My life as a woman, wife and mother.

2nd day, not as easy

on September 5, 2012

Good morning! Today was a bit more challenging to get the kids moving. Mistake #1 was the TV was on. As soon as I turned it off, they got moving a bit more. 😛 I’m happy to say the first day of school went well for them. They were both happy with what happened during the day and excited to tell me all about it. Sadly, tonight they are going to a friend’s after school since I have to work. I won’t get to hear about their day until 8pm tonight. Boo.

My workout this morning was 15 min. on the elliptical and then week 2 with Jillian. This workout is definitely working my upper back muscles. I asked L to give me a mini massage last night because I just can’t work out the knots on my own. The home scale was 151.2# this morning and I weigh-in at work. I’ll be weighing in the next 6 Wednesdays to coincide with the Lose for Good campaign. The two other members of my Portage team will be doing the same. We all want to lose 3# by the end of the challenge. *fingers crossed* I know if I could get my nighttime snacking under control I’d be golden. Habits are so damn hard to break!

One habit we are working on is less TV during the week. That meant last night was our first night with no television after supper. Yeah, the girls watched about 45 minutes of TV before supper but once the TV was off it was off for good! We determined that Tuesday night has nothing good on anyway (since we don’t have cable) and we could do other things. Instead L read a book she got from her teacher’s library and C and I worked on rounding numbers.

It’s quite the gloomy day around here. It was raining before the girls got on the bus and last night before bed it was super windy and rainy. Unfortunately a couple of my peppers are looking like the wind took them down overnight. Thank goodness there are over 60+ peppers growing and we can stand to lose a few in the storm.

I have to leave for work a bit early today to drop of C’s tablet at Staples. Yep, it’s still broken but Kmart emailed us a shipping label. They’ll determine if we get a new tablet or not, Hubby and I think it’s not going to happen. Time will tell.

That’s it from me, I need to get some laundry going. Enjoy your day!


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