Breakfast was oats with zucchini and carrots and cocoa powder! I have my snacks packed for my roadtrip to Winona and I’m feeling confident about what I’ll be ordering for lunch. I’m taking my camera along so I hope to post some photos from my day.

I’m also happy to say that this past week I burned 2926 calories with exercise! That is a lot for me and I know it helped in my huge loss this week.

Well, I’m off to hit the road. I’ll check back in later on.


I’ll recap my day.

I left town around 7:30am so I could get to Kohl’s and find new crosstrainers. I was in luck and they had one left in my size. Then I started looking at their sandals and I got lucky AGAIN! They had a cute pair of slide on sandals that actually fit my wide feet! They came in multiple colors and of course I bought the dark purple since it’s my favorite color. 🙂

Then it was back onto the interstate. It was misty pretty much the entire way. Then I did the 90/94 split and it started to downpour! Uggg…I hate driving in massive rainstorms. After a few minutes it let up and I was at my first rest area. Then I had my yogurt and fruit snack and was on my way again. The weather was fine until I crossed the Mississippi River and was into Minnesota and then it started downpouring AGAIN! It’s 70 MPH on the road I was on and we were all going about 45-50. So I made it to Winona and I did a quick drivethru of the town since I was early. I then ran into HyVee to check on the PB2 status. Of course their shelves were entirely empty, but I’m glad I looked.

I got to campus and tried to get into my old dorm. Well, now you need your ID to scan to get the door to unlock, so I had to wait for a girl to come out so I could get in. Then my friend came and we chatted a bit before we decided what to do. Since it was done raining we opted to walk around campus and explore as much as we could. It’s crazy how much has changed since I went there 13 years ago! They are building brand new dorms which I’m sure will be great compared to what I lived in.

We then headed to the Acoustic Cafe for lunch and I had a hummus pita and a cup of ministrone soup.

The hummus was good and they warmed up the pita so I had a pleasant lunch. We chatted a lot so I was able to savor every bite! LOL

We drove back to campus and thought we’d brave walking around the small lake. In total we probably walked over 2.5 miles going down and around the lake and back. We then came back to campus and chatted some more. Then I decided it was time to head back, but since my lunch was light and I wasn’t snacking I needed to get a sandwich from Subway. Roast beef, chips and diet soda called my name.

Here’s a photo of my friend and I that I asked some college girl to take.

Excuse my hair, the humidity and drizzle took it’s toll! LOL

All in all I had a great day catching up with my friend that I’ve known since 1st grade. We made plans to do it again next April.

My estimated calories for the day are just under 1800 and I burned 479 with at home exercise and I did some walking yesterday too. Not too shabby for traveling and eating.

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04.23.10 (5 of 21) TGIF!

Well, I woke up sore this morning. I think it’s a combo of the massage yesterday and doing The Shred DVD. So, instead of doing my morning workout I took out my energies on cleaning the bathroom. I scrubbed the tub, toilet, mirror, sinks & floor. I will be going to Zumba this morning for my ‘real’ workout and it looks like I may get rained out for my evening walk.

In Sparkspeople I put that I burn about 2400 calories per week. Well, I still have today and tomorrow to exercise (for their week) and I only need another 250 calories. Since I’m planning on a good workout tomorrow morning before I head to Winona I know I’ll exceed 2400.

Speaking of Winona…my plan is to have a plan. 🙂 I’m going to have my normal healthy filling breakfast of oatmeal. I’ll sip on my cappuccino/cocoa mix on the drive up and I plan to pack yogurt, apple, pear and grapes for my snack foods to have on hand. I emailed my friend suggesting we go someplace where I can get a salad or healthy sandwich for lunch. Not specifically saying Subway, but even a restaurant that has grilled chicken salads available. I may end up eating supper on the road too, but I know of several Subways along the drive back so I am not concerned.

Breakfast today was oats, pudding mix, truvia, oil, zukes, germ, flax, cinnamon and cocoa powder. I savored every bite! LOL It even inspired DD#1 to have banana oatmeal.

I’m not sure what’s on my agenda for the afternoon yet. I’m only doing 1 load of laundry this morning so that’ll be done. I have a few errands I ‘could’ do, but aren’t really necessary, so we’ll see how I feel.


Zumba was good, but I’m just not feeling it so I am not going to go Monday and instead try my jogging outside again.

Lunch was a repeat of 2 days ago…pastaslim & veggies, it was just as good this time around!


Supper was spaghetti, homemade sauce, 3 turkey meatballs and a toasted garlic bun.

I’m ending the day with 200 calories burned at Zumba and I ate 1806 calories. Tomorrow I head to Winona bright and early so I may not get a chance to post.

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04.22.10 (4 of 21) – Happy Earth Day!

Good sunny morning! Well today is the day I finally get my massage. I see my certificate is for a deep tissue massage, I’m anticipating some pain! LOL

I got up pretty well this morning and did a 10 min. warmup on the elliptical before I did Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I was going to do Level 2, but opted to get back on the elliptical. 303 calories burned for me with a walk planned for tonight.

Breakfast was oats, pudding mix, oil, flax, germ, zuke, carrots, truvia and cocoa powder. I never tire of oatmeal. DH works with a guy who is trying to eat healthier and he and his wife bought quick-cooking oats. He came to work and told DH it was awful and his wife threw it out! DH asked if they put anything in it and he said no. Well, that WOULD be disgusting! DH told him that we put sweetener and cinnamon in it. They said they were going back to the sugar-laden instant oatmeal that isn’t nearly as filling. (Those are my descriptive words).

This afternoon DD#2 and I get our hairs cut. Her bangs are getting so long that I can’t see her bushy eyebrows anymore. I’m just going in to get the back shortened up but I think I’m going to grow out the rest of it for a while again. I change my hair quite often and I’m happy it grows back! 🙂


Well my massage was good AND painful at times! I can tell it really did help me out a bit and I shouldn’t put it off for so long next time.

Lunch was good. I sauteed onions and peppers in olive oil and added some egg whites to make a scramble. Then I spread some Sonoma Jack cheese on 1/2 of a flatout and put in some spinach. Then I grilled that up in a pan and cut it into strips! I really need to do that more often. I don’t necessarily like wraps, but I like hot sandwiches. It’s hard to believe that all of this is only 254 calories! I did have a sugar free jello for dessert.

I’m going to make sure I drink enough water today to help flush out the toxins that she released by torturing massaging me. I’m also going to let my stylist wash my hair since I have massage oil in it. I feel like getting pampered today! LOL


Supper was a hamburger, light bun, sweet potato fries and mixed veggies.

I went for a 55 minute walk after supper so my total calorie burn for the day is 500. My calorie intake was 1672.

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04.21.10 (3 of 21) – Buh-bye 160’s!

Well, it’s official! I’m finally out of the 160’s for good! I was 158 this morning and that ‘s the lowest I’ve been ALL YEAR! I feel like I finally busted through a barrier and there is nothing stopping me. In fact, I registered for a 5k yesterday. It’s on June 5th and I’m really looking forward to it! Even if I’m a bit freaked out. LOL

This morning I went a bit easier on the exercise since I’ll be going to Zumba at 9:30. I got in 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of ab and leg work. I burned 258 calories and I expect to burn 200-225 at Zumba. I’m sure tonight I’ll go for another walk if the family allows.

Breakfast was oats, cinnamon, oil, truvia, pudding mix, blueberries, cream cheese, flax and wheat germ! It was creamy and comforting.

On tap for today is just Zumba this morning and then stopping at Kwik Trip to get some bananas. I need some to get really ripe by Sunday so I can bake muffins for the girls’ snacks at school. Otherwise it’s just laundry (not much) and hanging out at home. I really should get in some strength training, but we’ll see how that goes!


Zumba was great today! I was super sweaty and tired afterwards, always the sign of a good workout! I did burn an impressive 231 calories.

Lunch was delicious with a capital D! It was pastaslim noodles (1/2 pkg.), peppers, onions, tomato, spinach & mushrooms all sauteed in olive oil. Then I melted in a wedge of Sonoma Jack cheese and ate this along with a garlic thin! It was so good I’ll be repeating it on Friday.

I have the laundry going and the dishwasher running. In a few minutes the girls and I are headed out to the library. I had almost 20 books out!


My afternoon snack was some popcorn and a Diet A&W Root Beer! I love that stuff. My favorite is to freeze it a bit so it’s a slushie.

Supper was baked chicken breast, my barley veggie concoction and 2 biscuits. The biscuits were from Aldi’s and only 38¢, they were very good and only 50 calories each!

Soon I’m going to head out for my nightly stroll. DH is playing ‘tennis’ with the girls so I am free for a bit.

Okay, I ended the day at 1700 calories and I burned 600 with exercise. I did go for a 30 minute walk after supper.

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04.20.10 (2 of 21) – I love Spring!

Good morning all! It’s going to be another lovely day here in Wisconsin! I got up after hitting snooze once this morning and got in 40 minutes total on the elliptical and some arm and ab work. My neck is still tender, but there wasn’t shooting pain when I did ab work today. In total I burned 314 calories with a walk planned for tonight after supper.

Breakfast was oats, pudding mix, zucchini, carrots, oil, cinnamon, truvia, cocoa powder, instant decaf coffee and DaVinci caramel syrup. It was pretty darn good.

On tap for today is to head to Walmart for a few grocery items and to Kmart to pick up a prescription and to look at sandals. In their flyer they had a cute pair I thought I might like so I want to check them out while they are on sale.

Otherwise I’ll be watching the girl that goes to preschool with DD#2 today. Her sister and mother both have strep throat and she was so bored at home with them yesterday since they were keeping their distance from her so she wouldn’t get sick. I offered to have her come here today as long as she was fever free and feeling okay. It also gives my DD a playmate.


Lunch was very filling and just what I was craving! Fresh veggies, hummus and pita chips! I had the last of the flavorless butternut squash. It was nothing a little brown sugar, cloves and spray butter couldn’t fix.


I felt pretty productive this afternoon. I planted some seeds in my 2 whiskey barrels. Just two packets of mixed annuals. Then I put fresh mulch on the path to our side yard and pulled the dandelions growing in it. I weeded a few more flower beds and planted lettuce, spinach and romaine lettuce. I have a feeling it’s going to be a mess since I dropped a lot of the seeds in the wrong area. Who knew the bottom was open on the packet? Whoops!

I also purchased a thistle seed feeder and a new hummingbird feeder today at Kmart. (No luck on sandals.) My old hummingbird feeder had seen better days. Now I’m hoping that we’ll have a return of those cute little birds this year! Since we put in our bird bath a few weeks ago we are seeing a lot more birds. DH put a new feeder on the ground so we are getting a pair of Cardinals every day too! I just love watching birds!


Supper was a burger, lite bun, sweet potato with baked beans, piddly amount of asparagus and milk.

Afterwards I went for a long walk and burned another 200 calories for the day.

Biggest Loser tonight was pretty good. It always sucks to see people struggle and only lose 1# when others lost 10#. What I get out of that is never give up!

Total calories eaten were 1773 and I burned 515 today!

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