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Taking it easy today.

on June 10, 2012

According to Jillian’s workouts today is a cardio day, but I’ve decided to take a DOR. Tomorrow I’ll do cardio at home and then head to Zumba at 9:30am. Speaking of Zumba, yesterday was Hot Hot Hot! I went through periods of feeling great, feeling hot & sickly, then feeling great again! The key was water, that’s for sure. After Zumba I headed to Walmart for a few items, well more than a few by the time I got out of there. The main reason was some more sunscreen. Boy, is that stuff expensive. I know in the long run paying $8 to help prevent skin cancer is a small price to pay, but I am a cheapo!

When I returned from the store L helped me bake the shortcake for dessert and then we made lunch. After lunch we went to the beach in town. It was a nice time, but it really brings out all types of people at the beach.

You have the man smoking, when you aren’t supposed to smoke at the beach. You have the older woman with a screaming child that seems oblivious to the fact the girl wants out of the water. You have the hillbilly people having a graduation party in the shelter arguing about the new shelter being built. Then you have all types of people in all types of swimming suits. I should not be one to judge people, but seriously, there is a limit to who should be rockin’ a bikini! I have nothing against tattooes either, but when I see a man with about 12+ tattooes complaining about spending $100 at the pharmacy for his son’s skin cream, I have to wonder where people’s priorities are. Enough about the beach, hubby said we should get a pool! LOL

Last night I made a new version of baked chicken. I pounded it flat and seasoned both sides, then I rolled it up and wrapped a piece of bacon around the outside. I baked it at 400 for about 40 minutes or so and then broiled it so the bacon got crispier. Boy, that was some flavorful chicken and not too shabby on points either.

The scale this morning was 149.6#, 3 days in a row of seeing the 140’s. I’m happy with it, the shorts I have on are loose. They were a tad loose when I bought them a few weeks ago, but in order to get them to fit my thighs and booty the waist is gapping. I think I’ll sew a couple of darts in the back to tighten up the waist a bit. The other reason I’m happy with the scale is I have to weigh-in on Wednesday for my work. I was 151# last month, which technically is within my goal weight of 150#, but it isn’t where I want to be. This week should have me closer to the 150# mark.

What’s on tap for today? Hubby bought some mulch yesterday and we need to refresh our flower beds. I’m also planning on weeding the gardens this morning before it gets too hot and humid out. I also have a call in to my friend about going to the beach, so if they call and want to go this afternoon I suppose we’ll make the trek over there again.

Next week doesn’t have much going on….

  • Monday – Zumba, Library program?
  • Tuesday – Zumba for me and the kids, neice over for the afternoon?
  • Wednesday – Work 2 meetings, girls to Grandpa’s house
  • Thursday – Zumba for the girls
  • Friday – ?

One response to “Taking it easy today.

  1. Suzanne Muir says:

    That chicken sounds wonderful!
    Have fun in the garden today 🙂

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