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Lazy, tired, bored or day of rest?

on September 16, 2012

Call it what you want. I just don’t want to work out this morning! Sue me! Seriously, I feel tremendous guilt taking days off from exercise. I just had a day off on Thursday, so two a week seems pretty indulgent to me. I’m going with how I feel though since I won’t give it my all if I work out right now. I do have 54 APs already this week, which is pretty good. My weight was 150.8# this morning which is fine.

Yesterday I went to Zumba in the morning and then shopping and to the library with C. When I got home hubby and L decided we’d go hiking and fishing after lunch. At first I wasn’t on board with it, but I figured a hike would be good and since I don’t have a fishing license I’d just hang out and watch. Since they were fishing from the shore L only caught fish 3-4″ long! They were the tiny ones hanging out by the dock. She had a ‘goal’ of catching 5 fish and when she did that she was done! LOL

Last night we also had a fire outside. We burned up a bunch of twigs, the girls ate hot dogs and popped popcorn. More like ‘burned’ the popcorn since the contraption we have is old and heating kernels on a fire isn’t that easy to regulate. They still loved it though!

We have nothing planned for today, other than curling up with my newest book!

My upcoming week is pretty boring, there is no Zumba this coming Friday and the Saturday teacher doesn’t appeal to me. So, here it is…

  • M – Zumba
  • T – walk on levee with Gemma, work WW
  • W – work WW
  • T – ?
  • F – ?
  • S – ?

Lot’s of ?’s going on. I am hoping to hear something about any of the jobs I applied for.

Enjoy your day!


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