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At it again!

Last night’s Zumba party was great! Tons of great high-energy songs and lots of fun people! I managed to get to sleep around 11pm and slept until 6am. Not too shabby. I’m leaving soon for another hour of Zumba and then calling it good for the day.

The girls and I are going to Hop at 10:30am and then coming home to figure out what to do with the rest of our day. I have a few things in mind, but we’ll see what actually gets accomplished.

Oh, I’m also at my lowest weight of the year, 151.2# Woot! Woot!

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Feel the burn on a Friday!

Morning all! I was excited to start my morning with more stength training. Even though I’m fighting a stinger in my neck it was a pretty decent workout. I even did overhead presses with 15# weights, let’s say the last 3 were not great form! It was heavy!

I’m going to Zumba this morning and I hear my friend Tami will be doing a couple of songs! I’m so thrilled for her! She’s taking a big step in her life and going to be a certified Zumba instructor. She’ll be great at it too! Tonight a bunch of us ladies from class will be traveling to Montello for a fundraiser Zumbathon. 1 1/2 hours of dancing should be awesome! The best part is that they are instructors I am familiar with, when it’s new people it’s hard for me to figure them out. Some just are plain bad at it! LOL

The girls also get out of school at noon today so that blows any chance of a nap for me. With TOM this week I’m just tired out and getting up at 4:30am is going to have me worn out by 8pm. 😛 On the positive side the scale said 151.4# this morning. I told you TOM and the BC Pill mess with my weight. We’ll see how it holds out.

Enjoy your rainy morning, but the sun should be out later on.

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My Pita Pizza

For lunch I was trying to use some leftovers up. I hate wasting food! 😛

I used refried beans as the sauce, diced chicken and leftover onions and peppers from taco night. I baked it in a 350 oven for 15 minutes before I added a splash of cheese, and I continued baking it for 5 more minutes.

I then went to the dentist and got a clean bill of health AND clean teeth! Another year to go before I go back.

I’ve also done 4 loads of laundry and just need to fold the final load. I did something I’ve never done before. I WASHED my reuseable shopping bags. They always say on TV you should wash them because of meats leaking or whatever. I’m also going to resew on the tabs that have come undone. The crabby lady at Walmart was bickering about them being broken, I know lady, but I don’t remember to do it when I put them away after I get home.

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Finally, 152.6#!

I’ve finally saw the 152’s again. I thought they would never reappear. 😛

I did NOT want to get up again. TOM has me seriously sleepy and I don’t like leaving my cocoon. After hitting the snooze button twice, I got up. I decided today was a running day. I did a 30 minute interval program on my treadmill, then another 30 minutes of my own thang. I felt pretty strong running today and even had a moment of zen where it all just felt ‘right’ to me. I must say I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that before.

On tap for today…

  • a couple of errands in the morning
  • teeth cleaning this afternoon
  • library stop after that
  • L has a haircut today at 5:30pm

Tomorrow is going to prove to be much more exciting. I’ll have Zumba in the morning, the girls get out of school at noon and then I leave for a Zumbathon a bit after 5pm. It’ll be 1 1/2 hours of Zumba-groovin’ going on and I love it! After that I believe we are headed to a bar/restaurant to hang out with the ladies and eat some food! The hard part will be having Zumba in the morning at Saturday at 8:30am. I only hope I don’t fall asleep in the canned good movie at 10:30am! LOL

Enjoy your day!

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Up’lifting’ day!

This morning I got back on track with my strength training. I’m on workout 2 of Stage 1A. I increased my weights again today and boy some of it was tough! I’m thankful I took yesterday off as a day of rest since my legs felt more strong today, rather than just plain sore. Yeah, there is still soreness, but my muscles are rebuilding themselves, GO MUSCLES! LOL

TOM is here in full force but I am popping the pills and going to Zumba! I also work today at Weight Watchers, so I’ll just go there after class. If I’m too early I just take my book along to read while I wait.

On the weight loss front I’ve pretty much been in the 153’s the entire past week, 153.2-153.8 and every where in between. I’m curious how my weight may or may not change once I’m off the BC pills. Typically during TOM I lose 1-2# and then bounce back up when I start up my pills again. Who knows?

Last night we had a Parent Club meeting at C’s school. Only one more to go before the end of the year. We hammered out a lot of details and I got home at 7pm! A tad later than I’d like, but the girls had their homework done and dishes were washed so I’m not complaining!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Giving blood and taking a rest day

Morning! I had an 8am blood draw scheduled for today. That means NO breakfast! To help that out a bit I slept in until 5:30am and kept myself busy until we left for school at 7:30am. I’m happy to say I survived giving blood, which I don’t like since I passed out several years ago. Yes, that was when I was DONATING blood, but the fear is still there. I chomped on a cereal bar on the way home before I came home and enjoyed this…..

My version of carrot cake oatmeal, complete with ICING! Yummy! I used a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cream Cheese and some powdered sugar and vanilla extract. This is definately a sometime breakfast. The icing was a tad sweet, but oh so good. 😛

Today I was supposed to lift weights for NROLFW. I’m postponing that until tomorrow. That way I can lift again on Friday and Sunday and not throw off the schedule too much. They recommend one day off between lifting and this will still do it. My legs are still super sore, but I rubbed them down this morning so I hope they’ll continue to improve.

I’m going to head to the library this morning. All of my books are awful! I need something to read at night. It was so frustrating to pick up book after book last night and not be excited by any of them.

Tonight I have Parent Club for C’s school. We are going to be discussing the upcoming Fine Arts Night, Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of the year Carnival. I hope more people show up this week, attendance has been very poor.

I’ve also managed to pick up 2-3 more nights working for Weight Watchers on Thursday nights. I’m excited about working and earning a bit more money in the process. I’ll never get rich doing it, but I love it so much!

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Where did Spring go?

I won’t complain about today’s weather since yesterday was such a beautiful day!

Okay, my body is in pain today. I won’t even list the muscles that are killing me, but I was buddies with my foam roller again. My at home workout was the treadmill and abs, along with stretching. I’ll be heading out to Zumba a bit later on.

I finished up a great book yesterday. Diary of a Mad fat Girl by Stephanie McAfee. Hilarious read, easy and light-hearted. I hope she writes some more books since this was her first. I was laughing out loud a few times as I read. Hubby thought I was losing it, which I kinda am!

Enjoy your Monday!

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Busy day, but just what I need!

We headed down to Madison after lunch today. We didn’t have a lot of luck at Goodwill. 😦 I did find a small souffle dish. I think I’m slightly obsessed with them! LOL

Then we went to Shopko for shoes for the girls. L got New Balance sneakers and C got Nike. Both pair were on sale and hopefully they are working out well for them and they are still clean! (They are outside running in the yard with the neighbor boy.) I found a new workout tshirt on sale too.

Next up was Woodman’s. I got my favorite Torani syrup, English Toffee! They are always out of it so I bought 2! The only other interesting buy was Laughing Cow Light Cream Cheese Wedges. I had $1 off coupon so I’m going to give them a whirl with something this week.

Finally we went to Jung’s to get 2 apple trees. Hubby just finished planting them a bit ago so in about…oh…..3-4 years we’ll have some fresh apples to enjoy!

Since we got home I’ve been unloading groceries, vacuuming out the van, vacuuming out the house, throwing the kids’ junk into their toy room (which they need to clean up before I go insane!), swapping out more laundry and avoiding folding some, and finally trying to get some leftovers reheated for supper. Sheeshh…I’m sorta tired and I have a bit more to do yet.

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Mixin’ it up again!

So typically I don’t workout on Sunday, then I binge eat, bad cycle! In order to break that cycle I decided to start doing strength training on Sunday mornings. I did a 15 minute warmup on the elliptical and then did Stage 1 Workout B this morning. Since that wasn’t enough torture I did Jillian Michael’s Backside for Beginners DVD too. Let’s just say I’m a tad shakey and unstable after 70 minutes of strength! Yikes!

This morning I have to get a bunch of laundry done before we leave for Madison after lunch today. We need to go to Goodwill, JcPenney, Woodman’s and who knows where else. Although yesterday my girls did score 11 bottoms for summer from my friend Tami’s stash! We still need a few new tops and I’d like to look for some clothes for me too. The girls also need new supportive tennis shoes and I’m going to see what Penney’s has for workout gear if I don’t get lucky at Goodwill. The last time I went I found 2 really nice workout shirts for cheap!

My upcoming week is like this….

  • M – Zumba
  • T – Blood draw, strength, Parent Club
  • W – Zumba?, Work at Weight Watchers
  • T –  Dentist
  • F – Zumba, early release from school, Zumbathon at night
  • S – Zumba, 10:30 canned good movie
  • S – ?
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Saturday morning workout

I did something this morning I haven’t done in ages, I worked out at home! Usually I’ve only been doing Zumba for my Saturday workout, but I received my new HRM in the mail yesterday and wanted to try it out. So far so good, no weird heart rate readings yet. I’m going to wear it to Zumba today too to see how hard I’m working.

So my workout this morning was 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 25 minutes walking on the treadmill. I followed it up with some stretching. Today my obliques are super sore and it feels good to stretch them out.

After that I’m coming home to get cleaned up so we can go to the inlaw’s house for lunch and chatting with the family. I wish the weather would be nice enough for an outdoor picnic, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen.

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