My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Could it rain?

on July 3, 2012

It’s quite cloudy and breezy out right now. I’m hoping some rain showers blow in! Even though the chance is like 20-30% I’m still hoping!

I got an email from Rachel today that our lunch date has been altered. Her hubby wants to go to Little Norway on Friday instead, so they may just drive up here and visit us at our house. I’m a tad sad, but happy to see them no matter how it works out.

On today’s to-do list..

  • Zumba at 8:30
  • Pierce’s for berries
  • Kmart for shoes
  • Walmart for tank tops
  • Family Video for movies
  • Library for books
  • Kwik Trip for stamps, bananas, eggs

My workout this morning was DVD #7 with Jillian. Let’s just say it sucked. It’s hard and a lot of the moves I have to modify in order to survive them. I’m hoping by the 4th and final time and I finally do 90% of the DVD.

The scale says 151# this morning. I need to work on sodium for the next 2 days since I weigh in on Thursday and my goal was to be at 150.6# or under, that’s what I was last month. We’ll see what happens!


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