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One day down…

on May 17, 2012

151.2#  That’s more like it!

I slept like absolute garbage last night. I HATE that! I did get up for my workout though. 😛 I did a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical and then did Jillian’s Shred and Shed DVD. I only have it until tomorrow so I did Level 1 today and Level 2 tomorrow. I must say that today was a ton easier than the first time. I was able to put a bit more oompph into it and burned a lot more calories. It’s a pretty tough workout, but I know tomorrow’s is worse!

My breakfast was oats with rhubarb from my garden! I found the two largest stalks I could, chopped them up and put truvia on them and left them overnight in the fridge. It was good! 5 PP+

I’m now sipping on my cappuccino and had some frozen grapes. I’m sure another capp will follow.    1 PP+ each.

Last night my friend Tami gave hubby some lettuce from her garden. Guess what I’m having for lunch? Yum!

Tonight I work at Weight Watchers and then the two ladies I work with and I are going out for dinner at La Tolteca. It’s Brandy’s birthday today and Shannon’s tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll go with a taco salad or I like burritos. No margaritas for me and nothing fried! Well, maybe a couple of chips and salsa!

See you later!


So before I headed out for my 65 minute walk on the levee I enjoyed some yogurt and cereal with fruit for 2 PP+

My walk was pretty good, but my music is so boring. It’s better to talk to someone.

My lunch was superb! The lettuce from Tami’s garden was great! I topped it with a bunch of other veggies and then some kidney beans for protein. = 3 PP+ total

After that I had a small bowl of butternut squash for dessert.


On to the rest of my food for the day….

Popcorn for 2 PP+

An orange before work a cereal bar during work – 2 PP+

Then a jello before work too.

There is no photo of dinner, but I’ll tell you what I had. We went to a Mexican restaurant for my co-workers birthdays. I asked my friend Tami what to order, so I went with the California Burrito with chicken. She told me it was huge, enough for 2 lunches! Well……not for me and my appetite! LOL It was a large flour tortilla with chicken, 3 small pieces of lettuce, 1/4 c. of spanish rice, no cheese, no guac, and a miniscule amount of refried beans in it. Let’s just say it looked huge, but when I opened it up, because I didn’t eat all the tortilla or sauce on the plate, it was severely lacking in food. Mind you, I was hungry, but it didn’t come close to filling me up. Granted I was no longer starving, but it wasn’t enough filling for me. Before our meal I had 5 tortilla chips and salsa. Yes, 5, I put them on a napkin and that’s all I ate. I came up with 14 PP+ for dinner. When I got home I had a Toasted Coconut Bar for dessert, 2 PP+. I needed my sweet treat and it did the trick!



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