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Humpin’ along on Wednesday…

So early to bed (sorta) and early to rise….left me with energy for a pretty decent workout this morning and a shopping trip with the girls. This morning I had them set their alarm clock and do a dry run for school tomorrow. Well, they wouldn’t have quite made the bus, but tomorrow will have added excitment. Hopefully tonight will be a tad earlier bedtime.

The girls and I headed out early to get our Walmart shopping done. C bought some new barrettes (sp?) and a sketch book. L bought some window markers and gum. I bought the rest! Since I’m unemployed now I’m going to severely limit my shopping trips. Hopefully we are stocked up for a bit.

We also went to Weight Watchers today. I’m back to 152#, not a surprise, but that’s the limit for being a free lifetime member. Next week starts the new month and I’ll be under that 152# for sure.

So, what’s the plan? Well, this week my plan is to indulge in less carbs, especially at night. I’m going to focus on NOT snacking after dinner, but if I feel I must, I’m going to reach for raw veggies and hummis or laughing cow cheese. I think that switch alone will help me show a loss for next week.

I’m also going to use my extra free time to get in more activity. Either Zumba, walking the levee, strength training during the day or bike riding. I figure I can use that time to work on me for a bit. 😛

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Well, the plumber did NOT come between 2-4pm like they said. I promptly called at 4:10pm to cancel since hubby had unclogged the drain and we needed to leave for the Open House at school. Hopefully it’ll get us by for now.

The teachers were great! L was a bit hesitant to talk, but she did a little. C talked to her teacher and was nonstop chatter on the way home in the van. She was impressed with the reading area in her room and liked having a smart board in her classroom. I’m anticipating how the school year is going to go this time around. L won’t have a lot of homework according to her teacher, C will have about 1/2 hour a night. Doable.

Now on to me… 🙂 My night eating is not great, not awful, but not great. I have to get my act together and limit my night time snacking. Any ideas on what to limit it to?


Plugged up on a Tuesday!

No, not my nose, my pipes! No, not my pipes, the house pipes! 😛

I went downstairs to do one of several loads of laundry only to see that laundry sink with some water in it. I beckoned Hubby downstairs and we determined we can no longer nurse along the problem and we need to call a professional. So Roto-Rooter to the rescue! I gave them a call and the time frame for them is 2-4pm. That means no laundry until tonight and tomorrow morning, no dish-washing (boo-hoo) until tonight. I’ll survive, I just really wanted to tackle the laundry today and not later on.

Today is the last day of me being ’employed’. It’s the last day I watch my friend’s girls. It’s strange to think I’ve been watching them for 3 years and all the changes they’ve gone through. Sorta bittersweet….but I am looking forward to gainful employment.

So, on tap for today…..not much…..eating, feeding the kids, puzzles, maybe clean out a closet, who knows, nothing earth-shattering.

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The last Monday…

It’s the last Monday in August, the last Monday before school starts up again!

Today I have my friend’s girls here. Their last day is tomorrow because on Wednesday they go to their grandma’s house. This afternoon we are going to the park for a playdate with some other friends and I’ll get to chat a bit with the mom. Tomorrow I may brave taking all 4 to the grocery store! 😛

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. It’s harder to believe that the girls start back to school in 3 days. I am looking forward to meeting their teachers tomorrow night at the Open House. I’ve heard good things so that’s encouraging.

How are things for me? Well, still no job. I’m assuming I didn’t get the latest job I interviewed for since they were going to decide last Friday and I didn’t receive a phone call. 

I’m still exercising and eating well. The scale today was 148.6# which is wonderful in my book. This Wednesday I’ll be taking the girls along to Weight Watchers again. They did so well last week and the ladies loved them! 😛 It’ll be our last full day together before school on Thursday. I think on Thursday I’ll be lost. Hubby will go to work at 6:30am and the girls will get on the bus at 7:10ish, it’ll be strange.

So, my week sorta looks like this…

  • M – kids here, park in afternoon
  • T – kids here, ?
  • W – Weight Watchers
  • Th – back to school, ?
  • F – Zumba?!?

Also included in each day is surfing the web for jobs!

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What’s goin’ on?

The job interview was good, they said they would make their decision on Friday. I didn’t hear, so it’s unlikely I was chosen for the job. I’ll only abandon hope AFTER Monday at 4:30pm. If this job doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what my next step will be.

Enough of that, on to today! The scale is holding at 148#, still about 15# less than last year at this time, I’m diggin’ it! I got in a great No More Trouble Zones workout yesterday morning and surprisingly I’m not too sore. Not like last week when I did that DVD. I was sore for 3-4 days afterward. This morning was some cardio with abs. I’m debating on a DOR tomorrow or breaking out my Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD. Hmm…

This morning the girls and I are headed to the canned good movie at the theatre. It’s Rio and I think I might enjoy it. Hubby is doing some yard work for our neighbor today. I’m hoping it doesn’t work himself too hard now that he’s back to work.

I have some minor yard work that I could do around here, but honestly the weeds aren’t that bad lately and the garden is just chuggin’ along on it’s own. I think I’ll snap some photos later on today to post. Our giant pumpkin is turning into a giant! We also have one more growing that is far behind in size, but it’s getting there.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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Waiting game….

The job interview went well, now it’s just a waiting game.

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What a day!

Well, I got a no-go on the Teacher Aide job. 😦 Boo….the good news is that CESA 5 called yesterday to schedule an interview for 9am on Friday! I thought I did awful on the skills test, but apparently not. 🙂

Other great news is the scale is down even more! 148.2#, that’s about 5# down in 2 days! My body does love to hang on to sodium and junk once I’ve been off track. I’m only happy to be feeling more like my ‘old’ self again.

No other news in my life. Hubby is still at work and has a side job this Saturday for a few extra bucks. I would say life is good! School starts next week and we get to meet the girls’ teachers on Tuesday.

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Well, IMHO weigh-in was awesome! 150.2# after a very indulgent and careless weekend. That’s up 2.6# from the beginning of the month, but .2 over goal! I’ll take it.

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Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, today I’m taking my girls with me to my meeting. I’ve decided to weigh-in regardless of what the scale says. Time to face the music and get back to being accountable. Considering the scale said 153.2 yesterday, it was down to 150.4 this morning! I’ll take the sodium loss! That means the scale at WW should be under my 152# limit, but it’ll be close. I don’t have to pay though, but it gives me incentive to get my act together for the first weigh-in in September.

Yesterday I had my job interview for the Teacher Aide position. I felt like I did well, she said she’ll call me either way. Now, just to sit at wait for the phone to ring to determine if I have a job starting next week or if I have to continue hunting around. I did see a receptionist job open for the clinic in town that I think I could handle. We’ll see.

The girls and I are headed to the library this morning. I have my friend’s girls tomorrow and we are hoping for a beach adventure! Maybe one of the last of the summer.

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Back at it!

Well, we survived our vacation! Let’s see what we did…..we left very early on Saturday morning and arrived at the Mall of America just after 10am. L and hubby rode the rides, we shopped for dresses, at lunch and met up with my cousin and her boyfriend. We left the mall around 5pm to head to Apple Valley to our hotel. When we got there we met up with my aunt & uncle, my cousin, her husband and their daughter and went swimming. Afterwards we had supper in their room and chatted until bedtime.

Sunday morning the girls did some more swimming with my relatives and then late morning we headed to Waconia for my friend’s parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. We got there early since I knew they could use my help in setting up the room and getting the food prepared. It was nice to see my best friend and her family and all her siblings too. We hung out there until 4ish and headed back to the mall for some more shopping. We also got a caricature done of the girls and it turned out soooo cute! After that it was back to the hotel for more swimming and Pirates of the Carribbean on tv.

Monday morning we caught up with my best friend and her family and again the kids went swimming. We ended our time with going out to lunch at the restaurant nearby and headed out of town around 1pm. We took the Minnesota way home so it was a bit longer than the drive up. For a bit I saw my life flash before my eyes since we hit a huge semi tire on the road. Hubby is going to have to spend some time and elbow grease trying to get the rubber marks off the front of the van. We are lucky we weren’t hurt and that it didn’t bust out the right headlight!

As for my eating and exercising, well….I did exercise on Sunday morning, but the gym didn’t open until 7am and I’m up at 5am and I just don’t desire working out that late. Anyway, I didn’t eat horribly, but not great. The scale said 153.2# this morning! Who knows what it will say tomorrow, TOM is here and it’s anybody’s guess….tune in tomorrow….



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