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My plan of action!

on May 31, 2012

Good Thursday morning! This week is flying by! I have a couple photos to share.

The first photo is my nook on our kitchen counter. You can see my purse, my water bottle, my food journal and a few things posted on the wall. My two favorite things are my Mother’s Day gifts from C. Words that describe me and her top 5 favorite things about me. 🙂 Too cute! You’ll notice a large shot with the rules for the week on it.

  1. No weigh-in until 6/6/12.
  2. No cereal.
  3. No almonds.
  4. One serving of popcorn.
  5. Get in oil and dairy daily.
  6. Eat table. (except smoothies or capp)  For the record that means eat at the table, not EAT the table. LOL

I came home to find the sticky note attached to my list…Play games with children! Leave it to L to horn in on my list for the week! 😛

So, rule #1, the scale is put away, it’s not in the bathroom for morning weigh-in. #2 & #3 – I need to act like I am allergic to these to trigger foods. #4 One serving is enough, I tend to go back for more, I love the crunch. #5. I need oil for my skin and hair and I need dairy too. #6. This will hopefully ban my eating on the couch. Which is in front of the TV, which causes me to overeat, etc. These simple things will keep me on track for the week.

My workout this morning was just cardio, I chose the treadmill over Jillian’s DVD. She’s fine, but I was feeling the treadmill more so than her today.

How is my day shaping up? I have to go to the Dollar Tree, Bank, Family Video, WW site to drop of supplies. I have a project in mind for the summer that I need to buy supplies for at the Dollar Tree. I’ll post more about it when I finish it up. This afternoon L has her awards at school which I am going to attend.


  • Carnival a C’s school. I was going to go to Zumba, but the mom-guilt won out. If it was a favorite instructor I may have changed my mind.
  • Early release at noon, play at park with other kids.
  • 6pm-7:30pm Both girls are attending a DJ party at a friend’s house.
  • Hubby and I get to go out for dinner!


  • Divine Savior 1 mile walk with the family
  • Kite flying
  • Parade
  • Face painting
  • Open to any other activities going on.

That’s what I know for now. Enjoy your cool day!


2 responses to “My plan of action!

  1. Darci says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend you have ahead!

    And I love that you wrote your plan down…that always helps me too! Stick with it girl, you can do it! 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Darci! Writing things down is key! I’ve always been a list maker. It declutters my mind! 🙂

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