My life as a woman, wife and mother.

September is here!

on September 2, 2012

Undoubtably September is my favorite month! School starts back up, it’s my birthday, Fall is on it’s way…there are many reasons why I like it.

Not too much has been happening around here. Yesterday we went to the flea market in town. I actually found a whole mess of rubbermaid products for $3. Yeah, it’s not actual rubbermaid but something from China, but the sizes are great for lunchboxes. We also found two new puzzles for 50¢ each, bargain!

I’ve been on track with eating and exercising. My APs are pretty low this week, I’m assuming that’s since I skipped Zumba on Friday. I’ll be lucky to get 40 this week, when I had 50 last week. Such is life I say.

This week kicks of Lose for Good with Weight Watchers. Sue, Cheryl and I are going to weigh in each week at Portage to help encourage our members along. In turn it will help all three of us stay on track. Bonus!

We have no major plans for the rest of the weekend. I think it’s going to be a hard first week for the girls. They are used to staying up too late and then sleeping in. It’ll be an adjustment, but I don’t think it’ll take long before they are ready to go to sleep early from all their brain overloads happening at school.

So, here’s my upcoming week…

  • Monday – Zumba, get girls ready for school the next day
  • Tuesday – First Day of School!
  • Wednesday – Work two Weight Watchers meetings, girls go to Stacci’s house
  • Thursday – Hubby has a Dr. appointment
  • Friday – Zumba, bake treats for a party
  • Saturday – Free movie in the morning, Party time in the afternoon!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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