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On tap for today…

on July 10, 2012

Good morning! I’m slightly irked at the scale. I know, it’s an inanimate object, but truly it’s annoying. I was down in the 140’s for 3 days, now I’m back at 151.4#. I’m up almost 3# in 2 days. I could see it if I was binge eating, but I’m not, so I’ll just blame sodium. 😛

My workout this morning was 10 minutes on the elliptical and then DVD #7 with Jillian. I’m heading out to Zumba soon too.

After class we need to stop at Kwik Trip for milk and bananas and then home to clean up and keep working on the piles of laundry. At noon today we are headed to the Columbia County Humane Society. There is a cat there that we want to meet. Only one meets all the criteria we are looking for, female, younger, sprayed & declawed. Her name is Amelia and we’ll see how the meet and greet goes before we decide if we want to adopt her.

Hubby and I have discussed it many times about having a pet. We’re the most comfortable with having a cat since I’ve pretty much owned a cat my entire life, except for the past 7 years. The girls are very hopeful that things will work out. I’m hopeful too.

This afternoon, around 2pm, my niece is coming over and we are heading out to the beach for a bit. The girls went with her and grandma on Sunday and I think they’d like to get there again. It seems that Lily won’t be around much after this week so we are squeezing in time while we can.

Garden update: I have one out of six zucchini plants left! Those darn bugs have killed all my other plants. On the up side there are a lot of cucumbers! We have already made two batches of refrigerator pickles. The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. There are a few green peppers appearing and they aren’t all brown like the last ones I had to pick off. My eggplant plants are HUGE! They also have lovely large purple blossoms, so I’m hopeful for a good eggplant crop. My cilantro was a bust as are some of my green beans. They are producing beans, but haven’t climbed very tall on the strings. It seems my old seeds from last year are producing better than the new organic seeds we ordered this year.

Since my zucchini are awful, my lovely friend Tami has given me some of hers! I’m so grateful because I love the stuff and hate to buy it at the store since it’s never as good as the fresh stuff.

Enjoy the day!


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