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on June 30, 2012

Good morning! I slept in until a bit after 5am! 🙂 It was nice to not need an alarm clock this morning. Hubby is off doing a side job for the day to earn some extra cash. I’m taking the kids to the 10:10am movie of Brave. It’s only $5 and NOT in 3D, which I like. After that we have to drop off zucchini, drop off a DVD at the library that we forgot to put in the case when we returned it and head home to eat lunch before we head to the beach for the afternoon.

My morning workout was a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical and then I did the final workout of #6 with Jillian. I decided to take my measurements again today. Each arm has gained 1/4″, I lost 1/2″ off my pooch and 1″ off my hips since May 22, 2012. I’m down 1.8# too. Not great losses, but for me I can tell I’m toned up more and feel great! Truly that’s all that matters. Oh, it does help to see 149.6# on the scale today. 🙂

Our garage sale yesterday wasn’t great. It hurt that there were no other sales in our area yesterday. We packed everything up and plan to do it again the first weekend in August. After that things will be donated away, never to be seen again!

Tonight we are going to the Concert in the Park that starts at 6:30pm. We’ll eat supper at home before we head down to find a place to sit. It’s always hard to find parking nearby so I know we’ll be walking a bit to get there. We just have to leave with enough time to allow for that. Hubby is planning on being home by 5pm so he can eat and shower before we go.

We have no plans for Sunday. L has a birthday party at 5pm. It’s a sleepover until 10:30am the next day. I told the mom I’d be there as soon as I could after Zumba since that gets over at 10:30am, it wasn’t a problem for her. Of course C is sad to be without her big sister, but she needs to learn to adapt to those situations.

Enjoy your day!


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