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Monday is here!

on June 4, 2012

I thought I’d have a little quiet-mom-time before the girls woke up. No such luck! They were up at 5:40am! I was up at 4:30am working out in the basement. 30 min. on the elliptical and a 15 min. ab DVD. I also have Zumba at 9:30am and I’m hoping to do some activity with the girls this afternoon.

So, I’m not doing great on my rules for the week. I broke #1 today, I stepped on the scale, 151.6#, I’m fine with that although this time last year I was in the 140’s pretty steady and I’m working to get back there.

Let’s see, I have NOT eaten cereal or almonds! Score 2 for me! I’ve also limited my popcorn to one serving, score 3! I have eaten in the living room, but have NOT binged, so that’s a 1/2 score for me. I’ve also been hit or miss on dairy and oils. The main focus is NOT eating like a pig. Doing well on this! LOL

After Zumba today we sign up the girls for summer reading through the library. They both like reading, L more so than C, but when incentives are involved it goes more smoothly.

Not much else happening in my world, enjoy yours!


3 responses to “Monday is here!

  1. Suzanne Muir says:

    Someone once told me about the 80% rule. The idea is to be on plan 80% of the time and not worry about the 20!
    Yes there were a couple of bumps in your day but you did great and you finished strong!!

  2. Angie says:

    Suzanne – you and I share the same birthdate, September 30th!

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