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It’s vacation week!

on August 6, 2012

Well, it starts Thursday, but I’m getting excited already! LOL

My workout this morning was strictly cardio. I chose the treadmill for 40 minutes total, followed by some stretching. I’m going to Zumba today at 9:30am and then we are headed to the library to return and borrow some books.

Tuesday is Zumba. Wednesday is work and then vacation Thursday through Sunday! Mostly we’ll just be preparing for our trip and getting things packed up and the house picked up. I hate leaving for vacation with a messy house. I like returning to a clean home, even though we clutter it up as we unload the van!

I’m on the 9th day in a row of being in the 140’s. I almost find it unbelievable. Vacation will be the true test. Obviously I’m not carting my scale along with me, so I’ll have my weight on Thursday and then my Monday morning weight. I don’t think I’ll be tracking, I’m just going to be mindful of my choices with a few splurges thrown in. I am going to wear my ActiveLink monitor so I can see how I did when I get back. I won’t be able to plug it in on vacation since it requires a program I have on my home computer. Two of our hotels have fitness centers so the only day I won’t have access will be Saturday morning, fortunately our hotel is on a river where there is a paved path. I’m hoping to use that instead and get in some running/jogging that morning.

The worst day for activity will be Thursday. I plan on exercising at home before we go, but we have over 5 hours of car time that day! Ugg…we won’t be out hiking around until about 3 1/2-4 hours into the drive. Hopefully we can make a few stops to stretch and move around a bit. The other days of vacation will only be 1-2 hour bursts in the car followed by hiking, tours, ect.

As far as food goes, all three hotels have breakfast of some sort. I’m packing food for lunch. Sandwiches and veggies & fruit. We plan on eating out for supper. As long as I don’t stuff myself or eat dessert EVERY night things should be fine. I’ll also need to be drinking my water which is hard with traveling. Hubby is going to be bringing along our 5 gallon spigot water jug. That should help! LOL

I hope you enjoy this ‘cool’ morning! 🙂


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