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Day 1 – Feeling Fluffy!

Good Sunny Morning! Well, today is the countdown to July 31st. I started out with a wonderful night’s sleep. It was nice and cool in my bedroom and it made for great sleeping weather.

My workout was 15 min. of elliptical, 15 min. of treadmill, 15 min. of treadmill, 11 min. of treadmill. I earned 4 APs, even with a sore toe. 🙂 I plan to do a bit more weeding after yoga this morning. DH helped me in the garden last night and it’s looking more tolerable.

Breakfast was oats for 4 points. I was going to take a photo, but it’s been so long that I need to redevelop the habit. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes as far as photos.

After yoga I need to stop at the library again! I’ve already vetoed 3 of the books I got on Monday. If I can’t get into it right away I don’t even waste my time on it. Then I need to get more eggs and bananas from Kwik Trip. My two girls are on a 2 egg omelet kick lately and sadly DD#2 had to have a 1 egg omelet this morning.

I’m also hoping to take the 4 girls to the beach today. It’ll be around 77 or so today which is a bit warmer than yesterday. It’s also the last day this week I have the other 2 girls to watch so I thought they’d enjoy the time together playing in the water.

I signed up for my yoga workshop yesterday. We got it for almost $100 off the regular price so I was super excited! Today I’ll be making my hotel reservations so that I don’t have to drive back and forth each day.


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Operation GAST!

GAST – Get Angie’s Sh*t Together!

Okay, I’m in a slump, a funk, but I’m getting out of it. I got out some old journals of mine today to see how my weight has progressed over the years.

On 7/31/07 I became a stay-at-home mom. Here’s the breakdown of my weigh-ins.

  • 7/31/07 – 155.5#
  • 7/31/08 – 157#
  • 7/31/09 – 151.8#
  • 7/31/10 – ?????#

Here’s also a comparison on my birthdays.

  • 9/30/07 – 148.5# (woohoo!)
  • 9/30/08 – 158# (what the?)
  • 9/30/09 – 152.3# (that’s more like it)
  • 9/30/10 – ?????#

July 31, 2010 is steadily approaching. The scale is unkind to me (since I am unkind to myself) and saying I’m around 165# at this point. It’s 32 days until the 31st. What weight could I expect to be by then? 161? 160? 157? Who knows for sure, but I am setting a goal of being under 160 by that point.

That leads me to my next issue, the scale. What to do? Do I hide it? Do I get on every day even though it sends me into a tizzy? Do I get on once a week? Well…I’m going for a Saturday morning weigh-in. That gives me 5 Saturdays to reach my goal on the 31st.

Next will be food. I’m going to track Weight Watchers points for the next 32 days. I’m going to track my activity and my extra points. I’m NOT setting any food rules other than I have to track my food. Too many rules like that makes me insane! 😛

Okay, here’s the lowdown.

  • Under 160# by 7/31/10
  • Weigh-in on Saturday morning
  • Track my food
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06.29.10 – Hmm…

Morning. Short post today since I’m not in the mood. I earned 2 APs this morning. I wish my toe didn’t hurt. I wish I could magically be back to 155#. I wish I wish I wish….

Since January I’ve been around 165#, guess what? It’s 6 months later and I’m STILL at this weight! Ugg….where has my mojo gone?

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06.28.10 – ‘super slip’

Super slip, that’s what my dental floss is called and that’s what I had yesterday, a Super Duper Slip. 😛 I had too much chocolate and ice cream yesterday and of course I was in the mindset that I didn’t care. Well, the scale showed me up 1.2 for the week and I deserved it. I let everything get to me and used it as an ‘excuse’ to do what I wanted, not what I needed.

On to today. I started out with exercise and earned 3 APs. My toe is slightly better, but I still don’t want to do any running/jogging on it just yet. I’m going to take more ibuprofen soon since that does help a lot.

I had a healthy, on plan, breakfast and headed out to yoga. I’m so torn on going to the retreat in August since DH will have surgery 2 weeks before that, but I talked to some ladies there and they encouraged me to go. So I am. I’ll work out help for DH if he needs it. I already have Thursday night and all day Friday taken care of, I just need to work on Saturday for him. I just have intense mom-guilt.

I got my errands done for today and have my sandwich and dressing packed for Pizza Hut. Yes, I said sandwich. I am not eating pizza there since I know it’ll send me into a sodium binge and I’m just getting the salad bar. I know myself well enough to set limits today.

After lunch it’s off to the eye Dr. for the girls’ exams. DD#1 has been through this before, but DD#2 hasn’t. I haven’t said much about it since she’s always so full of anxiety.

Here’s to the rest of my day. I’ll check in later on sometime.


Today has been a good day. I’m on track and feeling better. I’m still a bit moody, but nothing like yesterday. 🙂

I’m at 24 DP right now and may have some yogurt later on for a nightcap.

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06.27.10 – It’s raining again!

Well, to recap yesterday, the movie was good. The kids thought it was fun and the theatre in the Dells is very nice.

I did decide to exercise yesterday morning and earned 3 APs. I only did the elliptical and a little ab/arm work. This arm work is paying off because I can definitely feel more solid upper arm muscles when I flex!

Okay, on to today. I slept in a little, until almost 6am! Insane for me. It is my DOR but I did hop on the scale like last week. It of course disappointed me by showing me Monday’s weight of 163.4#. I can only attribute it to sodium again since yesterday was heavy on the salt. I’m having a super week otherwise. I’ve earned 19 APs, I still have 9 WPA left for today and I don’t know what else to say about it. The scale will eventually move I suppose. Today I’m going to get in my fluids and try to limit all the sodium so I don’t overload on it again today.

I have nothing on today’s agenda that is majorly exciting. I have 2 loads of laundry going now and that’ll get me caught up on that. Otherwise it’s a rainy day with just hanging out inside.

Tomorrow is a bit busier so I hope to get on here before yoga, but my day looks a little like this…

  • exercise
  • breakfast
  • kiddos to school
  • yoga
  • Pierce’s, Kmart, Walmart
  • library
  • Kwik Trip
  • home to unload
  • pick up kids
  • lunch at Pizza Hut
  • eye exams for girls
  • pick up other 2 girls at friend’s house and chat a bit
  • hopefully return home by 2:30pm or so
  • snacks
  • get out in garden to pick zukes
  • prepare supper
  • crash!

That’s a rough idea of my day tomorrow. Although I’ll admit I like to stay busy. Idleness is bad for me. 🙂

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06.26.10 – Toy Story

Mornin’! Wow, last night around 1:30am I heard THE LOUDEST crack of thunder of my life! It woke me up, DH and DD#2! DD#1 slept through it, that kid is so lucky.

I got up around 4:45 without my alarm clock this morning. I decided to finish reading up my book that I started. It was a good read. I just finished up my oats and am contemplating what to do today for exercise. My toe is still sore, mostly the tendon on top of my big toe and I’m really lacking motivation for anything. I don’t want to walk or run since it flexes the toe to much and a DVD is out. I could do the elliptical for a bit after my oats settle. We’ll see what happens. I’m trying to change my ways of being an exercise nazi and just go with life a bit more. 🙂

Speaking of that, today we are going to the Dells to see Toy Story 3, NOT in 3D. We are going to the 10am show since it’s way cheaper then. I’m going to pack food for a picnic lunch and then we are going to check out Tommy Barlett’s Exploratory. It looks like a fun place to hang out with kids and I of course have a coupon for it! LOL

Okay, on to the scale. My weight has pretty much been steady for the entire week. I’ve been eating well, staying within my points and using some WPA. I haven’t earned as many APs as last week so that could have something to do with it, or my body is just catching up with my ‘normal’ eating habits. Today marks day 13 of not bingeing. I’m very happy about that. 🙂 Enough of that on to food!

Last night I made the turkey filet mignon from Aldi’s. It was delicious! Maybe it was the piece of bacon wrapped around the outside, but DH and I were all over them! They come 4 in a box for around $6. Then he requested I make pan fried potatoes. So I found out the method from Betty Crocker and used WAY less oil and they turned out great as well. 3 points for potatoes and red onions fried in olive oil isn’t too shabby.

Well, I’m off to decide if I’m exercising now or later or much much later, like tomorrow! See ya!


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06.25.10 – Fabulous Friday!

I’m happy that Friday is here, that means that today is the 12th day I’ve been on plan. 🙂 The scale this morning was the same as yesterday and I’ll take it.

This morning’s workout was just eh. I did earn 2 APs, but I lacked the drive to do more, so I didn’t. The ball of my left foot is sore and I was aware of it the entire time. That being said I reined in my compulsive-obsessive self and said I’ve done enough for now.

For breakfast I added in 1/2 T. of the Better ‘n Peanut butter. I also added in a tiny ripe banana, cocoa powder and flax and germ. It was a nice thick oatmeal and I will try this mix again. The BnP on it’s own is just okay, not great like regular peanut butter, but mixed in with the cocoa it was much more flavorful.

Not much on the agenda for today. I was going to do some more morning exercise while the girls are in summer school, but I’m going to let my foot rest. I have to get a handful of items from the store this morning otherwise I have nothing pressing to do. I did start reading a new book from the library and I’m liking it a lot so I’m sure I’ll do a bit of reading today too.


My neighbor just came over trying to give me $ for DH cutting their lawn. I wouldn’t take it because I said he could reciprocate when DH has his shoulder surgery in August! He said great! 🙂 He’d love to help out but never has the chance. DH and I are going in for his pre-op appointment on August 2nd. Then his surgery date is August 5th. I’m lucky to have wonderful friends that are going to be taking care of my children for those 2 days. I’m really hoping he only has to get the surgery where they shave off the rough spots on the bone and that it doesn’t turn out to be a rotator cuff injury. At this point we don’t think it’s the RC, but the Doc won’t be positive until he gets a look in there. According to the paper work the surgery takes 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours if all goes well. I’ll definately need books and magazines that day.

On another note, I got my errands done and I’m going to go back and finish cleaning up the living room. DD#2 has her doll house and dolls EVERYWHERE! I can only take it for so long before I have to clean things up again! LOL


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06.24.10 – Where did I go?

Well, we were having proxy issues with our internet so I wasn’t able to get on until now. It turns out it was a simple fix and possibly something the kids may have done, who knows.

Okay, yesterday was great! I ate well, exercised, got a few things done around the house. In the afternoon my oldest and my friend’s youngest decided to take a nap. DD#1 is fighting something or she just swallowed too much water at Noah’s Ark!

This morning I started out with 15 minutes on the elliptical, then I did level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, then another 18 minutes on the elliptical. I wanted to burn 400 calories and I did! Breakfast was oats. 🙂

After I dropped the kiddos off at summer school I headed to the next town to hit Aldi’s. I bought my stock of frozen fruits and then I bought two items I haven’t tried from there. One was turkey burgers, 4 points I think and the other was turkey tenderloins, they look like filet mignon and they are 4 points too. I think we’ll do the filet on Saturday night. I also ran into the Pierce’s there on the off chance that they would have Better ‘n Peanut butter and they did. It’s 1/2 the calories and fat of regular peanut butter. Basically 1 T. is 1 point instead of 2. I tried it a few years ago and wasn’t a huge fan, but I was hoping it was something I could add to my oatmeal when I want pb/chocolate oats. I’ll let you know how it goes once I try it.

Today we are going to the beach. We did not go yesterday so the kids could have a down-day, but I want to get out there today. I have some new books from the library and I’ve just been devouring them (instead of food!) LOL

I’m off to read a few blogs I missed out on this morning and them I’m off to get the kiddos!


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06.23.10 – It’s midweek

Morning all! Well, yesterday was a great time! However, I’m happy to have a lazy day at home today. Well, after yoga and babysitting my friends kids while she gets a haircut, THEN I’ll have time to relax. 😛

This morning was 30 minutes on the elliptical and Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I wanted to do Level 2, but I just couldn’t force myself!

I have yoga again this morning, did I mention that the last class was packed!? Tons of new people, old and young. I have a feeling today that a few of them will drop out. There was a lot of moaning and groaning on Monday! I’m making it a point to drop the kids off a bit earlier this morning so I don’t have to be in the front of the class today.


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06.22.10 – Brave the Ark?

I’m thinking we are going to give Noah’s Ark a shot today. It’s the last day for A-day and it isn’t supposed to rain until after 3pm or later. We are planning on getting there around 10:30am so that should be plenty of time.

I got in my workout this morning, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I did earn 3 APs and felt good about it, but I know I have more in me, just not today. 🙂

I ate my usual breakfast this morning, but I was still starving afterwards so you know what? I made another bowl of naked oatmeal and ate that. I figured for 6 points total it was a filling breakfast.


Okay, a quick recap of my day. The girls went to school from 8am-10am. We picked them up and then proceeded to pick up the other 2 older girls we were taking with the help out with the kids since my friend and I aren’t big waterpark people. The day went really well, even DD#2 (who I was worried about lasting) did a great job of having patience and I told her that many times. 🙂

I survived the waterpark by bringing my own lunch and snacks, but purchasing 2 diet sodas throughout the day. All 3 of us have some minor sunburns even though I reapplied the sunscreen while we were there. Nothing too serious though thank goodness.

I came home pretty famished and jacked up on caffeine. The great part is that with all my preplanning I was able to enjoy a nice dinner and snacks and end the day at 23 DPs exactly! I didn’t have to dip into any WPA. Nice.

The bummer of the day is I wore some slip on sandles that apparently were rubbing the bottom of my foot all day. My right ball of my foot is super sore and tender and I hope it feels better by morning or it’ll make for a sad workout.

I’m off to lounge in bed and read to wind down. Hopefully I’ll sleep with all that caffeine!

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