My life as a woman, wife and mother.


on June 25, 2012

Thank goodness I have Zumba this morning! I miss it! 🙂

Yesterday the kids came home in the late afternoon. I could see it on their faces that they were tired out. They had a great time with their grandparents and cousin and told us all about it as the night went on. Even though they were tired, C took a walk with me after dinner. It was plenty hot out and she drank water for the entire 30 minutes that we walked. She said she thought she was dehydrated from the weekend! 🙂

My workout this morning was some interval running on the treadmill and then some incline walking. Nothing too strenuous, but different from just running at a steady pace. The scale still says 150.4# which is fine by me. 🙂

This morning I picked 4 zucchini out of my garden. I’m going to make some sort of muffin today. I love a good zucchini muffin! Plus I don’t feel to bad if the kids eat them for a snack since I know I don’t load them up with fat and sugar. Maybe I’ll experiment with a new recipe too, who knows.

The kids have summer school today, thankfully it won’t be so hot and humid (yet) so that C can enjoy soccer outside. I have a feeling by Thursday the kids will be melting outside. Hopefully she won’t give her water bottle to her sister again and NOT have it during class.

Nothing else happening around here. Enjoy the day!


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