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Finally, a good weigh-in! :)

Well, I can say I am truly happy with seeing 161# on the scale this morning. I just felt joy. πŸ™‚

This morning so far is a morning-of-rest. I’m going to do ‘something’ yet today, just not in the wee hours of the morning. I did manage to dust our computer/toy room already. The cobwebs were looking mighty scary up in the corners! LOL

Let’s recap yesterday:

  • DPs used: 29
  • WPAs used: 16 of 35
  • APs earned: 3

That means I have 19 WPA left for today and tomorrow. I’m not going to use many today and I’ll more than likely use a few tomorrow. DH and I are going out for lunch in Madison tomorrow and we haven’t truly decided where just yet.

What’s on today’s agenda for me?

  • library
  • exercise – of some sort
  • nit-picking
  • reading
  • cleaning
  • weeding – this may become my exercise
  • beach?
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I slept in! (until 5:30am)

Wow, it’s nice to not have to get up at 4:30am to squeeze in exercise. I was woken up by DH’s alarm clock though. I was of course dreaming (nightmaring) about lice! Ugg… 😦

Recap of yesterday:

  • DPs used: 26
  • WPA used: 11 of 35
  • APs earned: 5
  • APs for week so far: 22 (including 3 from today)

Exercise this morning was elliptical and ab/arm work for 3 APs. I tried to ‘push’ myself a bit more on the elliptical and get my heart rate a bit higher. I felt like I did a good job for an early morning workout.

Nit update: I picked through DD#1’s hair this morning. NO LIVE ONES! Woohoo about that! She did have less than 10 eggs/nits on her hair. Nothing on the verge of hatching thank goodness. I still have to do DD#2, but that may wait until after errands.

The agenda for today looks something like this:

  • Bank
  • Aldi’s
  • Family Video
  • Fashion Bug – today or tomorrow
  • Pierce’s?
  • Beach?
  • Carlson Park? (hehe Tami!)

I’m not sure what the entire day will bring. I just know I only have my two children today and sometimes that is a really nice break.

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When will it end?

When will the lice be entirely gone? Ugg…I found one live one on DD#1 yesterday. It appeared to have just hatched so the good news is it wasn’t laying anymore eggs. They are both getting their 2nd treatment of lice killing shampoo right now. Then I’m going to do my nit-picking for the day. You’d think after the 9+ times I’ve been through their hair I’d have them all, but you’d be wrong! πŸ˜› We’ll see how it goes soon I guess.

Yesterday recap:

  • DPs used: 26
  • WPA used:9 of 35
  • APs earned 5

It’s time to rinse hair, I’ll post more later on.


Nit removal is done for today. DD#1 only had 2-3 eggs, woohoo! On the downside, DD#2 had a live one! and 2-3 eggs also. I told them we’ll be back at it tomorrow. 😦

My workout this morning was walking/jogging/running and some ab/leg work. My quads are still sore, but I did a lot of stretching throughout the day yesterday which has helped a lot. I earned myself 3 APs this morning and I am again hoping for a walk this evening.

Today my niece is coming around 11am until 1:30 or so and then we’ll be leaving for the reading program at the library. They are having a ‘Critter Man’ to entertain the children, it should be fun!

I’ve decided that tomorrow my children and I will run over to Aldi’s and get our items from there. It now looks like Sunday will be the day DH and I get to spend together, so I wanted to get one store out of the way early. I may also go to Fashion Bug tomorrow and check out their clothes for the wedding. I just wish I was around 153# instead of 162# (as of this morning) so that my clothes would fit a bit better, but it is what it is.

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‘What to do’ Wednesday?

Good morning. It looks like the rain is clearing out early.

Recap of yesterday:

  • DPs used: 29
  • WPA used: 7 of 35
  • APs earned: 3

Last night I went grocery shopping and stopped for a McDonald’s cone. It was sooooo good and refreshing with the heat and humidity we had yesterday. It’s actually been ages since I’ve had a cone. So that along with a Fiber One bar from the gas station yesterday put me over my 24 DPs but it was worth it. πŸ™‚

This morning my quads are so sore. DOMS is what they call it, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or something like that. Wow, I need to get more muscle into these legs so they don’t hurt so dang much. That being said I did have a great workout this morning. 51 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of abs and stretching in all. 4 APs and it felt wonderful. My legs were feeling a lot better by the end of the workout.

Today’s agenda is to go to the library to turn in Summer Reading slips and let the girls get a few new books. I also need to go and pay our dentist bill while we are uptown. Other than that we are staying close to home today. We did the beach 2 days in a row this week already and I’ve had enough of that.

I’m also going to be doing some nit-picking this morning instead of after supper. I’m hoping for a walk tonight and Monday when I did a walk AND the picking it was just so late. Well, later than I wanted to be sitting and doing that anyway!

Nothing much else is new. I turned in my resume yesterday so we’ll see what happens. I’d imagine I’ll at least get an interview, but who knows from there.

Have a great hump day everyone!


Today was a pretty easy going day around here. I did bake some zucchini-banana muffins. They were 2 points and pretty good. I had 2 lonely brown bananas and a ton of zukes!

After supper DD#2 and I went for a walk and she rode her bike. We did the mile loop around our neighborhood and she rode the majority of the way. A few of the hills freaked her out a bit, but I was super proud of her!

I asked my MIL if they could watch the girls for us this weekend and it’s a go for Saturday. It’ll be the last weekend DH and I will have alone and with him having two workable shoulders. His surgery is next Thursday. In return, I’m watching our niece for them tomorrow for a couple of hours. They only have custody of her for another couple of weeks and then she goes back to live with her mother, who doesn’t live in this town. It’ll be nice for the girls to see her tomorrow and again on Saturday for a bit. The next time they’ll see her will be at a wedding in a few weeks.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do on Friday. It’ll just be me and my two kids that day. I’d like to make a run to Aldi’s and stock up on frozen fruit and a few other items we like from that store. I’m also hoping for a nice afternoon so I could take them to the beach. I’m also thinking Papa Murphy’s pizza might be in order for Friday night. πŸ™‚

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Truckin’ along on a Tuesday morning…

Wow, the morning is escaping me! Yes, I know it’s only 8:30am, but I’ve been up since 4! DD#2 keeps waking up screaming my name around that time for the past 2 mornings, so I just got up!

Recap of yesterday:

  • DPs used: 26
  • WPA used: 2 of 35
  • APs earned: 6

On to today! I got up and knew I had to do strength training. So I warmed up for 5 minutes on the elliptical and then did No More Trouble Zones. I was feeling it this morning. I wrapped it up with 10 minutes more on the elliptical to earn 3 APs. I’m hoping for a walk tonight, but I won’t get stressed out if it doesn’t happen.

I now have my resume and cover letter finished and I will be dropping it off today on the way to the beach. It’s for an Administrative Assistant position at a local office supply company. I’m hoping I get the opportunity to chat with the woman who does the hiring about the job.

Not much else to report. I’m still nit-picking, but it’s less and less and I can NOT wait for it to be over! Lice sucks! Literally! LOL

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Manic Monday, let it begin!

Good morning! Well, the sun is out, it’s going to be a glorious low-humidity day!

Nit update: I combed through the girls’ hair last night and found 3-4 tiny nits on each of them. I’m going to do their hair again tonight and not this morning.

Exercise update: This morning I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes of abs and 32 minutes on the treadmill. All that activity earned me 4 APs. I plan on a walk after supper with or without DD#1 on her bike.

On the agenda for the week:

  • Beach, beach, beach!
  • Library party on Thursday
  • 2nd Lice shampoo on Thursday
  • Van in on Friday morning for a ‘check-up’
  • An afternoon trip to Aldi’s on Friday?

So all in all, not a very busy week ahead for me. I’ll also be working on my resume today and dropping that off some time this week. Next week will be a little more chaotic with DH having his pre-op appointment on Monday and his surgery on Thursday. After that you can call me Nurse Angie! Although my bedside manner isn’t that hot. πŸ˜›

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A good day. :)

Here’s the recap:

  • DPs used: 37
  • WPA used: 35 of 35
  • APs used: 1 of 22.5

So for this past week I used all 35 extra points and 1 of my APs. It had the potential to be a lot worse. Let me explain.

Today we went to Fond du Lac with the kids. We scoped out where I’ll be attending a yoga retreat and went to a nice park for a picnic. Then we decided that this lake wasn’t so hot so we headed to Sheboygan. The kids got to swim in Lake Michigan and we got to sit in the sun for a bit. Around 2:30-3pm we were all starving and I knew I wanted chocolate and nuts. So, I bought a package of Chocolate Chex Mix. This stuff is like crack and soooo yummy! LOL Anyway, the entire bag was 11 points and I ATE IT ALL! So, considering my whole day was 37-11, I would have came in around 26 points for the day, pretty standard for me. The wonderful news is that it did not set off a binge for me. I got my chocolate fix, my nut fix and my sugar buzz all in one bag. Yeah, it was 4 servings, so what? It didn’t make me go crazy. In fact, after I ate it I felt full, content and satisfied! I was also happy that I logged it in my points for the day instead of ignoring it. πŸ™‚

Here’s a picture in Fond du Lac at the lighthouse.

Here’s the girls at a shipwreck. This was actually pretty neat to see.

So all in all it was a pretty good day and week. I’m hoping for an even better one to come!

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New look!

Good Sunny Sunday Morning!

I’ve been futzing with a new look. I still need to create a new header for it, but for now I’m sticking with this.

This morning is a DOR for me. I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

I was still having lice dreams. This time it was really creepy and I hope they don’t get reinfested! Maybe I could be a professional nit remover? LOL

Not much else to report on my end. I’m going to shower and eat soon and start packing up for the day. I’m letting the girls sleep in today since we let them stay up until after 9pm to watch a show.

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Sunny Saturday? Hopefully! & a WI

Good morning, I only had a few dreams of lice last night! πŸ˜›

Here’s yesterdays recap:

  • DPs used: 28
  • WPA used: 14 of 35
  • APs earned: 4 + multiple trips up and down stairs

Well, I got up this morning and I wanted to do something different for my workout. I decided to use my treadmill programs. I chose two, an interval and a weight loss (yeah right!), then I did another 20 minutes on my own. I earned 3 APs and could have gone for the 4th, but chose not to.

I was super hungry this morning so I had a bit larger breakfast and now I feel full, not uncomfortable. I’m glad I chose to eat more so I wasn’t snacking my morning away.

On to weigh-in. Ugg…it was 163. I’m back to where I was a couple of weeks ago. I’m not upset surprisingly. I’m thinking sodium since my week has been going pretty well. I’ve earned 21 APs so far and I still have 21 of my 35 WPA left for today and tomorrow. It is what it is.

Well, I’m off to de-nit my children. I’m hoping there aren’t many today. They’ve been so patient and at least this morning they’ll have cartoons to keep them busy.

Oh, plans for today:

  • pay property taxes
  • grocery shop
  • return movies & get some more
  • library
  • bike ride with family?
  • county fair?


Well, we accomplished everything except the fair, which was fine by me. The bike ride was pretty good, I chose to walk. DD#2 made it for over 40 minutes and that was it, we had to wait for DH and DD#1 to ride to the van to come pick us up. I’m very proud of her!

On the nit front…there weren’t many today. I’m literally going over their hair with a fine tooth comb and what I AM finding keep getting tinier and tinier! I’m thinking tomorrow will just be a one combing day. What is in there won’t hatch anyway since they are so immature so as long as I do it every morning we’ll be good.

I’m going to recap my day now since I’m finished eating.

  • DPs used: 33
  • WPA used: 23 of 35
  • APs earned: 3 + 1.5 on the levee this afternoon

Sunday is my last day of my week and I have 12 WPAs and 21.5 APs. We are going to Fond du Lac tomorrow do check out some parks and a beach for the girls. I also want to scope out where I’ll be having my Yoga Retreat next month. We’ve decided on packing a picnic lunch to enjoy in the park and possibly stopping for ice cream somewhere on the way home. We thought that would be better than going out to eat and not being satisfied with restaurant food.

If I don’t get on here tomorrow morning you’ll know we got an early start to our day. I may or may not exercise tomorrow, it’ll just depend on how I feel. It’s typically a DOR for me. I also want to go the girls’ hair BEFORE we leave for the day since I have a feeling they’ll be pretty worn out and uncooperative by the time we get home.

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Friday is here! I’m still nit-pickin’!

Well, I’m still removing nits from the girls’ heads. Does my fun ever end!? At least DH didn’t find any on my head.

Here’s yesterdays recap:

  • DPs used: 27
  • WPA used: 10 of 35
  • APs earned: 2 + up and down the stairs a gazillion times!

This morning I didn’t set the alarm since I knew the girls weren’t going to school. I got up around 5am and did a pretty sweaty workout. I earned 4 APs.

I also managed to get out into the garden with DD#1 before the rain started up again this morning. I have cukes, beans, zukes and some cherry tomatoes.

Breakfast was oats and DD#1 had them too. Here version is different than mine, but she ate about 1/2 her bowl. After that it was nit-pickin’ time. I got DD#1 done and am happy to say that we removed a lot of eggs again, they are nearly invisible, the little buggers! DD#2 is finishing up her breakfast and then it’ll be on to her head. I’m also going to do their hair again this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

Well, I’m off to make DD#2 a bagel and to check out a few more things before I tied back down to the chair.


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