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Back at it…

on July 9, 2012

Last night C and I were able to ride bikes again after supper. We only did the one mile loop around the neighborhood, but we could tell that we haven’t done it in a while. C was huffing up the hills. It doesn’t help that her bike is too small and we really need to get her a bigger one.

Yesterday was pretty low key. Hubby worked on his side job, I weeded the gardens and hung out with the girls. Around 3pm the girls went to the beach with their grandma and their cousin for a bit. Other than that it was a simple day at home.

My girls decided they didn’t want to do summer school all summer, so for the next two weeks they’ll suffer a bit. Meaning, no friends to hang out with since those friends WILL be in school. Bummer for them and me. πŸ˜›

Our week looks like this so far….

  • Monday – Zumba, Walmart, Pierce’s, Library
  • Tuesday – Zumba, Cousin Lily over for the afternoon, possible beach day
  • Wednesday – Weight Watchers meetings, I’m weighing in again this week and taking the better of the two! πŸ™‚ Kids go to grandpa’s in the afternoon
  • Thursday – $3 Movie – Mirror, Mirror,Β  help Tami out with childcare, pick up friends for sleepover, Yo-Yo guy at the library, sleepover ensues!
  • Friday – Zumba, return kids to their home, basketweaving from 1-3pm for the kids
  • Saturday – ? Maybe Zumba, Maybe Milwaukee, who knows yet!

Other exciting news is that we finally planned a long weekend away. In August we are headed up to northern Wisconsin and the Upper Pennisula of Michigan for a few days. Hubby is working on most of the planning which is nice for me.

Enjoy the day!


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