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Beach day!

on August 31, 2012

Good morning all!

I finished up week 1 with Jillian. I’m excited to start week 2 on Monday. I need something different to do in the morning. No Zumba for me today. Instead we went shopping. L got invited to a birthday party yesterday for today and that meant we needed to get a gift. We also went to my friend’s house to pick her veggies and water them. (I have to go back soon and shut off the water.) We’ll have lunch in a bit and then we have a beach date at 1:30pm. The kids will get to play a bit and Amber and I can chat. L has to be at the party at 5pm, so there will be a lot of driving into town today. So much for saving gas! šŸ˜›

Last night was Open House at the Elementary School. C is very excited about her teacher and class! Last night in bed she said she wished school started today, not next week. Too cute. L on the other hand is apprehensive. We met her new teacher, she’s nice and freshly out of college. Her literacy teacher is great! I’m expecting big things from her. Finally we met her 5th grade math teacher who left me with a great impression too! L is just worried about how all the scheduling is going to go for her. Understandable, but she’ll do just fine.

Nothing much else to share, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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