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Milwaukee for the day!

on July 16, 2012

Good evening! It’s been a busy day for us. I started out with 30 minutes of running/jogging on the treadmill. That was it for exercise for me. Tomorrow is more cardio and then Zumba. I tend to take it easier on Sunday and take Thursday as a day of rest.

Around 8am we headed to Milwaukee. The girls each earned free passes to the Milwaukee Public Museum and Planetarium. We got there relatively easy and only had one minor wrong turn. Once we were there we got a parking spot right in front of the building which was sweet (and FREE!). We got in and bought our tickets and started to explore.

The girls at the beginning of the museum experience.


There was an awesome butterfly room!

The family at the Easter Island display.

Me (with bunny ears) and L.

C with the gift shop bear!

After exploring for a bit it was lunch time. Unfortunately the food selection there is awful on Sunday. We stopped at a desk and I asked for the nearest food. It turns out Subway was only 2 blocks away so we walked up there. It was just us and a homeless man eating our lunch and then we headed back to the museum. Our planetarium show was at 1:30pm and it was pretty neat. It was about colors in our world. Hubby fell asleep, but I managed to stay awake and learn a few things.

When the show was over we explored the rest of the museum and left there around 3:30pm. On the way back we stopped at Woodman’s for a few items we can’t get in town and then got home around 6:15 or so.

We’re heading to bed now, enjoy the night!


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