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121 Days! Final September Weigh-In! AND My Birthday!

Good morning all! Well, yesterday WordPress was a joke, so the post was short. Today it seems to be up and at ’em. Just in time for my birthday! 😛 BTW, I’m 36 today, but according to I’m only 32.3!

Well, let’s go over yesterday a bit. DH and I went to school to volunteer in the classrooms and then came home for lunch. After lunch we rested a bit and then hit the levee for an 82 minute walk! 3 APs later and I was hungry and pooped out. Nothing else remarkable happened after that.

This morning I’m having a birthday day of rest, so to speak. I am going to work out in the garden in a bit (once it warms up a few more degrees and some of the dew is gone), but no long walks or intense cardio for me today. It’s my present to myself.

Tonight for supper I’m preparing one of my all-time favorite comfort foods, Sloppy Joes! I love those things! My mom’s were the best, and I try my hardest to replicate her recipe. I’d rather cook my own birthday food than go out to eat somewhere, that food is never as good as mine anyway. Plus it’s so expensive and without an income in our household that seems pretty foolish.

This afternoon I get to go and chat with a good friend of mine that I don’t see too often, so that’ll be a nice way to spend part of my afternoon. DH has PT at 12:45 and I’m not going along this time.

Oh, starting next week I’m going to be volunteering at school on Monday and Thursday. That way I can start going to Zumba again on Wednesday mornings! I used up all my paid-for yoga classes and I’ve decided to take that money and use it towards Zumba! I’m looking for a change again, it’s a new month, a new year in my life and I need to switch things up a bit.

Hmm…what else? Oh I got tons of birthday wishes on my facebook this morning and in my email! It was nice to hear from you all. As I get older birthdays aren’t nearly as exciting! Not as exciting as my daughter L who is already mapping out her party for the end of October! Oh, to be 8 again! Wait! I don’t WANT to be 8 again, I happen to like where I’m at.

On final thing. My final weigh-in for September was 160.2! That’s a 1.2# loss for the month. Not great, not horrible and definitely NOT a gain! Woohoo!

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122 Days!

Okay, WordPress is working wonky for me, so this will be short.
I got up, earned 2.5 APs and am going for a walk shortly to get another 2-3 APs.
Things have been going great food-wise, exercise-wise and life in general-wise! Hopefully WordPress gets it’s act together soon so I can use this blog normally again!

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123 Days!

2 confessions….#1. I had a diet soda yesterday! You know what, it tasted good too! #2. I peeked at the scale today even though I was going to wait until Thursday. It said 160.2#! 🙂

Okay, on to other things. This morning I did the elliptical, abs and the treadmill for 2.5 APs. In a bit DH and I are going walking and then to the library. This afternoon while DH has therapy I’m going to do a bit of shopping. C wants a binder and L needs some more learning books, especially math and money so I’m going to the Dollar Tree for those. I hope they have a binder there or otherwise I’ll be off to Walmart for that. I also desperately need a battery for my HRM watch. The low battery light came on yesterday and I can tell it’s loosing it’s juice.

That’s my life in a nutshell. 2 more days of being 35 and then it’s over the hump towards 40! Argg…

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124 Days!

Good afternoon! It’s been a busy day already!

I started out early, 4:30am with some elliptical and ab work for 3 APs. Then it was time to get the girls ready for school. The nice thing is they like school, so it isn’t too hard! LOL Then I had to get ready for my day.

First I had yoga which was great since my legs (hamstrings mostly) are very tight. I think gardening yesterday is the reason for that. Then I did a quick run into Walmart for a few misc. things and then off to C’s class. Today I actually sat in the room and cut out my projects. It was nice to get to see and hear the children as they learned and had snack. Then I walked over to L’s class to read with the kids. I managed to get in 5 readers today since they were all doing pretty well and didn’t struggle a lot. Finally, I got to head home, only to have to wait about 10 minutes for a train! Ugg…All is well now, I’ve eaten and I’m finally updating my blog and reading a few others. I have a few dishes to do and then DH and I are going for a walk around the neighborhood.

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125 Days!

Morning all!

Yesterday hiking at Mirror Lake was a nice time. The kids managed to last about an hour this time! We are truly making progress, just as the weather is getting too cold to hike! Oh well, we’ll get them back in the groove in the spring.

I decided to dust off the treadmill this morning. I haven’t worked out on it in ages. I earned 3 APs with that and some ab/leg work. My legs are finally feeling more normal, by tomorrow after yoga I should be good as new! I’m hoping to go for a walk this morning yet and then get some gardening done this afternoon. I made some progress out there yesterday with pulling weeds and pulling up plants.

125 days left until my appointment. 5 days until my birthday. I’m going to wait to weigh-in until Thursday morning. Let’s see if I can break even with September 1st’s weight!


Late morning I went for a walk on the levee. 82 minutes later I earned another 3 APs! I came home for a veggie filled lunch and headed out to work on the gardens for another 2 hours or so. We got a lot more accomplished, but there is still a ton of work to do. Baby steps, right? 🙂

Tomorrow is yoga and volunteering at school. Then I told DH that we should go walking tomorrow after lunch. This next week is supposed to be lovely upper 60’s to low 70’s and sunny! Who could ask for more?


I’m happy to report I made in the entire day eating wisely! Woohoo! Even though yesterday wasn’t great, I haven’t had a good Sunday in ages. I stayed super busy with exercise, gardening, reading, screaming at the kids (LOL!), and just not eating mindlessly. It was nice to get that notch in my belt.

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126 Days – 161.8#

Let the countdown begin! You’ll find out what this is about in my 126 Challenge Page on the right.

Anyhoo, I slept well last night, no dizziness even though I did NOT take Zyrtec. Therefore, I won’t be taking any today either. I did a pretty easy workout this morning since my legs, quads, calves, hips and triceps are still aching! I earned 3 APs and was happy to call it quits.

Today’s plans involve:

  • hiking
  • shoe shopping
  • out to eat for my upcoming birthday
  • Aldi’s shopping
  • apple orchard?

We are hoping to get most of this done in the morning, with hiking the first thing on the list. I know if I go shopping before hand I’ll be too tired to want to walk around a park and be an explorer. 🙂

It’s only 5 days until my birthday and the end of my September challenge. Right now it appears that I’ve done an excellent job of maintaining my weight, not losing. In actuality, I’m okay with that. As long as the month doesn’t show a hUgE gain, I’m all over it.  However, my ultimate goal it to lose some of this pesky weight. It just requires more of a commitment to change on my part.

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Zumba Friday?

Good early morning! It’s sort of a day of rest for me. Yesterday I did a killer DVD and my thighs and buttocks are very sore today. Even my triceps are sore! Anyway, because of that the scale has me way up this morning and I’m not going to even acknowledge what it said, I haven’t been eating poorly so I know it’s my muscles holding on to fluids. I did have Zumba on the agenda for this morning, but that may get postponed until next Friday. Going in with sore legs isn’t the best thing. Instead I may just do a walk with DH today and get some groceries at Walmart. Who knows, Zumba is still 4 1/2 hours away, but I’m just not sure.

I took more Zyrtec yesterday and I did not have room spinning last night. I’m tempted to NOT take it today and to see what happens. I want to know if it’s working or if it’s only a coincidence. 😛

So we have a few things on tap for the weekend. I’d like to head to the Dells to look for shoes for the girls. They have a great Stride Rite store in the outlet mall. We also thought about hiking at Mirror Lake State Park and then heading to Aldi’s for a few necessities. I’m thinking Sunday is a gardening day. Pull some weeds in my flower beds, pull out dead plants in the garden and rehang the chicken wire we bought. We had some on the outside of our garden fence (to keep the little animals out) and it’s rusted through and not serving it’s purpose. I want to talk off the old and attach the new stuff on the inside of the garden. It’ll be a lot easier to dig the soil down in the garden since it’s been tilled up over the years. Anyway, I’m going to see if I can convince the children to help with weed duty.

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Thirsty Thursday!

Good morning! I’m saving my workout for when the girls leave on the bus for school. I did hop on the scale and it’s 160.8#, not too shabby. Venturing closer to a 5.

I took some Zyrtec yesterday around noon, well the generic version anyway. DH and I went on a super long walk and the day went on as usual. Last night I did NOT have any dizziness, but I still just feel a bit off. I can retake the meds at noon today so we’ll see what happens after that.

I’m thinking my workout will be 10 min. warmup on the elliptical and then I’m going to bust out my No More Trouble Zones DVD. I think it’s time for some muscle pain don’t you? 🙂 Then I’ll be off to help out at school before I come home for lunch. If the weather cooperates I’m going to walk today again. I haven’t watched the news yet so I don’t know what is expected today other than the fact the driveway was wet when I got the newspaper.

I hope you all have a lovely day. I’m looking forward to mine!

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I got in to see a PA this morning. He recommended more fluids and trying an antihistamine. My blood pressure was great, my heart rate was great, my temperature was normal, I have no signs of infection in my ears, my thyroid felt normal, etc….So I’m going to give these antihistamines a couple of nights and if it persists I’ll phone my regular physician and dig deeper into the problem.

So after lunch today DH and I went for a super-duper long walk, 91 minutes on the levee in town! Sheesh, by the end my thighs were very tired and I was pretty slow. It was nice to walk and chat with DH and get some warm sunshine on my skin, since that’s going to be rare around here for a bit.

Since I didn’t volunteer in school today I’m going to be doing it tomorrow instead. I’m looking forward to it since I sorta miss being involved with the kiddos.

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The dizziness returns…

Well, last night I experienced 2 major bouts of dizziness while lying in bed. It was almost as if I felt I would black out, but didn’t. I haven’t had any dizziness this morning, just an ‘off’ feeling. I’m staying home from yoga to get a call into my physician to see if I can get in today. She isn’t in tomorrow so I don’t want to wait and see someone else. I’ll admit this all has me freaked out a bit, but I’m going to be proactive and take my own advice that I give others and call my doctor!

That being said I did exercise this morning. No treadmill for me since I was afraid I’d fall off! I did the elliptical and abs for 3 APs. I’d like to walk later on, but we’ll see what happens with the doctor situation.

Last night I went to a PTO meeting for L’s school. It’s a much larger school with maybe 350 students or so and there were only 10 people there! 10! 2 were staff members. It seems unreal to me that there is such little involvement with schools these days.

Not much else to report, I’ll keep you posted on my situation.

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