Coming up with titles is rough. :P

Good morning! I slept in until a bit after 5am! πŸ™‚ It was nice to not need an alarm clock this morning. Hubby is off doing a side job for the day to earn some extra cash. I’m taking the kids to the 10:10am movie of Brave. It’s only $5 and NOT in 3D, which I like. After that we have to drop off zucchini, drop off a DVD at the library that we forgot to put in the case when we returned it and head home to eat lunch before we head to the beach for the afternoon.

My morning workout was a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical and then I did the final workout of #6 with Jillian. I decided to take my measurements again today. Each arm has gained 1/4″, I lost 1/2″ off my pooch and 1″ off my hips since May 22, 2012. I’m down 1.8# too. Not great losses, but for me I can tell I’m toned up more and feel great! Truly that’s all that matters. Oh, it does help to see 149.6# on the scale today. πŸ™‚

Our garage sale yesterday wasn’t great. It hurt that there were no other sales in our area yesterday. We packed everything up and plan to do it again the first weekend in August. After that things will be donated away, never to be seen again!

Tonight we are going to the Concert in the Park that starts at 6:30pm. We’ll eat supper at home before we head down to find a place to sit. It’s always hard to find parking nearby so I know we’ll be walking a bit to get there. We just have to leave with enough time to allow for that. Hubby is planning on being home by 5pm so he can eat and shower before we go.

We have no plans for Sunday. L has a birthday party at 5pm. It’s a sleepover until 10:30am the next day. I told the mom I’d be there as soon as I could after Zumba since that gets over at 10:30am, it wasn’t a problem for her. Of course C is sad to be without her big sister, but she needs to learn to adapt to those situations.

Enjoy your day!

Fabulous & Fantastic Friday!

Good morning all! I’m so happy it’s Friday. Why? We are having a garage sale. Okay, maybe I’m not that excited, but the girls are. They are hoping their things sell with = $ for them!

I had my final DVD #5 workout with Jillian this morning! One more to go with DVD #6. This morning again my HRM was wonky! 215 bpm, I don’t think so! So, I washed it again and it’s drying. It seems I always have this problem with HRM, maybe I need a new brand besides Polar. Ideas?

My weight was 149.8# this morning! Yipee! I want to stay in the 140’s, but it’s hard to do. I am weighing in on Thursday next week for the month of July. There is no way I want to weigh in the following week since I have 3 dining out experiences prior to that. Not that I’m going to make bad choices, but restaurant food does a number on me.

Gotta run, I have a few things to get done before the sale starts!

Keeping my cool.

Good morning! It’s going to be hot around here today. Thank goodness I turned the AC on yesterday afternoon so that it would be nice and cool last night and today. We are in serious need of rain around here. I have to water both gardens every day or they look like death. The good thing is we don’t have a water bill since we live outside of town, but I still hate running the water so long.

The bonus of watering the garden is picking my first English cucumber this morning! We’ll be enjoying that tasty treat for lunch today. I also got a few more radishes and zucchini.

My workout this morning was getting up to go to the bathroom at 3:30am and shutting OFF my alarm clock! I did not want to get up at 4:30 to run, so I didn’t. Instead I got up, cleaned out my closet, found my tables for the garage sale and took a shower. Surprisingly the scale said 150.6# this morning after no exercise. I say ‘surprisingly’ since Wednesday’s are the day I treat myself to a food I’ve been craving all week. I had a McD’s cone at lunch time and a Snickers bar after dinner, along with a bunch of almonds! πŸ™‚ Yeah, I know I shouldn’t splurge so much in one day, but truly, it’s ONE day and not the entire day. I’m back on track today and I think that having that cheat makes eating well the other days that much easier. Not that it’s hard to eat healthy, but sometimes my body craves other types of foods. I also begin to wonder if my low fat diet is part of the reason I don’t have a period yet. That coupled with several hours of exercise per week. Who knows?

Alright, what’s going on today? Well, it’s 8am and the girls are still sleeping! Thank goodness, they need it. Later on we’ll start putting out things for our garage sale tomorrow. My friend Tami brought over her tables this morning so now we should be good to go with setting things out. It won’t be a huge sale, but we’ll see what happens.

The girls have summer school at noon and then I need to go get more change for the garage sale. Last night at Weight Watchers I got pretty depleted on my cash. I’m picking up my friend’s kids from school today too and then I have to work at 4:30 at Weight Watchers. Thankfully this meeting is in town and hubby will be picking the girls up at 5:30pm.

Tomorrow I WILL work out. I have my last workout #5 with Jillian and I want that one to be over. πŸ˜› Our garage sale starts at 8am until whenever I feel like shutting it down. It will depend on traffic flow of course.

Enjoy the day!

It’s getting hot in here!

Well, soon, like tonight, it’s going to be unbearably hot! Humid and 90’s for several days in a row. It’s making me appreciate the nice cool weather this morning.

Yesterday was an activity filled day for me, my morning workout, Zumba and then an hour walk! I was pretty wiped by the end of the day.

My day today started with 15 minutes on the elliptical and then DVD #6 with Jillian. Two more workouts before I get to move on to 7 & 8! Yipee! On the down side, my heart rate monitor is starting to act wonky. I washed it, but I think I need to do it again. It’s just frustrating to have a piece of equipment that doesn’t work properly.

On tap for today is work. I also need to stop at the library and Walmart at some point today. After I work in Reedsburg the girls and I are making a trip to Aldi to stock up on things from there. Nothing too exciting, but busy!

Enjoy your day!

I’m feeling fantastic!

This morning Jillian tried to kill me! I’ll admit I did a bit better this go round, but it’s still tough. I better have rock hard arms after all this! LOL

Let’s back up to yesterday. I went to Zumba and it was a great class! I ‘like’ the instructor that taught and her playlist was wonderful! I was pleasantly surprised! Today my friend Tami teaches class and I’m excited to go. I even got the girls up early so we won’t have meltdowns like yesterday morning before Zumba. I didn’t give them enough time to get ready to go, lesson learned.

After summer school we went to the park for a bit. I feel bad that we haven’t done much like that this summer, but sometimes it’s just too darn hot to take them to a sand covered park with no shade on the playground equipment.

Then after supper the girls wanted to go for a bike ride, so we went around the mile loop out by our house. It’s sooo much faster than walking! LOL

This morning my workout was a 10 minute elliptical warmup. Then I did DVD #5 with Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. I only have to do this DVD one more time! Good. I have Zumba at 8:30am and then I meet my friend Gemma at 1:30pm to walk the levee for an hour. That gives me enough time to go to the library, change clothes, clean up and get to the school to pick up the kids. Today I get my friend Tami’s kids too. We’ll all head over to her house until she gets done at the Doctor. Meanwhile I’m going to be picking some of her lettuce.

That’s all I know for today. I’m going to enjoy the ‘cool’ weather of today since it’s going to be VERY hot the next few days.


Thank goodness I have Zumba this morning! I miss it! πŸ™‚

Yesterday the kids came home in the late afternoon. I could see it on their faces that they were tired out. They had a great time with their grandparents and cousin and told us all about it as the night went on. Even though they were tired, C took a walk with me after dinner. It was plenty hot out and she drank water for the entire 30 minutes that we walked. She said she thought she was dehydrated from the weekend! πŸ™‚

My workout this morning was some interval running on the treadmill and then some incline walking. Nothing too strenuous, but different from just running at a steady pace. The scale still says 150.4# which is fine by me. πŸ™‚

This morning I picked 4 zucchini out of my garden. I’m going to make some sort of muffin today. I love a good zucchini muffin! Plus I don’t feel to bad if the kids eat them for a snack since I know I don’t load them up with fat and sugar. Maybe I’ll experiment with a new recipe too, who knows.

The kids have summer school today, thankfully it won’t be so hot and humid (yet) so that C can enjoy soccer outside. I have a feeling by Thursday the kids will be melting outside. Hopefully she won’t give her water bottle to her sister again and NOT have it during class.

Nothing else happening around here. Enjoy the day!

Take me out to the moooovvvviiieess!

Good morning! Well, like normal I was up at 4:30am! It’s my day of rest too and I couldn’t even catch a bit more sleep. Such is life.

This morning I have…

  • read my book
  • got laundry going
  • made jello
  • froze grapes
  • made homemade peach sorbet! I’m hoping this tastes good later on.
  • went to inlaws to water tomato plants
  • while I was there picked some of their raspberries! shhhh, don’t tell
  • bought a Sunday paper, which I have yet to read
  • done the dishes
  • showered
  • eaten breakfast

Yesterday I managed to get everything priced for our garage sale. It’s not a lot of stuff, but hopefully the right people will show up and buy us out! πŸ™‚ At least the kids hope so since they get to split the money for anything of theirs that sells.

Last night before supper Hubby and I went into town to go for a walk. We agree that that would be the ONLY benefit of living in town, having sidewalks to walk on and seeing a lot of different things. Where we are there is limited places to walk safely.

This morning hubby and I are going to the movies! We are going to see Rock of Ages. I realize that this isn’t the greatest movie ever, but I think the 80’s music alone will make it fun! Plus I get to go on a mini-date with hubby.

The girls will return home sometime this afternoon. Grandpa didn’t have a definate time, but I told him we wouldn’t be home until noon. He said he doubted they’d be home that early. I can’t wait to hear what the girls did this weekend. Grandma posted some photos on Facebook and it looks like bars were made, dancing was done and sliding was enjoyed!

Here’s what’s on tap for this week…

  • Monday – Zumba for me, school for the kids
  • Tuesday – Zumba again, school for the kids, pick up Tami’s kiddos after school too
  • Wednesday – Work at noon for Weight Watchers, Tami takes kids to school,Β work at 5:30pm too, take kids with
  • Thursday – School for the kids
  • Friday – Garage Sale
  • Saturday – Hubby has to do a side-job during the day, parade and concert in the park that evening
  • Sunday – L has a sleepover birthday party at 5pm

I’m sure other things will work in too, but for now that’s what I know.

Enjoy the day!