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on June 6, 2012

It’s mid-week of the first week home for the girls. Finally, they slept until a bit AFTER 6am! I’ll take it, I got my few minutes alone and it was nice.

Yesterday I went to Zumba while the girls hung out with a bunch of other children. I don’t think they know what to think about some boys. The boys put on a violent puppet show for the girls. My youngest didn’t even know what violent meant! So I explained it to her. After class I changed clothes and dropped the girls and their friend off at their Zumbatomic class downtown. I did a few errands while they were in class and got back in time to see the final song and a cool down. Once my youngest (C) saw me, she kept looking over at the door every 20 seconds or so. That girl loves me so much! 🙂 I love her too, but she needs the separation time.

After lunch we sat on the porch reading and working on math books when my friend Tami called to see if the girls wanted to swim in her pool. Did she really need to ask? Of course the girls were excited and we headed over for a bit. Unfortunately the sun went into hiding, but that didn’t stop them from swimming and going down the slide.

On to this morning…..I dreamt that the girls woke up at 4:15am and I was FURIOUS! Good thing when I got up at 4:30am the only person awake was hubby! I went downstairs to be tortured by Jillian. These 2 DVDs are making my upper back and shoulders sore. I do love the quickness of the 30 minute workouts and the variety of the moves. I did hop on the scale, 150.8#, getting there….

Today I work the noon meeting for Weight Watchers, my girls will be going with me. The church has a playground and they are responsible enough that I don’t have to watch them constantly. They’ll also be bringing a lunch along since I don’t get done until 1:30-2pm, depending on how it goes. Around 3:30pm they’ll go to grandpa’s house for two hours so I can work the Reedsburg  meeting. Hubby will pick them up around 5:30 and he’ll take care of the rest of their day.

Tomorrow the girls have Zumba at 10am and that’s all we have going on. I’m hoping to pick Strawberries on Friday morning at a local berry farm. Enjoy the sun!


One response to “Mid-Week

  1. Suzanne Muir says:

    Sounds like you had a great day!
    Fresh strawberries yummo 🙂

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