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26 Days!

Good foggy and drizzly morning everybody!

Last night’s weigh-in had me exactly the same weight as last week. At least I’m consistent! LOL

This morning’s workout was 20 min. on the elliptical, 15 min. of abs and legs and another 20 min. on the treadmill doing intervals. I earned 4 APs and will get another 3 at Zumba this morning. It so doesn’t seem like Friday to me. I really thought it was Saturday when I woke up this morning. Then it hit me on the treadmill that I get to go to Zumba today! πŸ™‚

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. We don’t do anything exciting on this day. In fact, we’ll be in bed by 9pm and I’ll ring in the New Year when I wake up to answer the call of nature sometime after midnight! LOL Who knows what 2011 will bring!? I hope happiness and prosperity.

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27 Days!

Morning all!

Well, my illness finally came down to me hacking my brains out as I tried to fall asleep last night. I resorted to slathering myself in Vicks and sleeping propped up. It worked and I slept from 9pm-3am without coughing or waking up.

I decided after 2 days off from activity that today was the day to get it in gear. I did the elliptical and some ab work for 4 APs. That’s probably it for today. Tomorrow is Zumba and I’m hoping for a fun and energizing class.

We leave soon to drop off the girls so they can play at their friend’s grandma’s house for the day. Then I have banking and a bit of shopping to do. I think I’ll come home and read some more of my book. (…reminds me to update my page on Authors). I have weigh-in tonight and I’m hoping for a teeny loss after my Christmas Day fiasco.

Tomorrow afternoon C has a birthday party to attend and then L and I are going to a friend’s house to visit her for a while. She’s a teacher and she’s off this week so I wanted to squeeze in a chat with her.

That’s all I got for today. Have a good one!


I updated my Authors page and I added in some 2011 Goals!


Here are some photos for your enjoyment! πŸ™‚

This is C’s birthday at school last week.

The girls making cut outs at home.

Our happy family on Christmas Day!

Proof that my children are crazy! πŸ˜›

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28 Days!

Good morning! At least today I don’t feel like I was hit by a bus! Woohoo! I don’t have a fever or a headache, now my cough is acting up a bit more. I tried to nip it in the bud with some cough medicine, so we’ll see how that works. No exercise for me again this morning, I’ll probably do something tomorrow morning. I looked back in my exercise log and I haven’t taken 2 days off in a row this entire year! I didn’t go back any farther than that, but I don’t ever do that. I hopped on the scale to see how this week is shaping up and it looks like I could very well have a loss this week. *fingers crossed*

I won’t be going to Zumba this morning, but I am really looking forward to Friday’s class. At least I can still go twice this week. Today is also a program at the library that I don’t think we’ll be going to either. Instead, I’m going to take the girls to the library this morning so they can get new books and movies. I need to get some books too. This way we won’t be committed to 1 1/2 hours at the library if we attended the origami class.

Tomorrow the girls go to their friend’s grandma’s house for the day. DH and I are going to go to Baraboo to pick up a few things and then I have Weight Watchers Thursday night.

Friday morning is Zumba and C has a birthday party in the afternoon. We actually don’t have any plans for the weekend. We never do anything exciting for New Year’s Eve, I’m asleep by 9pm at the latest! LOL

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29 Days!

Afternoon. It’s taken me this long to not feel like I was hit by a bus. Around 3am I woke up with the worst headache ever. When I finally got up around 5am I was shivering and just knew I had a fever. I’ve been taking medicine and drinking water. I’ve also been eating a bit here and there and sleeping on the couch. The chills come and go and so does the headache. Obviously there was no exercise for me today, other than walking to the bathroom or kitchen. LOL

DH was wonderful and took C to the Dr. today. She has swollen glands and is on a Z-pack. I hope this finally kicks whatever has been making her ill for the past 5-6 weeks.

L is on her way to Wisconsin Dells with her cousin and grandma. They are going to meet her aunt and go to a movie and Knuckleheads. She should have a fun afternoon.

Tomorrow I was going to go to Zumba and the library program in the afternoon. Both of those things seem unlikely as I probably should just recooperate some more.

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30 Days!

Only 30 days until my doctor’s appointment. I decided to brave the scale this morning and see what sort of damage I did on Christmas. Well, the damage isn’t showing up yet, it said 156.6#. That’s the lowest I’ve been in a long time. It motivates me to stay on track with my eating and exercising.

My morning workout was the elliptical and Level 2 of the Shred. I’m also going to Zumba this morning while the kids stay home with DH. My APs for today will be 7! I’ll come home for a shower and lunch and then we’ll head out to the Dells to paint some pottery. I have no clue what I’m going to do, but I know it’ll be something I can use, I’m practical that way. LOL The girls also have some $ they would probably like to spend so we may hit up Tanger Outlet or Walmart. We have to return a bead kit that C got for Christmas. It’s waaaayyyyy to hard and we have a ton of beads already!

So, since the new year is approaching quickly I’ve been thinking about goals. Should I set any? What would they be? I guess I have a few in mind. I’ll probably add a new page to my blog with my goals on it soon.

Have a great Monday! Boy, this vacation from school sure has me messed up.

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31 Days!

Good day-after-Christmas! Is that a Holiday too? Anyway….

I’m surely nursing a sugar headache today. Blech….but other than that I am doing well. I got up early to head out to shop. I was going to skip breakfast since I couldn’t possibly be hungry…well, my stomach was growling. Really?! It was strange, so I ate a breakfast before I headed out. I went to Walmart first. I got a few Christmas items 1/2 off, like…cards, tissue paper, gingerbread houses (yeah!), candles and labels. I did buy a new Christmas CD even though it wasn’t on sale. We’ve rotated the same ones for years now so I wanted a new one in the mix for next year. Well, about $200 later and I was out of Walmart. I had to make a quick stop at Walgreens for super duper cheap honey and then to Kwik Trip for bananas and eggs.

I came home to chaos! DH was attempting to help the girls with painting projects and other Christmas crafts! He wasn’t inΒ a great mood when I arrived back. So I finished helping out the girls and then headed downstairs for my ‘now or never’ workout. I am happy I got in 3 APs worth of activity and that’s going to be it for today. I should walk this afternoon, but I need a break. Tomorrow will be 3-4 APs at home and another 3 APs at Zumba! That’ll make up for it.

So today is just laundry! I swear that stuff just piles up like crazy, I think it reproduces in the baskets or something! Sheesh…

I’m also sort of a grinch since I’ll be taking down the tree shortly. After a month of decorations I’ve had my fill and just want the house to get back into order.

Here’s a rundown of my upcoming week (more for my sake than yours)…

  • Zumba
  • Paint-It Pottery Store
  • Girls can shop with Christmas & Birthday money
  • Playdate for C
  • L goes to Knuckleheads
  • Zumba
  • Origami class at Library for kids
  • Girls to Grandma Jan’s House
  • Snowshoeing or shopping with DH
  • Weight Watchers
  • Zumba
  • Birthday party for C to attend

That’s it in a nutshell. I hope it’s more exciting than it looks.

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32 Days! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Well, the girls actually slept until almost 6:30am! I was up a bit after 5 and just lazed around and ate breakfast. The girls seemed happy with what they got for Christmas so far. They’ll probably get 2-3 more gifts yet today.

After all the festivities and wishing DH a Happy Birthday I decided to get my exercise out of the way. 4 APs and I’m happy I DID work out on Christmas. DH is gone now for a walk, he didn’t manage any exercise yesterday so I encouraged him to get out. We don’t have to be anywhere until after 11am so he has plenty of time.

As for me, I didn’t get any Christmas gifts this year, except the scale was nice to me this morning, 157.8#! That’s right, a 7 was in there. My goal for the week is to have a loss this week at weigh-in and that’ll be a gift to myself. πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas!


Update on my day. It’s been a long and crazy, yet fun day! We first went to DH’s Aunt and Uncle’s house. I did very well there on food and my behavior! Meaning I got along well with others and everyone else seemed genuinely in a good mood. I even offered to host Easter to whomever wants to show up.

We then came home quick so the girls could change their clothes. They were sick of being dressed up. Then it was off to DH’s dad’s house. This house poses a bit more stress for me and that comes out in the form of eating copious amounts of sugar! LOL
So I’m nursing a bit of a sugar-headache right now, but it’ll pass. I’m going to try to drink some more water tonight yet before bed to help flush out the toxins!

I am proud of myself on some level. I came home, recalled practically everything I shoved into my mouth throughout the entire day. (It did help that I wrote down what I ate at lunch shortly after we ate it). So, how many points did I estimate I ate today? 80! EIGHTY! That’s right 80! Sheesh, that’s a lot considering I get 29 a day. So that wiped out my 49 extra PLUS some of my activity for the week. What’s the plan for the rest of my Weight Watchers week? Earn activity points, eat sensibly, don’t binge (again), don’t FREAK OUT if I happen to go over my points, but I’m going to try hard to stick to the 29. I really want a loss at Thursday night’s weigh-in and I know I can get one even with today’s minor setback!

I’ll see you all tomorrow after I hit the stores for 50% off sales!

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33 Days! It’s Christmas Eve!

Morning all! I slept in until 5:30am! Woohoo! I know that’s not late, but for me it was luxurious.

I headed downstairs knowing I needed some strength training this morning. I did a warmup on the elliptical and then did level 1 of the Shred followed by some more elliptical to get in my 4 APs. I’m hoping for a walk on the treadmill this afternoon too. I’m going to fit it in between cookie & pie baking! πŸ˜›

We have no plans today other than hanging out together and baking. We also rented a bunch of movies and I hope to watch Furry Vengence sometime today. Tomorrow will a bit crazier for us. I’m sure the girls will be up early to open presents. I AM going to squeeze in a morning workout since we don’t have to be to our relatives until closer to noon and they only live like 5 miles away. Around 3pm we head to DH’s dad’s house and then who knows when we’ll come home.

I’m looking forward to Sunday morning and heading out to Walmart bright and early. I want to get some Christmas things on clearance. I’m hoping they have some Gingerbread houses left.

Have a great Christmas Eve and enjoy the time with your families!


Update on my day and it’s only 11am!

I have the cookie dough chillin’ in the fridge so after lunch we can get to baking the little buggers! I have DH’s apple pie cooking in the oven. It’s a Weight Watchers recipe so I’ll be interested if it turns out to be yummy or not. It has a bottom crust that I had to pat into the pan, not easy….and the top is an oatmeal crumble. It’s 6 points per serving, serves 8. I probably won’t be having a piece since it isn’t my favorite pie and I’m going to save my calories for other things.

The girls and I watched Furry Vengeance. It was okay, not movie theater worthy, but definately home viewing worthy. I’ve always liked Brendan Frasier, although he was much hotter when he was younger! LOL

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34 Days!

Morning everybody! Well, yesterday was super sugar loaded! My body doesn’t like that.

This morning I decided to sweat out all that sugar and do some running on the treadmill. I even earned 5 APs this morning! I’m also going to walk for at least 30 minutes this afternoon.

DH and I will be leaving for school soon. I’m bringing along an apple for a snack and I’ve made a sandwich to eat for my lunch. The girls get out of school at noon and we have 3 errands to run so we wouldn’t even get home until after 1pm and by then I’ll be starving! So I opted to pack a sandwich to leave in the van to eat on the way to errand-running. If I’m still hungry I can eat something more when we get home.

Today is C’s actual birthday. We woke her up by singing Happy Birthday and DH pinching her to grow an inch! She didn’t care for that part! LOL I’m happy to report a tear-free non-yelling morning!

So once we are done at school we are heading to Papa Murphy’s to pick up tonight’s pizza. Then I need to cash some checks and deposit some of C’s birthday money. Finally we are going to the movie place to try to find some videos for the upcoming weekend.

Tomorrow is baking cut-outs, making apple pie and jello salad. I’m also hoping to throw in a movie in the afternoon and for supper I’m making my favorite Sloppy Joes!

It’s hard to believe that Saturday is Christmas. It’s also DH’s 43rd birthday!

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35 Days!

Hello all! Well, TOM is in full swing and that means no Zumba for me today. 😦 I will be there Monday and Wednesday next week though and I’m looking forward to that.

I did manage a workout at home for 4 APs, bringing my weekly total to 31. More than the last 2 weeks so that’s good. I peeked on the scale this morning, it’s up around 1# so I know I’ll have a gain at weigh-in today. TOM combined with me eating a lot more of my 49 extra points this week, due to TOM! LOL I’ve been munchy munchy the past few days. I don’t feel guilty about it and I’ve logged it all in, I just have to learn to go with the flow of life sometimes. I know I won’t lose weight every week, I never have, even when I started Weight Watchers in 2005 I would have a gain every 3-5 weeks or so.

After my meeting today I have to pick up a handful of items at Walmart. When we went shopping the other day I forgot flour and instead bought SUGAR. I need flour for the cookies we are going to bake on Friday for Santa and to take to our relatives houses.

Tonight C get’s to dip her pretzels in chocolate and put the sprinkles on. Tomorrow is her actual 6th birthday and she gets to bring her treat to class. It also happens to be her class Christmas party so they are going to have a TON of goodies. That coupled with an early lunch and an early release from school at noon! She should be pretty stuffed! DH and I are going to go to school from 9am-noon tomorrow. The teacher said that on the child’s birthday they like to invite the parents to come for the day.

So how is the rest of my week shaping up?

  • Thursday is C’s birthday and we’ll eat Papa Murphy’s pizza for supper
  • Friday we’ll bake cookies and possibly rosettes. We also have to make an apple pie for DH’s birthday and a jello salad for Christmas Day.
  • Saturday we’ll open presents here in the morning. Go to DH’s Aunt’s house for lunch and then to his dad’s house around 3pm.
  • Sunday – rest and recoup from food overdose! LOL
  • Monday – No school for the kiddos. I’ll go to Zumba. After lunch we are planning on going to the Dells so we can decorate pottery as part of our family Christmas present.

That’s what I know so far. I also know of a birthday party next week and one of the days my girls should be going to their friend’s grandma’s house for the day to sled and have fun!


Well, weigh-in was so-so, I’m up .6# which is just fine with me. Then what do I do? I eat a kit-kat bar and dark hershey kisses with peanut butter! Throw in a few more junky treats and I feel yucky! Too much sugar. So I was going to say ef-it and just throw the rest of my day in the trash. Instead, I THREW the kisses in the trash *sob* and got online to log in the ‘damage’. The damage was huge, let me tell you, BUT, big BUT here, I still have enough APs to cover it. While that’s not great to use up all my points on junk, I’m happy I logged it all and am moving on. I’ve brushed my teeth and stuck in a piece of gum. My belly is full, I have cramps (from TOM) and I should know better. Lesson learned and moving on.