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Garage sale!

on June 13, 2012

I think we are having a garage sale soon. I say think because we are still finding things. That means, I convinced the girls to go through their toy room with me and find things to try to sell. Whatever they sell of theirs they can split 50/50. I’ve never seen two more motivated kids! LOL Last night we started on the stuffed animals, board games, puzzles and the bins in the closet. Today we are going to work on the bookshelf and their desks. Then we have their clothes and winter coats to go through. I’m going to put out some of my quilting supplies I won’t ever use and some other things of mine. Hubby declined to be involved! LOL

I have my monthly weigh-in at work today. My home scale has me at 150.4#, which is .4# down from last month when I weighed in. As long as I can be 152# or less on their scale I’ll be satisfied.

My workout was dvd #4 with Jillian. Only 1 more workout of dvd #3 & #4 before I can move on. The moves I truly detest on these two dvds are inchworms and hollowman! They suck! Otherwise everything else is pretty decent, although some of the cardio intervals have my thighs clapping for me! I don’t think that will ever end.

The girls will come to work with me at noon today and then around 2:30pm they are headed to grandpa’s house. I’m going to Kohl’s before work to look for some shoes. It’s time to get some new running and/or crosstraining shoes. After work it’ll be a trip to Aldi for me.

Enjoy your day!


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