My life as a woman, wife and mother.

I’m feeling fantastic!

on June 26, 2012

This morning Jillian tried to kill me! I’ll admit I did a bit better this go round, but it’s still tough. I better have rock hard arms after all this! LOL

Let’s back up to yesterday. I went to Zumba and it was a great class! I ‘like’ the instructor that taught and her playlist was wonderful! I was pleasantly surprised! Today my friend Tami teaches class and I’m excited to go. I even got the girls up early so we won’t have meltdowns like yesterday morning before Zumba. I didn’t give them enough time to get ready to go, lesson learned.

After summer school we went to the park for a bit. I feel bad that we haven’t done much like that this summer, but sometimes it’s just too darn hot to take them to a sand covered park with no shade on the playground equipment.

Then after supper the girls wanted to go for a bike ride, so we went around the mile loop out by our house. It’s sooo much faster than walking! LOL

This morning my workout was a 10 minute elliptical warmup. Then I did DVD #5 with Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. I only have to do this DVD one more time! Good. I have Zumba at 8:30am and then I meet my friend Gemma at 1:30pm to walk the levee for an hour. That gives me enough time to go to the library, change clothes, clean up and get to the school to pick up the kids. Today I get my friend Tami’s kids too. We’ll all head over to her house until she gets done at the Doctor. Meanwhile I’m going to be picking some of her lettuce.

That’s all I know for today. I’m going to enjoy the ‘cool’ weather of today since it’s going to be VERY hot the next few days.


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