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Beach day!

Good morning all!

I finished up week 1 with Jillian. I’m excited to start week 2 on Monday. I need something different to do in the morning. No Zumba for me today. Instead we went shopping. L got invited to a birthday party yesterday for today and that meant we needed to get a gift. We also went to my friend’s house to pick her veggies and water them. (I have to go back soon and shut off the water.) We’ll have lunch in a bit and then we have a beach date at 1:30pm. The kids will get to play a bit and Amber and I can chat. L has to be at the party at 5pm, so there will be a lot of driving into town today. So much for saving gas! 😛

Last night was Open House at the Elementary School. C is very excited about her teacher and class! Last night in bed she said she wished school started today, not next week. Too cute. L on the other hand is apprehensive. We met her new teacher, she’s nice and freshly out of college. Her literacy teacher is great! I’m expecting big things from her. Finally we met her 5th grade math teacher who left me with a great impression too! L is just worried about how all the scheduling is going to go for her. Understandable, but she’ll do just fine.

Nothing much else to share, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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Lose for Good!

Good morning! My 9 year old woke up at 8:45am! Wow! She was asleep by 9:30pm, but apparently swimming yesterday wore her out. C was up by 6:45am and found me out in the garden picking a ton of cherry tomatoes.

So, today is officially the day I’m back to tracking 100%. I’ve been slacking, the scale is at 151.6# which isn’t awful, but it’s not where I want to be. In order to remedy that I need to get back to more diligent tracking of my food. Exercise isn’t a problem for me, but I am trying to work in more down time. I’m hoping that will help out with some of my female issues I’m having, but it’s doubtful.

I took a day-of-rest today. I didn’t get to sleep until 10pm or so and it was a fitfull night of sleep at that. Tomorrow I’ll be doing the final day of Week 1 with Jillian. I’ll preview Week 2 over the weekend and then do that MWF for two weeks. I worked out in the garden a bit today and I have some laundry going. Otherwise we are home until hubby gets home around 4:30pm.

He then needs to quickly shower so we can stop at Weight Watchers to drop off some product before we meet the teachers at the Open House. We know C’s teacher since she was L’s 2nd grade teacher, but we want C to meet her, check out her room etc. L’s 4th grade teacher is new to the district and I also want to meet the 5th grade math teacher that she’ll be going to. The Open House is only until 6pm so we’ll be doing a bit of rushing around to get things done. In reality it won’t take long to meet and greet, but I want time for C to see the school some more to alleviate her anxiety.

When I went to work at my WW meeting yesterday and I had the girls along I had a bittersweet moment. I love my kids and as much as they make me crazy sometimes, I’m going to miss them when school starts. It’s been nice to have them at work with me, they are terrific helpers and you barely notice they are hanging around. A lot of the ladies look forward to seeing them too. Then on the other hand it will be nice to ‘alone’ for a bit.

The next thing on my list is to find another part-time job of some sort. I’m going to submit an application to a neighboring school for a substitute kitchen helper. The hours are 9am-2pm, but the major problem would be I can’t work on Wednesday since I want to still work my WW meeting. Who knows what will happen.

Tomorrow I’m going to Zumba, watering Tami’s garden at some point, beach playdate at 1pm and possibly a concert in the park that evening. The coming weekend we don’t have any plans other than me going to Zumba on Monday morning. The weather is supposed to be nice which is a good thing.

That’s all I know, enjoy your day! It’s going to be around 100 here today. Eak!

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Keeping accountable with Lose for Good!

Hello all!

I worked my Weight Watchers meeting today and afterwards my co-workers and I were discussing the upcoming challenge, Lose for Good. We decided that starting next week we are going to choose a WW member to weigh us in each week, for accountability and for the Lose for Good campaign. It should be interesting! That means starting tomorrow it’s back to tracking EVERYTHING! 🙂

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Working in the fitness industry?

Good morning! My workout today was an hour on the treadmill. I did it in 3-20 minute increments. I was a sweaty mess afterwards and happy. 😛 150.6# on the scale today. Fine by me.

I’m watering the garden now and soon we are biking over to Tami’s house to water her garden and pick veggies. I figured we’d get in our family exercise while we get that done.

So, I saw a job online today for Anytime Fitness. It seems to be a sales job, which I assume means selling gym memberships. Anyway, I emailed them about what the hours are and explained that I work part-time for WW and want to keep that up since that coupled with exercise has gotten me to my goal weight. We’ll see what they say.

This afternoon we have a beach playdate with some friends of the girls’. It’s supposed to be hot out, so I think the beach will be a welcome relief.

Okay I heard back from Anytime Fitness. The hours are 11am-7pm M-T, 10am-5pm on Friday and potential Saturday hours. I’ll have to discuss it with hubby. I’m not happy about 4 nights a week being home late.

Alright, that’s it from me. Enjoy your day!

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Moving it!

Good Monday afternoon! (I typed morning, whoops it’s 2:47pm!)

Today has been pretty busy already. I got in my at home workout of a warmup on the elliptical for 20 minutes and then Week 1 (again) with Jillian. My home scale has me up to 151.8#, yeah, I ate a bunch of pretzels and cereal yesterday, sue me! 😛

I then worked out in the garden a bit before Zumba. I had to deliver eggplant, cucumbers and red beans to my favorite librarian before Zumba. Class was great, I thought we were having Kari for a teacher, but it turned out to be Heather! Sweat! There was a bunch of regulars in class and I decided to go 3 rows back instead of 2 rows. It was nice to have a different perspective in class.

After Zumba the girls and I headed to the levee in town for a quick 20 minute walk. I think we got about a mile in or so. I wanted them to ‘do’ something today.

Then after lunch and dishes I worked in the garden some more. My green bean plants are dead so I took them out completely. C is going to plant her zucchini plant out there and we are going to see what happens. I don’t think we’ll see any zucchini off of it before the weather turns cooler, but who knows with the way the weather has been.

I may go for a walk or bike ride after dinner tonight, but I’m not sure. Mondays are usually a pretty high AP day for me, it ranges from 9-13 APs since I’ve had ActiveLink.

Anyhoo, enough from me, enjoy your day!

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It’s Raining!

Yesterday we went to Madison for the day.

We went to the Farmer’s Market and the family ate some cheese curds. I didn’t have any, I wasn’t hungry and I’m not a huge cheese lover. We bought some green onions and beets along with some fresh Gala apples. Then we went inside the capitol building to climb to the top. I definitely got my steps in yesterday!

Then we had the difficult task of finding shoes for school. We managed it after a few stops and then we had good luck at Goodwill. We came away with a lot of shirts and skirts for the girls. I even found one workout top. Hubby found some jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

While I had no ‘formal’ workout yesterday I decided to put on a pedometer for the day. I got in over 8600 steps which I think was pretty good for not really bustin’ it at all.

My exercise this morning was the elliptical for 45 minutes and that’s probably going to be it. It’s raining now, but it should be done later on today so I can walk tonight after supper. This afternoon the girls are having two friends over for a bit. When I run them home I’m going to stop at Walmart for a couple of things we didn’t get yesterday and I’m hoping to make it the entire week without having to go shopping.

No other news to share, other than here’s a pic of the girls 3 years ago at the capitol.

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Fighting Friday!

The girls are sooooo annoying. They just get at each other and really need school to start soon.

Enough of the crabs…. 🙂 My workout this morning was 15 min. on the elliptical and then Jillian’s week 1 again. I also scrubbed the kitchen floor for 15 min! I had to time myself to see how long it takes. The scale said 149.6# this morning, happy to see the 140’s again.

Last night after supper I went for a walk alone, then I decided to run a bit. It wasn’t too bad. It made me think I should really do another 5k sometime. I enjoy it even though it’s tough.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today. We were trying for a beach playdate, but I haven’t heard back from the mother and it looks sorta rainy. Oh well.

I’m off to fight the crabs. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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No visit from my friend. Boo.

Mornin’ all! I had to be on a conference call for work at 7am today. Thank goodness it was only 1/2 hour instead of an hour. 🙂

What’s been going on? Yesterday I worked two WW meetings without my children. That’s a first (or second) for the whole summer. They went with my friend Tami and her family to a splash park. The girls had a great time and Tami took some nice photos! After that they went to my friend Stacci’s house to hang with her kids and their babysitter. It was nice to have some ‘me’ time yesterday. I was super happy that I got to go to Zumba on a Wednesday. I hope that happens more often once school starts. I’d love to go MWF to Zumba.

How did my PointsPlus experiment go? I increased my DPs from 26 to 33, or thereabouts each day. I started last Thursday at 152.2# and today was 150.2#. Down 2#! Nice. This week I’m going for around 32 DPs. Oh, according to my ActiveLink monitor I earned 46 APs last week, that’ down from 50 the week before, but so far in the past 3 days I have 31 APs! Awesome!

In some disappointing news, my friend Rachel isn’t coming to visit today. Her plans changed and they headed to Milwaukee last night while I was at work, so I missed them on their way through town. I have to wait until November to see them now. Let’s hope the weather is nice so our drive to Milwaukee will be possible. I’ve known Rachel since we were 5 years old, the summer before we started kindergarten is when we met. We’ve been friends ever since. She lived 2 blocks away from me growing up and that distance was minimized if we took the alley. She’s like the sister I never had and I wish she would move closer. It’s hard to only visit with her 1-3 times per year when we saw each other almost every day from age 6-18! 🙂

So, our plans for today are…..

  • get into the garden and finish watering the 2nd one
  • Eye doctor for the girls
  • Walmart for a few groceries that I didn’t get at Aldi
  • Walgreens for cheap almonds
  • and possibly Pierce’s for a few things and/or Staples for labels
  • we also have a certificate for a free movie rental, so that may be added

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to Zumba and then possibly finding some friends that can meet us at the beach for a bit.

Enjoy your day!

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Yippee! I get to go to Zumba today since there was a change in instructors! I’m happy! My kids are going to my friend’s house and then to a splash park. After that they go to a babysitter while I work in Reedsburg. No more time to post! Enjoy the day!

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DMV time

Well, my birthday is rolling around next month and apparently it’s time to renew my driver’s license. I look so young in my current license, here’s hoping I look just as young this time around. 🙂

Yesterday I got in my home workout, Zumba and a 20 minute walk with hubby last night. We left the girls home alone since neither of them wanted to walk. It was odd to be along with hubby on a week night.

My workout this morning was 45 minutes on the treadmill. My highest running speed was 7.1 mph. It felt good to get all sweaty and the best part was the stretching. My hamstrings are tight from yesterday’s workout and I even stretched after my walk last night hoping that would help.

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. The girls go back to school in 2 weeks from today. Where did the time go? Seriously! I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life now. Hubby’s job is in limbo and he’ll probably be out of work sometime in November. We know we can’t live on $0 income so that means I need to figure something out for myself. I’m just not sure what.

I’m off to the DMV. Enjoy your day!

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