My plan of action!

Good Thursday morning! This week is flying by! I have a couple photos to share.

The first photo is my nook on our kitchen counter. You can see my purse, my water bottle, my food journal and a few things posted on the wall. My two favorite things are my Mother’s Day gifts from C. Words that describe me and her top 5 favorite things about me. 🙂 Too cute! You’ll notice a large shot with the rules for the week on it.

  1. No weigh-in until 6/6/12.
  2. No cereal.
  3. No almonds.
  4. One serving of popcorn.
  5. Get in oil and dairy daily.
  6. Eat table. (except smoothies or capp)  For the record that means eat at the table, not EAT the table. LOL

I came home to find the sticky note attached to my list…Play games with children! Leave it to L to horn in on my list for the week! 😛

So, rule #1, the scale is put away, it’s not in the bathroom for morning weigh-in. #2 & #3 – I need to act like I am allergic to these to trigger foods. #4 One serving is enough, I tend to go back for more, I love the crunch. #5. I need oil for my skin and hair and I need dairy too. #6. This will hopefully ban my eating on the couch. Which is in front of the TV, which causes me to overeat, etc. These simple things will keep me on track for the week.

My workout this morning was just cardio, I chose the treadmill over Jillian’s DVD. She’s fine, but I was feeling the treadmill more so than her today.

How is my day shaping up? I have to go to the Dollar Tree, Bank, Family Video, WW site to drop of supplies. I have a project in mind for the summer that I need to buy supplies for at the Dollar Tree. I’ll post more about it when I finish it up. This afternoon L has her awards at school which I am going to attend.


  • Carnival a C’s school. I was going to go to Zumba, but the mom-guilt won out. If it was a favorite instructor I may have changed my mind.
  • Early release at noon, play at park with other kids.
  • 6pm-7:30pm Both girls are attending a DJ party at a friend’s house.
  • Hubby and I get to go out for dinner!


  • Divine Savior 1 mile walk with the family
  • Kite flying
  • Parade
  • Face painting
  • Open to any other activities going on.

That’s what I know for now. Enjoy your cool day!

Don’t dwell on it, move on!

Good morning! I’m not sure what the weather is doing, it’s very cloudy today and I’m hoping there won’t be any rain while the girls are on their field trips.

Let’s get to it. I did not do well eating yesterday. Stress, boredom, carbs, just ugg…152.6#, I deserve that. So what’s my plan?

  • Today I will buy a new 3 month journal at Weight Watchers – that will get me through the entire summer with tracking my food.
  • I will make cereal an OFF LIMITS food, period. Just say NO. 😛
  • I will buy more smoothie mix at work so I can get in my dairy in the summer and make my ice cream-like treat.

There are other things I’m going to do to, but don’t want to blog about it right now.

Alright, clean slate. My workout was with Jillian again this morning. I added weights to some moves and tried ‘harder’. The result was I burned more calories this time than the previous two! I like progress.

My plans for today are to do a 45 minute online training for work. Then I work my two meetings today. I don’t work tomorrow night because attendance still isn’t high enough to warrant two receptionists. We’ll see how it goes this week, maybe I’ll be working next Thursday.

Enjoy your day!

Work it out!

Man, I stink at coming up with titles! LOL Let’s get to it! 151.6# on the scale, too much sodium, no binge! That’s two weekends in a row of being in control and not eating out the cupboards!

My workout was with Jillian this morning, the workout I did today I only have to do one more time before I move on to the next group of DVDs. I again added weights to the moves including the warrior pose which makes my shoulders start to wobble. Love it!

The Zumba Crew is offering Zumbatonic for Kids starting next week. My youngest (7 year old) wants to do it and I’m signing her up. She wants me to be there, but NOT watch her! Too cute! My 9 year old doesn’t want to do it, so I said she’s just going to have to watch or hang out with me while her sister has the 45 minute class.

Hubby and I were discussing summer plans this weekend. Generally we don’t do much. We don’t have a large family and what’s left of mine is in Minnesota. Here are a few options that we came up with for cheap(er) summer fun!

  • Noah’s Ark in the Dells
  • House on the Rock
  • Little Norway
  • Checking out Waterfalls up north
  • Local festivals
  • The beach
  • Playdates
  • 2 Weeks of Summer School
  • Zumba for me and C
  • Bowling

What’s on tap for you this summer?

Enjoy the day!

Final week of school!

I’m excited for the girls to be done, and sad to lose my ‘alone’ time. Selfish, I know. 😛

Yesterday morning C helped me weed the vegetable gardens and replant some seeds. We got it all done before it got too hot out and I had to load up on the Deet spray to fend off the mosquitoes. After lunch I got the stripe painted in their bedroom and they went outside do use the slip ‘n slide that hubby bought them. I realize that I really don’t like painting! LOL Thank goodness it was only a small area.

On to today…150.8# was on the scale again. I did not workout at home this morning because I’m just sore. I’ll be heading to Zumba at 9:30 with my girls in tow. Afterwards we are picking up their two friends for a short playdate. That’s the only reason they want to come along, because they don’t want to miss the 5 minute car ride home with their friends!

There isn’t much else on my agenda for today, but let’s look at the coming week….

  • Tuesday – C’s snack day
  • Wednesday – Both girls have a field trip, Zumba (depends on my mood and the teacher)        I work 2 Weight Watchers meetings
  • Thursday – Award ceremony at L’s school
  • Friday – Carnival at C’s school, I’ll be there from 7:45am-Noon, meet up with a bunch of moms and kids at the park after school, C & L have a party in the evening and hubby and I are going out for dinner
  • Saturday – Divine Savior 1 Mile Walk with the family, watch kite flying, parade?, face painting for kids

Enjoy your day!


Good Sunday morning! I slept until 5am, woohoo! 😛 Today was my cardio workout with Jillian. The last time I was supposed to do it I walked instead. Today I popped in the DVD and got to work. My first thought was, I like this. Then she repeated all the moves 3 times. I was hoping for a bit more variety in the moves. Like 2 different sets of workouts. In the end I survived the 26 minutes of Jillian and felt better for it! Then I did my own thing on the treadmill for a bit and then some ab work. Tomorrow is my day off from Jillian but I’ll still do something at home (maybe) but I will go to Zumba for sure at 9:30am.

150.4# on the scale today. I’m working on the 140’s, they are eluding me today, but I’ll get there.

After my workout, shower and breakfast, hubby helped me with the girls’ bedroom. He marked off the stripe with the level and I followed behind with the painter’s tape. They have the ABC’s stenciled on their walls and since they are not ‘babies’ any more they want it painted over. I am so NOT going to paint their entire room since it’s in fairly good shape. Instead we are going to paint a stripe around the room (like a wallpaper border) with a darker paint color. I’m hoping hubby can pick that up today or tomorrow and we can get it done.

Other than that our plans are minimal. There are a couple of household things I want to take care of today, but otherwise I’m all about taking it easy.

Enjoy your day!

Finally, it’s raining!

Boy, we really need the rain here. Our grass is crispy brown and my garden just looks sad by the end of the day. I’m not complaining about it!

150.8# this morning, holding steady. I did workout 2 with Jillian this morning. I was doing a row with one of our resistance bands and apparently I have hurculean strength because it snapped in two and I went tottering backwards! Actually, it’s over 10+ years old, so I just grabbed a different one. For some reason I can’t locate my really good band, I think the girls relocated it for me!

We have no plans for this long weekend. We don’t have a large family and a limited amount of friends, so we just spend time together. Today we have to go to the library, video store, Farm & Fleet, & Aldi.

If the weather clears up (which it’s supposed to) I’m going to pick some lettuce at my friend’s house and hopefully go for a walk or bike ride with the kiddos.


Pick up sticks!

Yesterday was windy, like windy enough to knock a lot of twigs, branches and limbs out of our many trees. I was picking up a bunch yesterday afternoon and then last night I watched 5 more fall into our front yard. Our large tree in back lost 3 rather large limbs, thank goodness no one was under them! I guess my day will consist of more stick-pickin!

My weight this morning was 150.8#, good. My workout was hard, hard because my muscles are sore and working them out hard required a lot of effort on my part. I’m happy I got through Jillian’s workout today. I did use weights on some of the moves I hadn’t used them on before and I put more effort into it. The result was I burned 50 more calories during this workout than the first time I did it.

I’m meeting a friend on the levee at 9:30am for a nice walk. There is no Zumba this morning since the church will be in use with a funeral so I figured a walk was in order. This afternoon I have grocery shopping to do and I should do some laundry, but that will probably wait until tomorrow.

We don’t have any huge weekend plans. We may attempt the drive-in movie on Saturday night. I haven’t been in over 10 years and the kids would enjoy doing something different. I don’t know if C can stay up that late, but I think the newness of it might keep her excited.

Enjoy the sun!


My walk with my friend was lovely. It makes an hour go by in no time! I came home, picked up a ton of sticks, got bit by mosquitos and then took a shower. After lunch I headed out for grocery shopping. That was my first mistake, going after lunch on a FRIDAY of a HOLIDAY weekend. 😛 Then I encountered 3 rude drivers and a bird took a big poo on my windshield! Thank goodness nothing else bad happened while I was shopping. I got a few good deals on some food that we can enjoy over the weekend, chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon! Yummy!

Now that things are done and I’m online reading blogs and looking for recipes I realize just how tired out I am. I may go on the porch and ‘read’ a bit before the kiddos get home.