Buddy up Saturday!

I’m excited to see my friend Janel today. I have a 2 hour drive ahead of me before we get to chat for the day. I went to the library yesterday and got 2 books on dvd after hubby and I went for a walk around town. I’m hoping I like listening to books being read and that will help kill the time.

Last night we had chicken cordon bleu, or my version anyway. I flattened a 5 oz. chicken breast, spread 1/2 of a laughing cow cheese wedge added a chunk of ham and rolled it up and secured it with toothpicks. I thought it was super moist and delicious, the girls weren’t as impressed. Lesson learned, next time they get plain chicken! LOL

Well, the scale is finally back down to 151.8#! I’m happy to see that number, it was my goal to see 151 by this morning and it was there! I’m also going to have a binge free weekend and keep on track with my ‘desires’ to keep eating.

Have a great day, I’m hoping to post some pictures from my day later on.

It’s Friday, there’s sunshine, what more could you ask for?

Hello all! I’m happy to see the sun and I’m glad it’s Friday. I also see that my favorite instructor is teaching Zumba this morning, BONUS! I’ve decided that like my food issues I have exercise issues. Well, I LIKE to exercise, but I think I could ease up a bit, so I decided to sleep in this morning and skip my home workout and just enjoy Zumba at 9:30. I’m also thinking a walk will be in order this afternoon since it’s sunny and supposed to be in the mid-60’s. Maybe I’ll see if hubby wants to go with me since he’s doing home projects today.

The topic this week at Weight Watchers was being in a food rut. Well, I think I’m there, so it’s time to jazz things up a bit! Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. For instance, last night when I made homemade garlic buns to go with supper, I added some shredded cheese on top to make cheesy bread. It was good! I also bought the salad toppings mix from the store yesterday to jazz up my salads. Then I found some Tzatziki at Walmart. It’s basically strained greek yogurt with garlic and cucumbers. I’m thinking that will make a great veggie dip or sandwich spread. I haven’t tried it yet. Also I’m getting tired of eating jello all the time for a ‘dessert’, so yesterday I bought some sugar free pudding and redi-whip. I’ll be whipping up some parfaits this afternoon for dessert tonight.

On that same note, we were just going to have chicken breasts for supper tonight. Instead I remembered making Chicken Cordon Bleu with laughing cow cheese and ham. Guess what? We still have easter ham so this is a perfect opportunity to make that recipe again! To jazz up our potatoes I bought some Waffle Fries at the store yesterday. Yeah, I know, homemade french fries are better for us, but sometimes you just need a change. I have a feeling the kids will be perplexed since I’ve never bought them before! Anyway, I’m sure you can tell I’m excited to have new foods to try and I AM! 😛

Oh, the other thing going on in my life is I’m going to a Weight Watchers Job Fair next Wednesday night. Who knows, maybe that’ll become my new lot in life!

Had a great day yesterday!

I was on track yesterday and it was wonderful. Instead of eating last night after supper I worked on rewriting my recipes. I’ll be doing that again tonight too.

This morning I did Level 3 of the Shred and 20 minutes on the elliptical. I also have a DVD in at the library, Shred It with Weights. I’m curious to see what that’s all about.

Today I go to C’s classroom first. I get to paint with the kiddos so I don’t need to be there until 10am. I’m thinking of stopping at Walgreens beforehand to pick up a few items. Then I go to L’s classroom to read with the kids there. Then I need to go to Walmart to pickup a handful of groceries for our family and the rest of the Teacher Appreciation food items and plates, forks, etc.  Then I’ll be home for a bit before I head back into town to get a haircut. I mostly just need the back part touched up a bit and a slight trim on the other parts.

DH is working on the stone again today and hopefully he should have it wrapped out by tonight. He still has to help out on another job Friday, so he’ll be busy the rest of the week.

Dun, dun, dun…..

the results are in and they are not pretty, a gain of 4.2#! 155.8# was the official horrific number. The meeting was a good topic though, food boredom. I’m there. I need to work on that.

To remotivate myself I stopped at the Hallmark store before my meeting to purchase a new recipe binder and cards. It’s soooo pretty and I can’t wait to put recipes into it. That’s going to be my nighttime project instead of eating!

I also bought the 3 month food tracker at my meeting. While I still track online, I’m going to keep a ‘hard copy’ so I can look back over my progress. Money well invested.

Climbing aboard….

the healthy eating wagon that is. It seems Easter has thrown me off track. I do fine until evening and then the cereal calls my name. Well, I’m not listening tonight! I got on the scale (GULP!) and it was not pretty, I’m looking at a pretty huge gain from 2 weeks ago. However, I put on my big girl panties and sucked it up and am moving on. I need to stop undoing all my progress and get my head back in the game. I’m going to my meeting, logging in my weight and moving on with life. It’s a new week for me and I feel a sense of calm and renewal.

This morning I did some elliptical work and then the treadmill. I did some running FAST, jogging and incline work. I was a stinky mess afterwards so that must count for something! LOL

DH is working today on putting stone on our friend’s house so I have the house to myself. Miraculously nothing needs to get done. I’m caught up on laundry, the house ISN’T a disaster area and the dishes are done. I’ve been working on organizing my recipes that I have, but I ran out of recipe cards yesterday afternoon so I really need to get some more. I’m tossing out recipes that are really old and I haven’t used in a few years or they have ingredients I don’t use anymore (splenda, bran buds, etc.). I’m also putting in the new recipes I’ve been trying out that are keepers. Currently I have 2 binders almost bursting with recipes. One contains just desserts: muffins, breads, cookies, bars, cakes, pancakes, buscuits, etc. The other one has in the entrees, side dishes, egg dishes, etc. I hope by weeding out the useless recipes I won’t have to expand into a 3rd binder.

I’m also hoping that Friday afternoon I get get some work done in my garden. I still have chicken wire to put up and I want to get some raking and hand tilling done. I’d really like to go to Jung’s on the Saturday before Mother’s Day to get my seeds and cool season plants bought.

I’m really hoping to make May a much better month for me. Once the weather becomes nice I can garden, walk after supper and just be outside more. Winter makes me feel like a recluse sometimes.

Back to it…

It was finally time for the kiddos to go back to school. It was a good thing they went to bed well last night because it was a little tough on C to get ready, but she did it without any tears!

I got up and did 45 minutes on the elliptical and then enjoyed my crockpot hot cereal mixture for breakfast. I put in 1/2 cup each of barley, steel cut oats and wheat berries. Then I added in 1/2 t. of salt, 1/2 t. of cinnamon, 2 packets of truvia and 5 cups of water. It cooked for about 9 hours on low and was pretty good. I didn’t even need to add any additional sweetener to it. The next time I make it I’m going to cook it throughout the day so I can stir it once in a while. It made 6 nice size servings for 4 points, which is what I have for regular quick oats in the morning anyway. I also think I’ll replace some of the wheat berries with old fashioned oats, the wheat berries take some getting used to.

So, my eating has been okay. I struggled last night with wanting to just stuff my face with cereal and granola bars. I did manage to have a portioned controlled serving of the cereal and slammed the cupboard door on the granola bars! It’s sooooo tough at night for me, that’s when I just want to eat and eat. Today is a new day and I’m feeling pretty confident so far! LOL I have been avoiding the scale since Easter since I binged that afternoon and last night we ate some leftover ham. I know I’ll have a gain this week at weigh-in and I’m okay with it. I’m working on changing that, always a work in progress.

A shopping we will go!

Well, the girls don’t have school today, so of course I’ll be thrown off by what day it actually is! I’m a creature of habit and routine. Instead, we get to do some shopping this morning. I was going to go to Zumba, but instead beat myself bloody in my own basement so we can go shopping! I’m hoping for 50% off Easter items and we need to hit the dollar tree for some gift bags for their teachers.

Yesterday ended up being a nice day. It was fun to chat individually with the relatives to find out what’s been going on with them. They all seem pretty darn busy! We also shored up a birthday party date for next month so we could get it on our calendars.

Here’s my week in bullets…

  • M – shopping
  • T – C’s classroom
  • W – Weight Watchers – I’m going to weigh-in *fingers crossed on this one*
  • T – both classrooms
  • F – Zumba
  • S – Winona to meet my school/college girlfriend for the day