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Weigh-in and December thoughts….

Weigh-in wasn’t stellar, up 1.4#. Blech….I’m about sick of this upward trend I have going on. I know it’s consumption and nothing else. Weight Watchers works when you work it.

Here are some of my ‘goals’ for December. I’m treating December as the start of my New Year! I’m not waiting another 31 days! LOL

  • I’m going to have small salads with supper more often. I’ll do this to replace some of the starchy foods I would normally eat.
  • I’m going to change up my snack food rut that I’m in.
  • I’m going to replace some of the fruit I consume with more vegetables. (this will be hard since fruit is so yummy and easy to eat)
  • I’m going to allow for the occasional treat so I don’t feel deprived and binge.
  • I’m going to replace night time snacking with hot tea, cocoa or cappuccino.
  • I’m going to limit eating out this month.

That all being said, this afternoon I didn’t eat very well. Too many carbs and no listening to my body, I let my mind rule and that always gets me into trouble. The bright side is I stopped eating a bit before 2pm and we don’t eat supper until 5pm. If I’m not uber hungry then I’ll enjoy my salad with some chicken for protein.

Tomorrow I will post my morning weight (which will be higher due to carb overload) and I’m going to summarize my previous days’ points, etc.

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A Weigh A Day!

I think for December part of my goals will be to weigh myself every day and post it here too. Accountability, right? I’m going to make December a great month for me mentally and physically. I need to get this extra weight off my belly and I need to engage my mind a bit more. It seems like a new month starting tomorrow is the perfect time to do just that.

I’ll start early with the weight…..154.8#. That’s up .6 from my at-home weight last Wednesday and it’s what I weighed in at WW two weeks ago. I’ll be up a tad from that at my official weigh-in which means I’m heading in the WRONG direction! 😛 Hey, at least it’s down 2# from Monday!

This morning I did the elliptical and some more stretching. Finally after 2 days my legs are feeling a lot better. There is still some soreness, but nothing unbearable. Oh, I took my body measurements today and everything is pretty status quo from 30 days ago, but my biceps increased in size! I knew all those manly pushups were paying off! LOL

I have weigh-in today and I’m going to make a stop at Goodwill for any bargains. It’s like a perpetual garage sale at that place!

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Oh, I didn’t post yet?

Sheesh, where does the time go? Well, let’s see…yesterday I worked at the fundraiser pickup, we’re down to less than 10 people to come in today to get their things! Fingers crossed they all show up. I took the girls to school today so I could phone those that need to stop in. I can’t believe that people forget about this sort of thing. I guess I’m just to darn organized for my own good.

Yesterday L started meeting with the Gifted & Talented teacher (I don’t know what her true title is) and she really enjoyed it! Next Monday is the meeting with myself, L’s teacher, the principal and the GT teacher. We’re going to discuss her future in math! 🙂

My workout this morning was walking/running/jogging on the treadmill. The bottoms of my feet are sore! LOL I did some more foam rolling too. The scale still has me up 2# from last Wednesday. Hmm…maybe that is holiday damage after all. Regardless, I’m going to my meeting tomorrow, shelling out my money and sticking with the program. Right now I have to lose about 4# to be free again, 6# to goal and about 8-10# to make myself feel comfortable again! It’s going to happen because I’m going to make it happen. :O

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My, my it’s Monday!

Good Monday morning! Things here are good. My body is super sore, but that didn’t stop me from working out this morning or from going to Zumba later on. The bummer side is the scale has me up almost 3# due to sore muscles and a sodium filled supper last night. No worries, since I know I didn’t binge this weekend I know it’s just fluid that needs to find it’s way out!

This afternoon I’m helping with the fundraiser pickup at C’s school and I AM leaving early this year. Someone else can pick up the slack, it doesn’t always have to be me. :O

I have to mail an ebay item for hubby and drop off library books too. Pretty exciting stuff!

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Good Sunday morning! This morning was no day of rest for me! I busted out the No More Trouble Zones DVD, I’ll pay for it tomorrow. I already experienced noodle arms when I was trying to wash my hair. Feel the burn! 😛

Yesterday we got our Christmas tree put up. The girls were thrilled to rediscover all their ornaments. We also went to Walmart, Family Video & the library. I even finished one of the books I got! Cooking for Harry by Kay-Marie James. Easy read and good. I’m going to google the author for more books. Last night we watched the new Spy Kids movie. Not too bad, but I’m unable to sit still long enough to watch the entire thing. Instead I went to finish reading my book.

Plans for today are to return the movies, stop at Kmart for Hot Wheels on sale, Pierce’s for lettuce and beef and Walgreens for honey and maybe a few other things. I also need to do some darks so I have clean clothes for Zumba tomorrow.

Here’s how my week should shape up…

  • Monday – Zumba, C’s school in the afternoon for the fundraiser pickup
  • Tuesday – ? C’s school?, furnace guy comes to the yearly inspection
  • Wednesday – Zumba?, Weight Watchers
  • Thursday -? C’s school?
  • Friday – Zumba?, school?
  • Saturday – Zumba for sure!, take kids to the library to make ornaments
  • Sunday – who knows!
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No Zumba for You!

Today there is no Zumba. 😦 Boo…

I’m taking today as a day-of-rest and tomorrow I’m breaking out the No More Trouble Zones DVD. I want to see if my strength has improved at all over the past few weeks.

Yesterday I had a pretty great time for shopping on Black Friday! I started my day with weights at home and then a Zumba class. I came home to clean up and pack up to head down to Madison. The drive down was good until a guy with a Christmas tree on his car pulled out in front of me and would only drive 50 mph the WHOLE way to Madison. When I got to Madison I was early so I thought I’d hit Home Depot before I met up with Rachel. I had to wait through 3 green lights before I could turn left towards Home Depot, but once I got there is was smooth sailing.

I found the first item on my list right away. Then a salesman asked if I needed help, they had a lot of workers available. I said yes and he led the way to the 2nd item. When I asked about the 3rd item I said it was $20 on Amazon and I wanted to know what their price was before I bought it. It was almost $30 and he said he’d give it to me for $20! Bonus! So we walked back up to the checkouts, he opened a closed lane, checked me out and I was on my way! Slick and quick! So then I proceded back to the mall to meet up with Rachel. I circled the lot a bit since it was packed and managed to find someone pulling out in the first row by Barnes and Noble! Bonus again! I went to the bathroom and headed in to shop. I wasn’t in the store more than 2 minutes when Rachel walked up! We did some shopping since I had a few things I had to get there. Then a man announced that all toys and educational products were 50% off today only. I stocked up on a lot of great crafty items for my girls and for the gift exchange with family members. The only downside was each item had to be a separate transaction to get the 50% off, but I didn’t care how many times I had to scan my card if I could save that much.

After our shopping there we headed to Panera. Packed as usual! We found a table, more like huge chairs and a tiny table, but we were set to go. We chatted for a long while and then I dropped Rachel off at her van at the mall. I then went to Menards to get a few more Christmas items, HyVee and Aldi’s were also on my stops. After all this I managed to get home around 4:30pm and my kids were so happy to see me you’d have thought I was gone for days, not hours!

Today we are going to head to the library, pick up pizza from Pizza Hut with the girls’ reading certificates and put up our Christmas tree and decorations this afternoon. After that I’m hoping to laze around with a good book!

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Black Friday

Hello all! I had a nice Thanksgiving with my family and extended family. Before we knew it it was 4pm! Time to head home.

Here’s a finished photo of the craft project the girls worked on.

Everyone did really well on their wreath and C had the most persistance and finished first. I think this will be a great and easy project for gifts.

Of course I ate way too much yesterday! 😛 Back on track for today. I got in my strength training session this morning and I have Zumba in a couple of hours. Then I’m heading to Madison for lunch with my bestie and some minor shopping. We are going to Panera for lunch and I have my points all figured out for my food there.

Rolling into the weekend we don’t have any plans, our playdate fell through for a couple of more weekends since everyone’s schedules are so busy. I do know I have to get to the library tomorrow morning and pick up some books on hold and look for a few more to read.

Have a great Black Friday!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are off to the inlaw’s house for Turkey Day!

I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Rollin’ with the punches.

This morning C is staying home from school with a tummyache. She’s been complaining on and off for a few days now. So today we are taking action. No string cheese, chunk cheese, milk or yogurt. This all stems from last week when they had HUGE muffins for snack. C ate too much of it and felt yucky, since then she’s developed a snack phobia. She also isn’t eating breakfast again, something we went through last year with her. She’s on the couch now, watching a movie and sipping on water. I can see she’s dehydrated since her lips are pretty dry and I know she doesn’t drink much during the day.

That being said, thank goodness I got in a good workout this morning. I did 15 minutes on the elliptical, Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred and another 10 minutes on the elliptical. Along with a bunch of stretching. I had intended on Zumba today, but that’s a no go, as is no Weight Watchers for me. I’ll miss the support of my meeting today, but I’m still over goal so I’d be paying money too. I’ll just make it my goal to lose at next week’s weighin. 🙂

So, what does the rest of the day look like? I have to make Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce and get my Sweet Potato/Carrot/Butternut Squash mash done. I haven’t decided if I’m taking an herb bread tomorrow or not. I may just save that recipe for Christmas.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to get a workout in before we head over to the inlaws around 11am. After lunch I have a craft project for the 5 kids to work on. I’ll take photos of it and post it online sometime soon. The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, so maybe, just maybe I could get in an afternoon walk around the neighborhood. Maybe I can convince the family to come along.

It’s still up in the air if I’ll get together with Rachel on Friday. Hubby still doesn’t know if he works on Friday or not. If he works I won’t get to meet up with her and instead we’ll travel to Milwaukee on Saturday for her son’s birthday party. Either way I’m going to get to see her!

Take care and have a happy Hump Day!

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Pain in the neck…

man, I did something to my neck yesterday morning when I was working out and it’s not better! Quite painful in fact, I’ve taken some Aleve and have a heated pad on it now. Darn situps!

So, yesterday morning I went to Zumba! Great class and so much fun! I enjoy my Monday classes. After that I went to Pierce’s, Walmart and Walgreens. I found a few bargains along the way. Pierce’s had bagged romaine on sale 2/$3 and I got a free bag of celery with my points. Then when I was at Walmart I got 4 tubes of chapstick for the price of 3. We are forever going through chapstick in this house. Then it was off to Walgreens to use some coupons. Here are a few deals they had…

  • Reynolds Foil was $3.99 regular price, $2.99 with their coupon and I had a 55¢ coupon
  • Bagged kisses and reese’s were 4/$10, plus I had 2 – $1 off coupons, then I earned $5 in register rewards for a future visit with a $25 purchase.
  • Almonds were on sale for $4.99 a bag, whent hey are like $7 or so.
  • While waiting in line the guy ahead of me had a $3 register rewards that he couldn’t use since he didn’t spend enough so the clerk suggested he give it to me! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Another coupon that printed out was $5 off Hershey’s candies. Like I need any more of them, but I just may get some since they’ll basically be FREE!

This morning I got up and did some running/jogging/walking/incline on the treadmill for a total of 45 minutes. I also did a lot of stretching, but I didn’t need any foam rolling surprisingly. My muscles must be getting used to lifting weights regularly. Although I’m feeling some gluteous action today!

It turns out C’s teacher doesn’t need my help today after all since they’ve had a change of plans, so I may head out to the library a bit later on today and check out the ‘free’ magazines.

Tomorrow I’m going to Zumba, Weight Watchers and then to C’s school for her Thanksgiving program. She guilted me into it last night at supper, so I’m stuck! LOL She’s pretty excited for her song and her tailfeathers.

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