Happy Birthday to me!

In honor of turning 37, I ran/jogged/inclined walked 3.7 miles on my treadmill this morning. Then I enjoyed chocolate oats with peanut butter for breakfast! Sure, I eat that a few times a week already, but I had it for my bday! LOL

I went to Kohl’s yesterday to get new running shoes, they worked out very well this morning! While I was shopping I ran into a Weight Watchers receptionist! It was funny to run into here there, but I do realize she lives in the neighboring town. We discussed running shoes and how Asics are our favorites.

Last night all of us went over to visit my MIL. We won’t be able to see her today since she now has a Dr. appointment scheduled and the girls really wanted to see her so we all went for 1/2 an hour. It was good for them to realize that she’s doing okay.

The girls get out of school early today and then we are going to head out to the library. L has started a reading program at school and wants to get some more books to read. Tonight we are going out for dinner for my birthday and a bit of shopping at Aldi’s afterwards.

This morning I got to open my presents from the girls and hubby. I got a new watch, which they wrapped in 4 nesting boxes! Nice! 😛 New slippers, gloves to wear at night with lotion, sticky notes with my name on them, a new pizza pan since mine is NaStY, and finally money for a massage! I’ll definately be calling my massage lady today to see what she has available.

On a bad note, hubby was a major crab this morning! Ridiculous and he wouldn’t say why. I didn’t even get a happy birthday wish out of him. I’m hoping his mood shifts by the time he gets home tonight or he can stay home and feed himself!

New kicks today!

Well, my Reebok running shoes are junk! I initially emailed Reebok and they gave me a number to call. When I talked to the lady yesterday she said to take them back to Kohl’s for a refund. I had no idea that after 3 months I could return shoes. She said that Reebok has a 6-9 month warranty and an agreement with retailers against defective shoes. So, that means a roadtrip for me this morning. I need new running shoes and can’t LIVE without them! (Drama, I know…)

Here’s a pic of the problems…


I’ve circled the holes that have formed. I’ve bought these in July and I only wear them every other day for about an hour.

What else? Oh, I worked out this morning, no surprise there. I saw my MIL last night and my FIL changed her bandages! Good news, I don’t have to go over there tonight and the girls are happy about that. They are also happy that they get to go over tomorrow afternoon with me and visit grandma.

That’s it for now. I’m off to shop!


So, I was looking through my blog posts from last year and I did RealAge.com and it said I was 32.3 years old at age 36. I did it again today and I’ve aged! Gasp! I’m now 34.4 years old at age 37 (almost). Thank goodness I’m still younger than my body! LOL

Just call me Nurse Angie!

Well, I did it! It was sketchy. So yesterday morning I watched the nurse change out my MIL’s bandages and bag. I had to sit down and take deep breathes so I didn’t pass out! Let’s just say I had a lot of anxiety yesterday afternoon anticipating having to do it myself last night. It all went well. My SIL was there to help her mother take a shower while I made jello with mandarin oranges and some cook ‘n serve pudding. I then proceeded to organize her tupperware cabinet! After that it was time to change the bandages. I handled it very well if I do say so myself! Yes, I did have butterflies, but compared to my SIL who ended up on the floor laying down and breathing deep I was killer! LOL I’m going over tonight after supper to watch my FIL take his turn. While I’m going to help out as much as I can, there are nights I can’t be there and he’s going to be on his own. I’m also going to start going every other day next week so he’s going to need to have some experience with it.

So, in other news I think I have a job! I don’t want to count my chickens, but the school contacted ME and they are going to show me the kitchen on Monday. I’m so hopeful and will be so happy to work from 7:30am-12:30pm only when the kids have school. Perfect! I don’t even care what the pay is at this point. 😛 I just need to be busy, make some money and still be there for my kids and husband.

That means other things in my life will change. No more Zumba, unless I go at night, which is unlikely. I can still take Saturday classes though. No more Wednesday Weight Watchers. I’d have to go on Thursday evenings, which I think I will commit myself to.

Other than that I’ll still have time to grocery shop during the week, get laundry done, prepare supper, etc.

So, on tap for today is Zumba at 9:30am and then Weight Watchers around 11:45ish. I should stop at Walmart (again!) for hot cocoa (for the girls), cappuccino mix (for me) and grapes (while they are still cheap). I may also iron C’s fabric and cut it into the squares too. Baby steps on the quilting.

I’m like a turkey with it’s head cut off!

Yeah, bad analogy I know, but seriously! Okay, rewind to last night. I went to my MIL’s house to help with things. I prepped some food, took some notes and fed her dinner. I came home a bit later than I’d like and the kids missed me like crazy. Good thing they can adjust! It took me a long time to unwind and feel ready for bed. Seeing a loved one sick and in pain is hard for me.

So last night I slept so-so, weird dreams etc. I got up and did my workout (as usual) and then got myself ready to be at my MIL’s at 8am. The home health nurse was coming and I needed to see how to change bandages and bags. While they chatted about paperwork and such I got some Split Pea Soup going in her crockpot. Then it was time to get the bandages changed. Honestly, I was fine for the majority of it and it wasn’t even gross or anything, but towards the end I started to get hot and woozy. They ordered me to sit down, so I did. I took in some breathes and felt a bit better. All in all the changing of the bandages isn’t bad, I just can NOT stand to see people in pain or suffering. I was the same when hubby had elbow surgery years back. I just got woozy from seeing him in pain.

Okay, so then the nurse left and I finished up tiding up the kitchen and made some brunch for my MIL. She doesn’t have a large appetite yet, but she so appreciates all the help I’m giving her. Honestly, if I didn’t WANT to do it I wouldn’t have offered. I told her as much.

I then left her house armed with a list of things to find and was on a mission to St. Vinny’s, Goodwill and Walmart. I got everything she needs and I will be taking it there tonight after supper. I have a few more things to prep tonight while I’m there and she’s going to take a shower and I’m going to change her bandages (I hope!). My FIL knows how to do it too and tomorrow is his night!

When I got home from errands I had a message on my machine. It’s always a joy to have a message! LOL Anyway, this time was especially great since it was the school calling to see if I was still interested in the job I applied for in the Spring. Yes Ma’am I Am! I gave her a call immediately and we are meeting at the school Monday at 8am in the kitchen. She even said my hours could be altered a bit so that I didn’t have to be in as early and that my kids can sit in the cafeteria until school starts! Bonus! Too me it seems like the job is mine if I want it. I don’t even know what it pays, but anything is better than nothing and it’s SCHOOL hours and days. With having two young girls this is the ideal job for me. Since I will be done between 12:30-1pm each day I still have a couple of hours to myself each day for shopping, etc. 🙂

Okay, I think that’s all that’s happening in my life right now. Obviously if I get this job, my life will change quite a bit. I haven’t worked out of the house in over 3 years! I won’t be able to go to Zumba in the mornings anymore. I probably won’t be able to attend Weight Watchers on Wednesday at 12:15 and may have to switch to Thursday night. I’ll actually have to pack a morning snack and lunch/snack again.

I can do it! I’m organized and thrive on this sort of thing! LOL

Mucky Monday!

So, I’m sitting here looking out my front picture window and I see my birch tree has changed to mostly golden leaves, of which quite a few are laying on my driveway and lawn. The wind is blowing and it’s rainy out. It looks like a chilly Fall day outside. It gives me that cozy feeling.

So, let’s recap the weekend. I was ornery, happy, sad, mad & content. Yep, I was all over the board with emotions this weekend. TOM was wrapping up and the kids were just on my nerves quite a bit.

Saturday was Zumba in the morning and then the girls and I went to pick-up a boatload of fabric and quilting supplies. We also went down on Sunday to get some more fabric that she had come across. Again, I paid $100 for things that are easily valued at over $700 or more. Craziness! Yesterday the girls and I managed to pick out the fabrics that they want to use for their quilts. I hope to get a start on C’s quilt sometime this week. Some of that depends on what I’ll be doing for my MIL.

I got a call yesterday that she wasn’t coming home on Sunday, but possibly Monday. Again, who knows for sure. I’d like to see her doing much better before she is told to go home and recooperate. I’m hoping that by tomorrow she’ll be home since she’s been there since last Tuesday. I’m going to help her out however I can while she’s at home. She’ll also be going down to Madison for chemo sometime soon and I plan to take her 1-2 times a week for that, swapping out with my husband, my FIL.

Well, on to today…..my alarm woke me up at 4:30am. I was sleeping great and was a tad confused about why my alarm was going off! I did 15 minutes on the elliptical, 20 on the treadmill and another 15 on the elliptical. After that I stretched it out a bit. I’m also going to Zumba this morning to shake what my momma (and grandmomma) gave me! I’m going to take a change of clothes along since I have some grocery shopping to do. It’s amazing how much food we eat! LOL

So, my upcoming week doesn’t have much going on, yet..

  • M – Zumba, Walmart
  • T –  Walk levee with Amber? – It’s supposed to rain so that probably won’t happen
  • W – Zumba?, Weight Watchers
  • T – Walk levee then?
  • F – Early release from school, my 37th birthday, Dinner Out! Woohoo!!

The other thing to throw in the mix would be any Doctor appointments I need to attend with my MIL. Again, that’s a play it by ear sort of thing.

Sinus Sunday!

Well, I’m feeling somewhat congested. Nothing serious, but I’m sipping warm cappuccino and I already took a Cold-Eeze to combat whatever is lingering around me.

So my MIL did not come home yesterday. Now she has some problems with her staples coming out or something. So maybe today will be the day. Regardless I’m ready for her!

Day-of-rest for me today. Sunday’s usually are and I had my hot bubble bath this morning. It was hot since hubby turned up the water heater a notch for me! 😛

In a bit the girls and I are meeting the lady from yesterday in Poynette. It seems she’s found even MORE fabric for us! Crazy. I have it down to what my first quilt design is going to be. I’m going to go with the Pinwheel design for C’s quilt. Now the hard part will be picking the fabrics I want to make it out of.

The most exciting news is that hubby and I get to go to the movies today! My wonderful (and I mean it!) friend Tami is having the girls over while we watch Contagion. I’m sure I’ll be freaked out by it, but heck, I haven’t seen a good movie in a while. The bonus is the all star cast.

Other than that it’s status quo around here.