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It snowed!

on July 21, 2012

In my dream last night it was snowing. Really!? What is that about. I’m hoping the rain will hit our area today though.

I’ll recap yesterday a bit. We arrived at Noah’s Ark around 12:30ish. The kids had a blast! They went on a lot of rides, but the lines were a lot longer this year. Last year we went on a Tuesday and there was a lot less people, this year going on Friday proved to be busier. We ended up running into two families from our town more than once. It was neat to see people we knew. While I didn’t go on any rides I got to do a lot of people watching, which I always find fascinating! Yesterday did not disappoint. đŸ™‚

The park closed at 7pm so that’s when we all changed clothes and headed out to Perkins for supper. That was a mistake, we should have just driven home and ate there. First of all, we were a party of 9, I get that. However, it was not busy at 7pm. The waitress could NOT get our orders right, things were forgotten, 2 orders were messed up and Amanda had no food until we were all done eating. Thankfully she wasn’t charged for her meal. It was after 8pm before the kids had any food and they were wilting at the table. Surprisingly no one got crazy, but I felt bad for them. They were so tired and hungry from the day. We ended up home at 9:30pm! The kids were zombies and hubby wondered what happened to us. Sadly, Perkins will NOT be on our list for next year’s dinner plans. I also did not leave a nice tip for her, she was a spaz.

So, I got to bed around 11pm, woke up at 4am and layed on the couch for an hour. I just couldn’t lay in bed anymore, but I was still tired. I managed to get downstairs around 6am for my workout with Jillian. It’s still a tough workout. Then hubby left to get his windshield repaired, without the kids. We decided they needed sleep and I could to Zumba on Monday & Tuesday like normal. When hubby left I headed out to the garden to pull some weeds. Let’s just say I have no weeded the potato plants EVER! Some of the grass was literally 3 feet wide! Thankfully the rain we had the other day still has our soil moist so they pulled out easy. I was out there for a solid 30 minutes pulling weeds and a few potatoes came up with it! They are such cute red potatoes. đŸ™‚

I also decided to take the rest of my seeds: beets, lettuce, spinach, radish, arugula and just spread them in a 3’x6′ area and see what happens. The seeds aren’t doing me any good in the packet, but I have a feeling not much will happen with them.

Since I want a little time to myself today I’ll be heading to Walmart later on. Whenever hubby gets home I’m going to do some serious grocery shopping. It seems we are out of all the staple type foods and I need to plan out a few meals before I go. The girls are really missing spending time with their dad too and were a bit disappointed we let them sleep in, but mother knows best. đŸ˜›

Enjoy your day! (and hope for rain)


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