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Take me out to the moooovvvviiieess!

on June 24, 2012

Good morning! Well, like normal I was up at 4:30am! It’s my day of rest too and I couldn’t even catch a bit more sleep. Such is life.

This morning I have…

  • read my book
  • got laundry going
  • made jello
  • froze grapes
  • made homemade peach sorbet! I’m hoping this tastes good later on.
  • went to inlaws to water tomato plants
  • while I was there picked some of their raspberries! shhhh, don’t tell
  • bought a Sunday paper, which I have yet to read
  • done the dishes
  • showered
  • eaten breakfast

Yesterday I managed to get everything priced for our garage sale. It’s not a lot of stuff, but hopefully the right people will show up and buy us out! 🙂 At least the kids hope so since they get to split the money for anything of theirs that sells.

Last night before supper Hubby and I went into town to go for a walk. We agree that that would be the ONLY benefit of living in town, having sidewalks to walk on and seeing a lot of different things. Where we are there is limited places to walk safely.

This morning hubby and I are going to the movies! We are going to see Rock of Ages. I realize that this isn’t the greatest movie ever, but I think the 80’s music alone will make it fun! Plus I get to go on a mini-date with hubby.

The girls will return home sometime this afternoon. Grandpa didn’t have a definate time, but I told him we wouldn’t be home until noon. He said he doubted they’d be home that early. I can’t wait to hear what the girls did this weekend. Grandma posted some photos on Facebook and it looks like bars were made, dancing was done and sliding was enjoyed!

Here’s what’s on tap for this week…

  • Monday – Zumba for me, school for the kids
  • Tuesday – Zumba again, school for the kids, pick up Tami’s kiddos after school too
  • Wednesday – Work at noon for Weight Watchers, Tami takes kids to school, work at 5:30pm too, take kids with
  • Thursday – School for the kids
  • Friday – Garage Sale
  • Saturday – Hubby has to do a side-job during the day, parade and concert in the park that evening
  • Sunday – L has a sleepover birthday party at 5pm

I’m sure other things will work in too, but for now that’s what I know.

Enjoy the day!


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