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on July 24, 2012

I forgot to post this morning. I think having Zumba at 8:30am threw me off a bit! LOL

My workout was 20 minutes on the elliptical and then DVD #9 with Jillian. I gave ‘er a bit more this morning and felt pretty good and sweaty afterwards. The scale rang in at 149.8#, always hovering around the 150 mark. I wish the 150’s were a thing of the past, someday soon.

Zumba was fun this morning. The class size was pretty small, but that’s typical for a Tuesday. My friend Tami taught class, I haven’t been to one of hers for a while. She tried to torture me with ab work, squats, etc. I accepted the challenge and worked up a sweat!

After lunch the girls and I head over to her house to watch the kiddos while she takes her daughter to therapy for her wrist. Maybe today the baby will sleep while she’s gone! LOL Last time we watched him he decided an hour nap was the max he was going to do. It was fun to hang out with him, he’s funny and snuggly and smelled like a baby still, even though he walks and tries to talk.

Hubby called a bit ago and said they were rained out. He’s going to check on prices for tires for his truck. Lately we’ve been putting a little money into getting his truck up to par. We’ve had the fuel sensor replaced, new windshield, new side mirror and finally the new tires. It’s enough money, but still less than a truck payment would be for us.

His job is in limbo. The last thing he heard is that they will be closing down soon. Maybe as soon as Labor Day. That sucks for our family. His income supports our family. There is no where else he can work and bring home the amount of money he does each week. That may mean we’ll have to go back to both of us working full time. I’m not against working, it’s just I’ve been home for so long that I feel sad about leaving the girls that much. I know during the school year it won’t make as much difference, but I feel sad all the same.

Enjoy your day!


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