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On the 4th day….

she threw up! Ugg…will my child ever be well? So let’s recap her illness. On Thursday around 10am she said she didn’t feel right. When we returned from the library around 4pm she had a 101.2 temp. She took meds and the fever reduced. Friday morning 101.2 again, medicine, rest, little food. Saturday morning 100.2, medicine, doctor, no strep, only breakfast and water all day. Saturday night she said her stomach hurt, but no food sounded good to her. Sunday at 4am I awoke to “MOMMY!!!” and proceded to hear L run for the bathroom and grab the puke-bucket. She’s now on the couch, it’s 5:39am and she’s thrown up a few more times. All it is is stomach acid, but now we have to deal with a delicate stomach all day.

I’ll be calling my girlfriend around 9ish to let her know we aren’t attending the birthday party. The last I heard her daughter had a fever too! I guess I’ll have to call to see how she is doing and if they are even going to have a party if she’s sick.

This also means I’ve skipped (or postponed) my workout for today. I was going to lift weights and I can always do that later if I feel like it. The scale was at 147.6 this morning and I’m good with that, I need to be at 147.2 tomorrow morning to have maintained my weight for the entire month. Regardless I’m happy it wasn’t a huge gain for the month. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, I’ll also have to call grandma and grandpa this morning and update them on what’s going on today. At least I don’t think L is contagious and the vomiting is just from not having food in her stomach. Poor thing!

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Catching up a bit….

So today L still had a fever, treated it with medicine and by the time the medicine wore off she was back up over 100 degrees. We’ve decided that if she’s like this in the morning I’ll be calling the clinic to get her checked out for strep. C ended up not having strep and has been a lot better since yesterday. I hope she’s better tomorrow since we’ve postponed having our niece over until then. We planned on going to the Sassy Cow Creamery for the afternoon.

Sunday we have a birthday party at Devil’s Lake State Park. Hubby and I are going to go on an hour long hike while the girls party and swim. It appears that the weather is going to be nice on Sunday so I’m hoping it stays that way for the parties’ sake.

Now that summer school is over and the girls don’t have any library programs to attend, the following week is almost wide open.

  • Mย – Olbrich Gardens
  • T – ?, daycare kids
  • W – Weight Watchers, music in the park at night
  • Th – ?, daycare kids
  • F – ?, daycare kids

At least the following week the girls get to find out who their teachers are at registration. They are very excited about seeing who is in their classroom! Me too, I’m more curious than excited.

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Ugg….I lost my post…

I just typed for 10 minutes and lost the whole thing! Ugg…here’s the short version.

L has a fever and a sore throat.

We are postponing the sleepover with their cousin until tomorrow.

Who knows what today will bring. L is feeling better now, but I doubt I’ll take her to the beach, we’ll see.

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Fantastic, it’s Friday!

Well, yesterday L came down with a high fever and sore throat after the library program. The highest was 101.2 degrees. I gave her ibuprofen and the fever came down after a bit. She slept pretty well last night and woke me up around 3am requesting water. She got up around 6ish and then went back to sleep on the couch after hubby gave her more medicine. She was back up to 101.2 this morning. We’ve postponed the sleepover until tomorrow night. My neice is coming over to stay with us a bit and hang out with her cousins. I figure another day of recovery is necessary for L. Right now she’s perky and has a normal temp, but her throat is still sore.

I opted for this morning to be my day-of-rest. I wasn’t feeling like working out, so I didn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow morning I’ll head back downstairs and do some cardio. Sunday morning I think I’ll bust out a strength DVD and then hubby and I are going to hike for about an hour or so at Devil’s Lake on Sunday. We are going to a birthday party there in the afternoon and I asked my friend if there will be enough supervision for us to sneak away and hike a bit. We figured an hour away wouldn’t put too much strain on them since there will be 4 other adults there.

Here’s what’s happening around here…

  • F – ?, beach?
  • Sat – sleepover, beach?
  • Sun – Devil’s Lake
  • Mon – Olbrich Gardens, no daycare kids
  • Tues – ?
  • Wed – Weight Watchers, no daycare kids
  • Thurs – ?
  • Fri – ?

As you can see, a lot of question marks are coming up.ย  There are no set activities anymore now that summer school and the library program are over. We’ll just continue to go to the beach when the weather is nice.

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WI Results

Up 0.8#. Fine with me since TOM is here.


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Weigh-in Wednesday

First of all, I’m excited to attend my Weight Watchers meeting this week. I didn’t go last week because of the funeral and family get-together afterwards. The scale at home has me the same as two weeks ago, so we’ll see what the WW scale says. Regardless, I’m happy to be maintaining since TOM is here.

On the job front, I’ll be emailing my resume and letter of introduction very soon. I have the hard copy all ready to drop into the mail and I just want to be done worrying about the whole deal. What will be will be.

A word about the weather….rain! I’m happy to have it, my poor plants were starting to wilt in the heat and I really didn’t want to hand water everything, so thank goodness for the rain. Now so long as the storms this afternoon don’t damage my garden things will be good.

So what else is happening this week?

  • W – Weight Watchers and grocery shopping
  • T – Library party from 2-4pm
  • F – neice comes in the afternoon for a beach date and a sleepover
  • S – neice here to play for a bit so grandma and grandpa can relax a bit
  • S – birthday party at Devil’s Lake in the afternoon

Then it’s hard to believe that next Monday starts August already! My how time flies.


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Thoughts on a Tuesday…

….I need a paying job SOON!

….I NEED a paying job soon!

…I needย a PAYING job soon!

….Soon, I need a job….I need to work outside the home again.

I have a job I’ll be applying for before the Friday deadline. Is it right for me? Will I get an interview? Let’s hope so.

… is going to be a nice day

…..we may go to the beach or stay home

…..I have my friend’s kids today

…..C goes to the Dr. today at 11:15 with hubby, hopefully no strep throat

….my garden is flourishing!

….that is all……

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I’m still around!

I’m still not really feeling the whole blogging thing lately.

Here are some recent photos of us. The first is when we were together at hubby’s dad’s house. The rest are from Old World Wisconsin. We went there on Saturday and were there from 10am-4pm! It was a fun time and the girls had a blast!

Okay, I can’t get the pictures to load in order, but you get the idea!

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What’s Up?

Well, I’ve been offline for a while now and I don’t even know how to catch up, so I’m just gonna start where I’m at! ๐Ÿ™‚

I applied for a job recently, however I did NOT get selected. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Bummer….it makes me think I’ll never be qualified for the type of job I’d like to have. I don’t envision working at Walmart, no offense to those that work there, but I want office-type work where I am busy! So I got to thinking, if nothing comes up by the time school starts I’m going to think about working for Weight Watchers as full-time as I can. So for now I am done worrying about it.

Today the girls have eye appointments. I’m hoping all is well and there are no glasses in the near future! As much as L thinks she’d like them I keep telling her they are not fun to have.

We are hoping to go to Old World Wisconsin tomorrow, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate we may just end up taking the girls to a movie or something indoors. I really wanted to go this weekend since it’s Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, but we can always swap it out for next Saturday if we need to.

Sunday we are going to hubby’s sister’s house for lunch and to catch up. We really don’t get to see them very often since their work schedules never seem to work out. It’ll be a shorter visit, but at least we’ll get some ‘face-time’.

On weight-loss and exercise, things are still going well for me. I work out about 6 days a week and I’m eating pretty well. A lot of fresh fruit and veggies from the garden. My weight this morning was 149# and while I wish it was around 147# I’m fine with it.

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Back online…

Finally, we are back online. The funny thing is, being without it for a week has really made me adjust to being without it and I don’t find myself online as much. Mostly I’ve been looking for recipes to use up the veggies in my garden which is flourishing!

Hopefully I’ll get my mo-jo back to blogging, but for now not much is happening for me to blog about.

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