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I’m a Master of Motion!

on July 8, 2012

Good morning! I’m going to update you all about my new Weight Watcher product, ActiveLink. It’s a small device that I wear clipped to my bra strap. It records movement, back & forth, up & down and side to side. It doesn’t count steps or calories, it just simply records how much my body moves during the day. I got it over a week ago and had to go through 8 days of an assessment phase. Basically I kept moving how I normally do so it could record a typical week for me.

Once my assessment was over I was able to see how much I move each day, how many Activity Points it assigned to me and what my total was for the week. Starting Monday I’ll be on a 12 week program that will gradually have me working towards more APs per day.

Here’s what I learned.

  • Monday – I earned 13 Activity Points
  • Tuesday – 9 APs
  • Wednesday – 4 APs
  • Thursday – 4 APs
  • Friday – 10 APs
  • I had a total of 40 APs in 5 days and 47 in the 7 days of assessment.
  • According to Weight Watchers I’m a Master of Movement, meaning I move a lot all day long, not just for exercise. That was nice to know about myself.

Of course, working for WW I get this device for free and the $5 monthly fee is $0 for me too. So how can this be helpful? Well, I think for people that are very inactive I could be a motivator to try to move around a bit more. The device has green lights on it, for each light lit up you are 25% of the way towards 100% of your daily goal. You can plug it in a USB at any point to see your progress. It breaks it down by week, day, or hour. You can even tag the activities that you were doing when you were very active.

Currently it says I earn an average of 7 APs per day. It wants me to work towards 10 APs per day by the end of the 12 weeks. Doable if I add in a walk after dinner again. Now that the weather is better I see that happening again.

How does it figure APs. Well, according to Weight Watchers everyone has a baseline of movement they need to hit each day before they earn APs. Meaning, just going to Zumba alone won’t earn my any APs with this ActiveLink program. I have to go above and beyond a set point of activity during the entire day before APs are earned.

This is all pretty new to me yet, but I’m excited to see where it takes me as far as staying active or working more activity into my day. I’ll keep you posted.


One response to “I’m a Master of Motion!

  1. Elsa says:

    I’m with you! Assessment done… “Master of Motion” as well because I have a physical job and I’m busy around the house (although I love Zumba classses as well). Hopefully this will motivate me to eat better throughout the day. Good Luck!

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