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Android down!

on July 29, 2012

Good Sunday Morning! The girls had a sleepover at grandma’s last night. Their cousin is in town this week and grandma thought they could all hang out. It went pretty well, except C’s android isn’t working. Hmm….hopefully the warranty is in effect still.

Hubby and I just came home after dropping them off and ate dinner together and then watched the olympics. This morning I did my final DVD #10 workout with Jillian. I only have 2 more weeks to go! I’m going to preview them later on and see what I am in for. These last two were pretty tough, well at least certain moves were. I’m not sure what I’m going to do after this is done. It’s been all consuming for the past 3 months. My weight today was 149.2# which is great considering I made chocolate souffle last night for dessert. Granted it was a Weight Watchers recipe, but still, extra food and all.

This morning hubby and I got some errands done without the kids and then just returned from picking them up. I’ve accomplished 3 loads of laundry and they just need to be folded and put away yet. Thankfully the kids are home to help out with that chore!

On tap for today is hubby working on the van. It needs and oil change, tire rotation and he needs to look at my squeaky brakes. I’m just going to take it easy (again) and watch some more olympics.

This coming week doesn’t have too much out of the ordinary going on.

  • Monday – Zumba
  • Tuesday – Zumba, beach day with the girls’ cousin
  • Wednesday – Work at Weight Watchers, weigh-in for the month of AUGUST!
  • Thursday – Bake cookies, Library wrap-up party
  • Friday – Garage sale at our house
  • Saturday – Birthday party for nephew
  • Sunday – relax 🙂

Enjoy the day!


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