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Pumpin’ Iron

on May 20, 2012

Good Sunday Morning! 150# graced the scale again this morning. 😛 Come on 140’s.

Shopping in Madison was pretty successful yesterday. Each girl got a Math book from Sylvan Learning Center Books. L got the 4th grade math so she can review everything she learned this year in school and be prepared for 5th grade math. C got 2nd grade since it had a lot of the things she learned in 1st grade but a few extras to push her a bit.

My morning workout was a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical, then Stage 2B of NROLW. This stage ends with 15 minutes of HIIT, I opted for the elliptical for that today. I have a blister on my baby toe from my running shoes and didn’t want to run, my crosstrainers didn’t bug my blister so I went with the elliptical. I love that I am getting noticeably stronger in my arms. Like Jillian says, “Your arms are the only body part that most people see naked!”

Breakfast this morning was oats with rhubarb (courtesy of Tami), banana and flax for 5 PP. I then sipped on a cappuccino while my fan is blowing on me. It’s warm in here today, but there is no way we are putting on the AC yet.

I also realized that I don’t have a lot of great shorts to wear. I have a blue jean pair, a tan pair and a black pair. Those are the 3 main ones I wear. I have 2 that are nasty and I usually only wear them on walks since they are drawstring and looser. Then I have 1 dress pair of plaid ones. I do have capris, but when it’s this warm they just don’t cut it. Maybe the girls and I will head to Goodwill today since I didn’t go there on Friday.


Well, Goodwill was a bust. I guess I’ll be forced to buy new somewhere in town.

Oh to food…morning snack before shopping was yogurt, fruit and cereal for 2 PP.

Lunch was a jumbo salad with ham, kidney beans, croutons and dressing for 4 PP. Followed by squash for dessert.

I enjoyed a frappuccino to cool me down (1 PP) then popcorn and olive oil in the afternoon (5 PP)

Supper was shirataki noodles, homemade spicy sauce, meatballs, parmesan cheese and garlic bun for 7 PP. I had a Toasted Coconut Bar for dessert 2 PP. There may be another snack later on.

On to gardening news… radishes are almost ready to pick. Cool! I planted some more lettuce today and some more radish seeds. I also found more room in my garden for some more pepper plants which I’ll pick up sometime this week.

Enjoy the weather now that the cool front moved through.


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