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Those 303 stairs had nothing on us!

on June 4, 2012

We did it! The new stairs were awesome and it seemed like we made it to the top in no time flat!

When we got to the top a Park Ranger was up there with her family and we got the scoop on the new stairs and how they were built. It was nice to talk to someone with knowledge about the park and what goes on there. She even took a family photo for us! Those can be hard to get sometimes.

After the park we went to the flea market in that town. We haven’t been there in over 10 years either and it probably has some of the same people! It’s basically rental storage sheds that people have loaded with junk that they try to sell every Saturday and Sunday. We bought a few things, including some eggplant plants for the garden. They replaced the broccoli that went to seed.

After rummaging through junk we went to a park for our picnic lunch. Ocassionally we could smell the beautiful tree behind us, other times it smelled like dead animal! Eak! We didn’t explore the source of that smell.

When lunch was done we took the scenic way home. We basically drove through an old town we used to live in and some subdivisions in that area. We wanted to see how things had changed, turns out, they really haven’t much! LOL

At home I worked in the garden a bit and L planted the eggplants and some more beet seeds for me, while I pulled some radishes and weeds. Hubby and I watered all the veggies and then I got burgers on the grill for supper! Yummy!

Finally, after supper I went to Tami’s to drop off radishes and to pick some lettuce. Thank goodness for her and her abundance of fresh lettuce! I haven’t had luck this year with my lettuce and hers is going strong. When C and I got home I finally got to take the shower I was longing for and so did the girls. Then we did toes and fingernails. By that I mean, we trimmed them up and slapped some pretty color and stickers on them!

I’m tired and ready for bed, enjoy your evening!


3 responses to “Those 303 stairs had nothing on us!

  1. Whoo Hoo for the painted toes!!!!!

  2. Angie says:

    I added that in for you Tami! I have to do mine tomorrow, but the girls are good. 😛

  3. Libby says:

    Sounds like a fun day!

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