My life as a woman, wife and mother.

One more day…

one more day…until school starts

one more day…until September

one more day…until my new challenge

one more day………..

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September is near…

and that means school starts soon. DD#1 starts on Wednesday and DD#2 starts on Thursday. I can honestly say I am happy that school is starting up again! I’m so over summer. 🙂 I also means that Fall is in the air soon, pumpkins, gourds, halloween, leaves, crisp autumn air, I love that stuff!

So I’ve made 2 new pages on my blog. They both have to do with September. One is for weigh-ins and one is listing the challenge info. I still have another day to get things added if I wish, but for now those goals are a good start. I’m also going to get more active into blogging again come September 1st. I’ll have some more free time to devote to it once the kiddos are in school.

Still no news on the job front. I’m still looking and waiting. I’m not desperate yet to find a job, so I’m not too anxious about it.

Nothing much else to report, just stay tuned.

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Tune in tomorrow…

I’m planning on returning! 🙂

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I’m still out and about…..

I have no real desire to post much of anything. Most times I feel too rushed to get ‘everything’ done and blogging isn’t taking much precedence right now.

I had a fantastic time at my yoga retreat. It gave me lots of things to think about. Priorities, etc…. and I guess right now blogging isn’t a priority to me. That may change once the kids are in school and I have a few minutes to myself and my own thoughts and won’t get interrupted.

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Will I return?

Well, I’ll be leaving this afternoon for my 3 day yoga retreat. I’m looking forward to my alone time for reflection and learning. I’m going into this retreat with an open mind and heart, which can be difficult for me. I’m going to miss my family like crazy, but I know this time away will be good for me.

Will I return to blogging afterwards? I’m not sure, that’s something I’m going to contemplate over the weekend.

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A letter in the mail…

So, I’ve been MIA for a bit. Yep, I had a rough patch over the weekend. It’s bound to happen. Then today I got a lovely letter in the mail from my friend. 🙂 I decided I better put an update on here.

Long story short, I had a pity-party weekend. Not enough exercise and too much food. I feel much more refocused right now, but I don’t really feel like blogging.

I’ll just leave you with this for now….happiness comes from the inside. 🙂

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WI & a Wedding!

First off, WI wasn’t great. Yesterday I was super-duper snacky all flippin’ day! I managed to end the day with 32 points, but a lot of that was carbs! WI was 161.4# Up .8# from last Saturday.


  • DPs used: 32
  • WPA used: 19 of 35 (16 left for today and Sunday)
  • APs earned: 4

So, I’m moving on from yesterday and today is a new, hopefully less-snacky day. At least it wasn’t a binge, I had sense enough to not let that happen.  🙂

We have no plans for today until around 3pm when we leave for the wedding in Baraboo. It’s overcast and humid right now, but we turned the AC off yesterday. I’m just soo sick of the weather and can’t wait until tomorrow because they said the humidity will break then.

This morning I did manage 2 APs. I did NOT want to workout, but I bargained with myself and said I had to earn 2 APs and then I could be done. 😛 I’m only at 15 APs earned this week so far, usually I get over 20 for the week, but it is what it is.

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Good Friday Morning!

A bit of a late start for me to get logged on….too many things to do in the morning. I started out the day with a workout. 4 APs on the elliptical and doing abs and arms on my own. I’m really missing walking outside but it’s been sooo hot and humid lately that I just can’t muster up the desire to walk outside. Maybe today will be the day? 🙂

Let’s recap yesterday:

  • DPs used: 28
  • WPA used: 11 of 35
  • APs earned: 3

I’m trying to save a bunch of WPA for Saturday. It’s my SILs wedding that day and I have no idea what the food will entail or the cake for that matter. So I’m going to keep it together eating-wise today and then make sensible choices on Saturday night. The scale had me up just ad tad into the 160’s, tomorrow is WI and as long as it’s less than last week I’ll be happy.

At some point today I need to get out into my garden. I’ve resorted to wearing long workout pants and a hoodie sweatshirt with the hood up so I don’t get attacked by mosquitoes! I may rub just a tiny bit of bug spray on my chin area since that’s the area they like to bite since everything else is covered up!

We ended up going to the beach yesterday for a bit. It wasn’t too awful since I sat in the shade, but it was hot! I ended up running into a mother I know from my daughter’s preschool class and we chatted a bit. It was nice to run into her.

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Haircut & Teeth Cleaning

Today the girls FINALLY get their haircut, it’s in dire need for both of them. They also get their teeth cleaned and checked. Fingers crossed for no cavities! Those buggers are expensive!

Let’s recap yesterday first…

  • DPs used: 28
  • WPA used: 7 of 35
  • APs earned: 0

This morning started out with sleeping in! Woohoo, it was 6am when I got up. I earned 3 APs this morning and the scale still had me under 160, barely. That’s 5 days in a row of being under 160.

This morning we have haircuts at 9:15 and the dentist at 10am. I need to stop at the library since 2 of my books are in and I need to get a couple more. Since I’m such an avid reader it seems like I’ve read everything good already and it’s hard to find something that’ll hold my interest.

I’m hoping for a little mom-alone time this afternoon. It’s going to be uber-hot and humid this afternoon, but I might venture out for a walk alone. DH can be in charge for a bit while I’m gone. On that note, DH is doing pretty good. He’s been off meds for 2 days and attempted to sleep in bed last night, but ended up on the couch after a couple of hours. He has PT today and I’m curious as to what they’ll tell him there.

There isn’t much else going on in our lives today, just keep on keeping on. 🙂

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What’s going on?

An update on the head lice. Yesterday I did my nit-picking again and found 1 on DD#1 and 3 on DD#2! Awesome, wonderful, I’m hoping for a big ZERO come Thursday!

Recap of yesterday…

  • DPs used: 27
  • WPA used: 3 of 35
  • APs earned: 3

Yesterday was another superb eating day. The scale has me up #1 this morning, but we did have homemade Chinese food for supper last night. Even though it’s low sodium soy sauce it’s still loaded up! It’s still under 160 so I’ll take it! 🙂

Have I mentioned I’ve had a cough lately? It’s soooo annoying. It’s been about 3 days or so. I’ve been taking the 12 hour Delsym (or something like that). It does seem to get the tickle away, but I can not figure out what is going on. Obviously it isn’t serious enough for me to call my Dr. about it, but it’s still annoying.

I opted for a day-of-rest today. My last day off was last Tuesday and I just don’t want to exercise. 😛 Therefore, I’m not going too. I have absolutely nothing else on my calendar for today. I did registration yesterday and I am happy with who my children got for teachers. I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to volunteer in their classrooms this year.

Tomorrow we have a bit more going on. I don’t have any other kids to watch so I made appointments. The girls get their hair cut at 9:15 and then they both have a dentist appointment at 10am. Thursday is actually supposed to be a nicer day so I’m hoping to take my two kids to the beach that afternoon.

Thursday morning DH also has his first physical therapy appointment. I’ve asked his dad to drive him since it’s during the dentist appointment time.  DH seems to be doing pretty well since his surgery. It’s only been 5 days or so since his surgery and he’s basically off all the pain meds that were prescription. He’s been taking tylenol for the pain. He still has to sleep in the recliner since it puts too much pressure on his shoulder to be laying in bed, even if he’s propped up a bit. I’m hoping soon he’ll be able to sleep with me again. It’s been a bit lonely these past 6 nights alone.

Well, I’m going to go watch the news for a bit and read the morning paper before my day begins with the girls waking up. Have a great hump day!

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