My life as a woman, wife and mother.

It’s August!

on August 1, 2012

This summer is flying by, that’s for sure.

Today was a day-of-rest for me. I slept in, until 5:15am, and just puttered around the house. I cut up cantaloupe, watermelon and washed grapes for the freezer. I weigh-in today for the month of August. My home scale had me at 149.8#, lower than last month, but we’ll see what the scale at work says. I am limiting myself to ONE cappuccino this morning instead of two, they are 20 oz. easily. I’m not taking any chances! LOL

Today is also inventory day at work. I’ll precount some things in Portage, but the other girls will have to finish it up tomorrow night. I’m going in early to Reedsburg to do inventory prior to the meeting. It worked out well last time and we only had to deduct what we sold during the meeting. Sales won’t be much today since there is only one item on sale this week.

After work tonight I’m headed to Aldi to stock up on things for our upcoming vacation. I also need to get to Book World for an atlas of Michigan. It’s a gazeteer that lists ALL the roads, very helpful to have. We love the one we have for Wisconsin, it makes it easy to get around vs. a regular state map.

Tomorrow morning we have to bake some cookies for the library program. We also are going to pick up some extra tables from my friend Tami for our garage sale on Friday. I advertised in the paper this time, it was $12 for 3 days of advertising. I’m hoping it will help a bit with sales and we can recoup our $12! LOL

Thursday afternoon is the library reading program wrap-up party. It’s science experiments and drawings for prizes. I’m hoping the girls enjoy themselves. C is nervous about winning something! Too cute! After the party we are going to the farmer’s market in town to see what I can get. I’m hoping for green beans since mine are pretty much eaten up by beetles.

Friday is garage sale day for us. I put 8am-?, that way if the traffic dies down at noon I won’t feel bad about shutting it down.

Saturday is a birthday party 1 1/2 hours away. We are planning on leaving early and exploring the Horicon Marsh along the way. Hubby and I went there once, but the girls have never been there before. It will be a good way to break up the drive.

That’s it in my world, enjoy yours!


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