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On the 3rd day there were tears….

on September 6, 2012

Good morning! This morning C had a hard time dealing with things. More specifically, light! The lights were too bright for her eyes. Seriously? It was the same amount of light as other mornings, but I tried to make the house a dungeon for her. 😛 The other bone she had to pick this morning was eating breakfast at the table. Apparently she didn’t have butterflies in her stomach this morning and wanted some cereal and a sausage. Great! Please come to the table to eat it, tears again. Finally she did give in to hunger and sat by L to eat. Crisis over!

The girls are still loving school. I came home last night from work to be bombarded with their day’s events. It was a bit overwhelming, but I love the fact they are enjoying school. I myself am finding out what to do with myself and all my free time.

Yesterday was easy since I worked two meetings for Weight Watchers. The 12:15 meeting in Portage was HUGE! 8 new people! That never happens, we had over 48 people attend weigh-in and 30 something stayed for the meeting. It seems the back to school bug has caused a few people to look into their summer weight-gain. I’m glad for them to join, it worked for me and it can work for others.

My two co-workers and I also started our own Lose For Good Campaign. We drew names of 3 members that got to weigh us in. I weighed in at 150.4#, the same as last month. My goal for this coming week it to track EVERYTHING! No more days off. I’d like to lose something next Wednesday. You notice I’m not specific because I’m not setting weekly goals regarding weight, just staying away from extra carbs and going crazy on food I don’t need is a good enough goal for me. In the end of the 6 weeks we are going to donate a $1 for each pound we lose to the local food pantry. We are encouraging our members to do the same.

Moving on to today. It is a day-of-rest for me. I haven’t had one since last Thursday and since I’m trying to get my (female) cycle back I need one day off. Instead of a formal workout I cleaned the bathroom, had a facial, cleaned the litter box (so much fun!), vaccumed, and cleaned up the toy room. Not exactly sitting on my butt (like I am now! :P).

Hubby has a Dr. appointment this afternoon so he’ll be home from work around noon today. I’m happy he’ll be home early since I now have to work tonight’s Weight Watchers meeting. Attendance has been up and if yesterday is any indication as to how tonight will go I need to be there. I’m curious, the leader emailed me to bring in a ‘before’ picture! Eak…

In other news, my friend Tami has surgery yesterday. I feel awful for her and I hope that she heals quickly. I can’t imagine what she’s going through, but I know she’s strong and will get through this obstacle. 🙂

Enjoy your day!


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