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Bad things happen in 3’s, we’ve had 2!

on August 16, 2012

Bad news #1. Yesterday C’s tablet had a mishap. No one knows what happened (hmm?) but the screen is shattered, hence no more touch-screen = no more tablet. We told her we will NOT buy another one and she’ll have to wait until her birthday (Dec. 23rd) to use some birthday money for it. We said we’d chip in 1/2 the money, but not all. 😦

Bad news #2. I got home from work last night and parked the van in the driveway. Later on hubby went to put it in the garage and it just made a bunch of clicking sounds. Hmm? Turns out the battery is dead, it’s 4 years old and it just gave up on life! 😛 There is another battery in it now, but I’m afraid to go anywhere until we get the new one in tonight. That means we are staying home today, which isn’t a bad thing.

What could the 3rd thing be?

Moving on to today. I so wanted to sleep a bit this morning, but the weather had other ideas. It also woke up L at 4:15am! We are in for a long day with her. Thankfully C went back to sleep until 7:45ish.

My workout was strictly the treadmill. 40 minutes total of walking, jogging and running. I feel heavier than normal and the scale confirmed that, 152.2# the highest I’ve seen since May. Not good. I’m on my way to rectifying that situation. I have a new 3 month tracker, I’ve upped my points to 33 per day vs. 26. I’m focused on protein, oil and dairy. I want to see if I can get my hair to stop falling out so much! I have my calendar on the fridge along with my little reward stickers, yes, I’m 7 years old not 37! LOL I’ll do whatever it takes, I’m ready.


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