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Photographing February

Well, you know how I like a challenge or something to aim for? I’ve been pondering what I could do for the month of February. Give up soda? Nah, I’ve already done that and I like it too much. 30 Day Shred, been there done that. So I decided to do…

Photographing February

I’m going to make it my goal to post a photograph each day. It can be food, exercise, snow, my kids, my house, whatever I choose to put on here. I’m looking forward to the excitement of having a ‘memory book’, so to speak, of the month!

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It’s going to be a BIG one!

Snowfall that is! I can’t believe they think we’ll have 12 inches by Wednesday. They are even anticipating no school for Wednesday. 😦 Which also means no Zumba or Weight Watchers meeting. I guess I’d better prepare for an evening meeting on Thursday this week.

This morning I had a hard time sleeping after 2am. I was tossing and turning, but didn’t want to get up at 4:30. I got in a great workout. I ran for about 4 miles on the treadmill and did some ab work. 5 APs for today and another 2-3 at Zumba. After Zumba I’ll be off to L’s class for some reading.

I haven’t decided what the afternoon will bring. I’m not going snowshoeing. I may just keep reading my new book. I finished reading Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty yesterday. It’s the second book in her series. The book I’ve started reading now is very interesting. I let you in on it after I’m done!

So, I had a great weekend. Saturday was spent with my girlfriends and I came home to a calm household. I love that! Sunday we stayed home, did some laundry. L even brought up a load from the dryer and folded them AND put most of it away! Then she put the second load in the dryer since I had shown her what to do previously! She got super-duper praise for that!

Then after lunch L wanted to bake a cake! I’m like umm…how about cupcakes that taste like donuts! They were all over that…’s the proof…

They ate 2 each afterwards, are taking one in their lunch, and taking one to their teacher! I’d say the muffins were a hit! Plus it was about the only type of muffin I had all the ingredients for. 😛

Well, the snow is raining down now, we are supposed to get 1-3″ during the day today and I’m sure we will. Thank goodness I’ll be home by noon and won’t be driving around in it too much.

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I’m up early…..

….because bizarre & creepy dreams were disrupting my sleep! So I popped out of bed when I saw it was almost 5am and came in to straighten up the toy/computer room. Surprisingly it wasn’t too awful and only took about 5 minutes tops to put a few things away. The living room is another story, but I think the family will have to tag team that later on.

No exercise for me today, I think I’ll mostly stick with Sundays being my day-of-rest. I’ll be fresh as a daisy tomorrow morning for my home workout and for Zumba! DH will probably try to convince me to snowshoe too! (but I won’t) This coming week looks pretty chilly to me, 10’s for highs. I like it a bit warmer than that.

Next week for me….

  • M – Zumba, L’s classroom
  • T – C’s classroom
  • W – Zumba, Weight Watchers (hoping for a stay the same at weigh-in)
  • Th – L & C’s classrooms
  • F – Zumba
  • S – SIL here with her family for lunch

There isn’t much on the agenda for today. I need to investigate the laundry situation so the girls are good to go for tomorrow and I think L needs to do her homework. Since I wasn’t home yesterday I’m going to spend some time with the kiddos and DH today.

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It’s Girl-Talk Saturday!

I’m looking forward to today’s events! Lunch with girlfriends, chatting and just having a nice time. Wonderful! 🙂

I actually slept in until almost 6am this morning! Woohoo! Of course, I did look at the clock around 4am, but decided that was way to early to get up. I did 2 miles on the treadmill, 15 minutes of abs and another 15 minutes on the elliptical to get my 4 APs in for today.

I’ll be heading out in about an hour to meet up with my 2 friends to drive up to Tomah. We are supposed to meet up around 11am. We’ll be home mid to late afternoon since we usually occupy the table for a few hours. We are good tippers though!

Those are the extent of my plans for the weekend. I would like to finish reading my current book too and if I can get some quiet time tomorrow that could be a possibility.

Have a great Saturday!


I love girl talk. I wish we could get together more often, but I appreciate the times we are able to see each other. It was a pleasant day and it was even more pleasant to come home to a happy family! Most times there is major chaos while I’m gone, but it wasn’t the case this time!

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I have a syndrome….

I almost forgot about this entirely, but my doctor says I have this…..(it’s copied from the Mayo Clinic website)

Gilbert’s (zheel-BAYRZ) syndrome is a common, mild liver disorder in which the liver doesn’t properly process a substance called bilirubin. Bilirubin is produced by the breakdown of red blood cells.

Gilbert’s syndrome is caused by an inherited gene mutation. You’re born with Gilbert’s syndrome, though it often goes undiscovered for many years.

Gilbert’s syndrome is often discovered by accident, such as when you have a blood test that shows elevated bilirubin levels. Gilbert’s syndrome typically doesn’t require treatment and doesn’t cause serious complications.

Gilbert’s syndrome is also known as constitutional hepatic dysfunction, benign unconjugated bilirubinemia and familial nonhemolytic jaundice.

Gilbert’s syndrome typically doesn’t cause signs or symptoms, so you may not realize you have the disorder until a blood test for some other disease or condition shows an elevated bilirubin level. If this occurs, discuss the results with your doctor.

Gilbert’s syndrome is caused by an abnormal gene that you inherit from your parents. The gene controls an enzyme that helps break down bilirubin in your liver. With an ineffective gene, excess amounts of bilirubin build up in your blood.

How the body normally processes bilirubin
Bilirubin is a yellowish pigment that’s made when your body breaks down old red blood cells. Bilirubin travels through your bloodstream to the liver. Normally an enzyme in liver cells breaks down the bilirubin and removes it from the bloodstream. The bilirubin passes from the liver into the intestines with bile. It’s then excreted in stool. A small amount of bilirubin remains in the blood.

How the abnormal gene is passed through families
The abnormal gene that causes Gilbert’s syndrome is common. Many people carry one copy of this abnormal gene. Two abnormal copies are needed to cause Gilbert’s syndrome. If two people who each carry one copy of the abnormal gene have a child, they may pass along the genetic defect that causes Gilbert’s syndrome.

Gilbert’s syndrome generally doesn’t require treatment. The bilirubin levels in your blood may fluctuate over time and you may occasionally experience jaundice. But this usually goes away on its own and doesn’t require treatment.

This was discovered several years ago when I worked at the Newspaper. We would get annual health checkups that required bloodwork. In my screening every year I had elevated levels of bilirubin and other liver issues.

Thank goodness there is nothing really to worry about with this syndrome. It’s just how I roll!
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Doctor’s Appointment Day!

The verdict is in. I’m 3.6# away from my goal for today! Not too shabby! (I’m choosing to be positive about things! LOL) On a nice note, my friend Tami who promised me a pedicure and manicure if I made my goal gave me 1/2 of my prize! I have in my hot little hands the gift certificate for the manicure. Now I have to decide when to get one. 🙂 She said when I hit 152# I’ll get the other certificate! She’s a wiley one!

This morning I did NOT want to work out. I kept thinking to myself, I’ll do it later. Well, I KNOW later today I need to do some strength training. So I just rolled my old bag of bones out of bed and did an easy 3 APs on the elliptical. I have every intention of doing either the 30 day shred this afternoon or some other DVD. It’s time to get those muscles sore again!

Supper last night was eh. It was basically a stir-fry with peas in it. I probably wouldn’t make this version again since I have others that have similar ingredients and we like better. I will say I’m surprised that C liked it! That kid is super fussy sometimes.

So my day is like this, Doctor, stores, home, lunch, strength, rest.

Tomorrow my 3 girlfriends and I get together in Tomah for a lunch-chat date. I’m looking forward to some ‘women-time’ with my ladies!


I’m back from all my running around. The appointment went well. Of course the Dr.’s scale is cruel, LOL, but other than that it was a good appointment. We agreed that next year I can get my cholesterol rechecked. She’s happy with my HDL being so good and my triglycerides that she isn’t concerned that my total is 220ish. She said to keep eating healthy and exercising and things will go just fine for me. We went over my family history again and so she could type it all into the computer. I have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer in my immediate family. Not great eh? It’s okay, I’m doing what I can to prevent those things from happening to me and my children. It’s never to late to try to be better than you are.

After that I went to Pierce’s for a few good buys from their flyer. Then it was off to Walmart for the other things. As much as I hate Walmart and crab about shopping there it is so much cheaper! The tea that DH likes is about 90¢ cheaper at Walmart. Finally, I ended up at the library. I got the girls a few new books and picked up the ones we had on hold. I then came home to eat lunch. I had flatout pizza. It was a piece of flatout with 1 t. olive oil on the crust. I sprinkled on garlic salt and basil. I topped it with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cut up string cheese. When I ate it I scooped some salsa on top! Delicious! (I do have a photo, but my camera is charging.)

Soon I’m going to head downstairs to do something. I’m tired of my No More Trouble Zones DVD and I’m not feeling the Shred either. I just don’t think I want to look at Jillian today! LOL So, I think I’ll watch another guilty pleasure of mine, “The Housewives of Orange County” and do my own thing. I know a ton of different arm/ab/leg exercises. So I’ll just wing it!

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To Err is Human, therefore I AM Human!

Good snowy morning peeps! I was shocked to see how much snow we actually have on the ground and it’s still coming down at a steady pace.

So yesterday’s weigh-in was fantastic! I’m finally down a tad over 5#! So of course last night me and my mini-binge-monster came out and I had a few too many carbs. I do love me my carbs! LOL Anyway, I tracked the entire mess and I was still left with points for the week so that’s encouraging. Of course that salt snafu left the scale up this morning. Not as awful as I thought, but I’ll work on the water today to release some sodium.

I got in a sweaty workout. I started with 20 minutes on the elliptical at a pretty steady clip. Then I got on the treadmill for 30 minutes while Family Feud was on. I decided to do some intervals towards the end and was running at 8 mph for a bit here and there. At one point the sweat was flying off my hair! I got in 5 APs and I’m hoping to go snowshoeing this afternoon with DH. Now that we have some fresh snow it’d made the trails a bit nicer.

I’ll be off to school today to do my volunteering. In C’s class I have a lot of cutting out to do. She has me prepping her Groundhog’s Day craft and a few Valentine’s Day crafts. I like staying busy. In L’s class I’ve still been reading with a few kids and doing some math flash cards with a few others. I like the bit of variety since most of the kids that need help are reading the same book, I usually get to hear it 2-4 times while I’m there.

Tomorrow morning I have my doctor’s appointment. That leads me into my challenge of getting to 152# on the scale by tomorrow. Sadly, that won’t be happening. As much as my body is crazy there is no way on earth that tomorrow morning I’m going to drop 4.6# according to my scale! Maybe if I lost a limb that would be possible! Regardless, I am happy with the progress I have made. I now have a mini goal of getting into my ‘skinny’ pants for Valentine’s Day. I love the pants I bought at Kohl’s a couple of years ago, but I was never small enough to stay in them for very long. It seems after I bought them my weight just kept going up. I’m determined to wear them on the 14th for my lunch date with DH.

Not much else is happening around here. I’m trying a new recipe again tonight, it’s Asian inspired with means more sodium in the soy sauce! Oy!


School was good today. I came home and ate lunch quick and then DH and I headed out to the Ice Age Trail. This trail is pretty nice, but wide open so my face was a bit cold in the beginning. It didn’t take long for me to work up a sweat! We shoed for 71 minutes and I got another 4 APs out of the experience! So far me feet are good, my baby toes are a tad sore, but they’ll toughen up.

So earlier today I was looking through my archives of previous posts. It’s so interesting to see where I was a year ago or even a few months ago. I think I’m going to start posting some more photos on here again. It made it more interesting for me and I was able to see ideas of what types of foods I was eating.

New recipe tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Wishful Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Well, I’m going to have a loss at weigh-in today, I know it! My scale this morning was 154#! So unless I gain 5# in the next 4 hours I should have a loss! LOL

I did some elliptical work and ab work this morning for 4 APs. My weekly total is up to 33 APs and I have Zumba today for another 2-3. I still have 29 of my 49 WPA left and today is my last day of the week. Not too shabby for me.

Yesterday the girls had their annual checkups. Both are in the 75% for height and weight. L’s lungs are clear even though she has a cough. No one has ear infections, UTIs or yeast infections! A clean bill of health all around. The Dr. did lance some of L’s wart off her toe. She said that should help in the healing process. She also mentioned eating eggs, cheese, etc. and getting in enough calcium. Something must have hit home with C because this morning she REQUESTED breakfast! As you may or may not know, C rarely eats before school. She had scrambled eggs with some cheese and 2 turkey sausages. It was a miracle! She also didn’t cry about her clothes and chose an outfit that I personally wouldn’t wear, but as a parent it just wasn’t worth arguing about.

Last night at had Parent Club at C’s school. I really love that group of women and we work so well together. Not at all like L’s school. When I got home last night L greeted me at the door with a gap-toothed grin! She finally lost another tooth! That only makes 5 for her and she’s 8 years old.

This morning I have Zumba and then I’m going to come home to change and clean up before I head out to Weight Watchers. I need to stop at Kwik Trip for some bananas and eggs and then it’ll be home for a late lunch. No snowshoeing this afternoon, just cuddling up with my book and relaxing.


Zumba was pretty good today! Not great, but not awful! LOL

Weigh-in was great however! I’m down another 3.4#! Making my total over 5# since I started going back to meetings! Onward and downward.

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Photographic evidence….

Here it is! One year later and I’m down 9.8#! I am super thrilled with that because how I was going last year that could easily have been a 10# gain!

So my feet are killing me from snowshoeing. I even got my foot bath out last night and massaged them for a bit. Even though they are sore it didn’t deter me from getting in a great workout this morning. It was all cardio for 5 APs and that’ll be it for today. Tomorrow morning I’ll get in a workout at home and then head out to Zumba.

This morning the girls have their Dr’s appointments so they are getting to sleep in a bit. We don’t need to leave here until 8:50 so they’ll have plenty of time, maybe I can convince them to shower this morning instead of tonight. I have Parent Club at 5:15 and then by the time I get home and eat my supper it’s complete chaos with the kids.

So my new recipe last night was yummy. Here it is….

Crunchy Chicken Casserole Recipe

Crunchy Chicken Casserole Recipe

Photo by: Taste of Home      6 Servings Prep: 25 min. Bake: 25 min.


  • 1 package (6 ounces) instant chicken-flavored stuffing mix (used just stuffing cubes made with water only)

  • 2 cups frozen mixed vegetables, thawed
  • 1 can (10-3/4 ounces) condensed cream of chicken soup, undiluted (98% fat free)
  • 1 can (8 ounces) sliced water chestnuts, drained (I also sliced them in smaller pieces)
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 cup shredded cooked chicken or turkey (I used 8 oz. (raw wt.) chicken breast)


  • Prepare the stuffing mix according to package directions; set aside. In a large bowl, combine the mixed vegetables, soup, water chestnuts and water.
  • Transfer to an ungreased 2-qt. baking dish. Top with the chicken and prepared stuffing. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 25-30 minutes or until heated through. Yield: 6 servings.

I made this in a 8×8 pan and we made it into 4 servings. Each serving was 6 points+. It was good and reminded me of chicken pot pie. L liked it, but C didn’t. Go figure, that kid is picky! 🙂

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Are things finally going my way?

Mornin’ all!

I had a pretty stellar weekend. The kids didn’t wig me out, I ate well and exercised (on Saturday), I enjoyed my weekend. Maybe it’s the fact that TOM is over and my hormones are back to normal. I’m also super excited that the scale said 155# again this morning! That makes me 10# down from a year ago (well, the 25th is the actual day, but I’m still counting it!). If all goes well until weigh-in on Wednesday I can expect to see about a 3# loss this week. I’ll take 2#! LOL

I did get in a great workout this morning, my heartrate was up there, my new shoes were rockin’ and I just felt great to get a sweat on! I’m hoping for some light snowshoeing this afternoon. Since it’s been 2 years since I’ve gone I don’t want to kill myself.

Well, it seems L is coming down with a cough. It still isn’t interrupting her sleep at night, but I’ve been giving her medicine and putting vicks on her at night. They both go to the doctor tomorrow for their checkups. I’m also going to have the Dr. look at L’s toe. We’ve been treating the wart at home and it’s really getting there, the skin is dying and coming off, but it’s just so nasty looking. Hopefully she can offer up some advice on it.

Nothing much else happening. I’m trying out a new recipe again tonight. I think it’ll be delicious, I’ll let you all know.


Well, so much for taking it easy snowshoeing. We were gone for 1 1/2 hours! That includes walking to the trail from our house and back again. My feet are sore, but I’m surprised I did so well! 😛 I was also awarded with 5 APs for my efforts. I told DH I may go again on Thursday or Friday, I think my feet need to heal, or just toughen up! I am sorta girly and soft. LOL

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