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Finally Friday!

on May 18, 2012

151.6#!  Great! 😛

I slept better last night, but not great. I was wide awake at 2am when L was calling “Daddy” from her room. She had a nightmare and needed comfort. I felt like I should get up, but knew that would be awful! I obviously fell back to sleep because my alarm woke me up at 4:30am.

My workout was Level 2 of Jillian’s Shred and Shed. It was pretty darn hard still, but it was a good 50 minute workout! Sadly I have to take the DVD back to the library today. Surprisingly I’m not sore from yesterday’s workout. Strange.

Breakfast was oats with flax for 5 PP+

Here’s a recycled photo of my cappuccino (2x=2 PP+) and grapes.

On my agenda for today is to finish up a few things online and then head over to garage sale nearby to see what they have for my girls. I’m also going to Goodwill to see if I can find myself some new clothes and then to Walmart for a few miscellaneous things, maybe clothes if I don’t find any at Goodwill.

Enjoy this gorgeous weather. I’ll have to post garden photos soon!


While I was out garage sale-ing I ate an apple.

Here’s my booty thanks in part to my friend Tami for telling me about 2 of the 3 garage sales I hit up.

I got…

  • 2 skirts
  • 3 capris
  • 2 jeans
  • 4 shorts
  • 3 sweatpants
  • 12 shirts
  • 1 pair shoes
  • 2 capris for me (one fits, ones a bit snug in the thighs)
  • badminton set

All of that was $39! So minus the $5 for badminton I only spend $34 for all those clothes, sweet! Five items still had their tags on them and my hot pink capris were $15.82 regular price and I got them for $2! I even snagged Nike warmup pants for 75¢! Everything is in the wash now so it’ll be clean when the girls get home to be surprised.

Lunch today was my other portobello cap with a smear of pizza sauce, a bruschetta veggie burger with mozzarella cheese (3 PP+) and some baby carrots. I then had butternut squash for dessert.

Then I received a surprise. Apparently we were getting a delivery from the flower shop in town. I couldn’t think who would have sent us anything. I turns out if you spend a few thousands dollars on a new furnace, they send you this in return…

Sorta seems unfair to me! 😛

While I was out and about today I had to get a few more things for the garden so I went to the greenhouse in town. They did NOT have butternut squash plants. Bummer, I bought seeds instead. I did pick up a spaghetti squash plant, another pepper plant and some cilantro & arugula seeds. I should put them out today, but I’m tired, have laundry to fold and it’s HOT! LOL I think I’ll save it for tomorrow.


Let’s see afternoon snacks were popcorn (2 PP) with olive oil (1 PP). Then since it was so hot I had a smoothie for 3 PP.

Supper was a homemade burrito for 4 PP and a large salad with dressing for 1 PP. I was going to eat two burritos, but found I was satisfied with just one. 🙂

I also managed to plant some more things into my garden even though it was hot. My nighttime snack was yogurt with berries and cereal for 4 PP. Then I just had to have a Toasted Coconut Bar for 2 PP.


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