My life as a woman, wife and mother.


on May 27, 2012

Good Sunday morning! I slept until 5am, woohoo! 😛 Today was my cardio workout with Jillian. The last time I was supposed to do it I walked instead. Today I popped in the DVD and got to work. My first thought was, I like this. Then she repeated all the moves 3 times. I was hoping for a bit more variety in the moves. Like 2 different sets of workouts. In the end I survived the 26 minutes of Jillian and felt better for it! Then I did my own thing on the treadmill for a bit and then some ab work. Tomorrow is my day off from Jillian but I’ll still do something at home (maybe) but I will go to Zumba for sure at 9:30am.

150.4# on the scale today. I’m working on the 140’s, they are eluding me today, but I’ll get there.

After my workout, shower and breakfast, hubby helped me with the girls’ bedroom. He marked off the stripe with the level and I followed behind with the painter’s tape. They have the ABC’s stenciled on their walls and since they are not ‘babies’ any more they want it painted over. I am so NOT going to paint their entire room since it’s in fairly good shape. Instead we are going to paint a stripe around the room (like a wallpaper border) with a darker paint color. I’m hoping hubby can pick that up today or tomorrow and we can get it done.

Other than that our plans are minimal. There are a couple of household things I want to take care of today, but otherwise I’m all about taking it easy.

Enjoy your day!


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