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Waking up with the roosters!

on June 18, 2012

Seriously! Somehow my alarm clock got changed to the rooster call instead of the bird sounds! It was a rude awakening at 4:30am. My workout was cardio, alternating the elliptical and treadmill and I have Zumba at 9:30am. My weight is up #2 from yesterday. We went out to eat at Sprecher’s in the Dells. I had my favorite reuben sandwich! I seem to order that everywhere, theirs was pretty good. Then last night I got into some cereal! Oopps….moving on and I didn’t binge on it, just ate too many carbs.

Backing up to yesterday. We went to the Dells and rode the Upper Dells Boat Tour. It was a 2 hour ride and it was a nice experience for the girls and us. Even though by the end C was getting sleepy or motion sick, I’m not sure which!

Then we went out for lunch. It was good, not great. That’s my common complaint with eating out, it’s never AWESOME! Maybe my expectations are just too darn high.

We then went to Kohl’s to find quality sandals for the girls. No luck. So off to Baraboo and The Shoe Box. We did find some better Adidas slip on sandals for the girls. We came home and threw out some old flip flops.

On tap for today is Zumba for me and summer school for the girls. They only go from noon-3pm and have 3 different 1hour classes. Mostly arts & crafts, cooking and C has soccer. After I drop them off I’m going to run a few errands before I have to get them at 3.

Here’s how our week looks…

  • M – Zumba, School
  • T – Zumba, School, walk levee with friend, bake cookies for library
  • W – Drop off cookies at library, work at 11am, girls to school, pick up girls and go to Reedsburg to work
  • T – School
  • F – Girls to up north for the weekend
  • S – Zumba, movie with hubby

Here are some photos from yesterday!



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