My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Work it out!

on May 29, 2012

Man, I stink at coming up with titles! LOL Let’s get to it! 151.6# on the scale, too much sodium, no binge! That’s two weekends in a row of being in control and not eating out the cupboards!

My workout was with Jillian this morning, the workout I did today I only have to do one more time before I move on to the next group of DVDs. I again added weights to the moves including the warrior pose which makes my shoulders start to wobble. Love it!

The Zumba Crew is offering Zumbatonic for Kids starting next week. My youngest (7 year old) wants to do it and I’m signing her up. She wants me to be there, but NOT watch her! Too cute! My 9 year old doesn’t want to do it, so I said she’s just going to have to watch or hang out with me while her sister has the 45 minute class.

Hubby and I were discussing summer plans this weekend. Generally we don’t do much. We don’t have a large family and what’s left of mine is in Minnesota. Here are a few options that we came up with for cheap(er) summer fun!

  • Noah’s Ark in the Dells
  • House on the Rock
  • Little Norway
  • Checking out Waterfalls up north
  • Local festivals
  • The beach
  • Playdates
  • 2 Weeks of Summer School
  • Zumba for me and C
  • Bowling

What’s on tap for you this summer?

Enjoy the day!


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